President Gray is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 science fiction/action film The Darkest Minds.

He is portrayed by Bradley Whitford who also played Dean Armitage from Get Out.


In the far future, the United States was hit by a cataclysmic pandemic dubbed IAAN (Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration) which killed 98% of children; those that survived developed telekinetic abilities. Known as the "psi children," the children became greatly feared by the adult population of the United States. When President Gray's son, Clancy, becomes diagnosed with IAAN, he sees this as an opportunity, subjecting his son to endless years of painful experimentation, even turning a blind eye to him when Clancy called out to him. This would eventually lead his son into escaping and establishing a refuge camp on the East River. He then slowly lured several prejudiced psi children into his rankings, with the intent on creating an army to wage war on his father in mind.

President Gray was also responsible for the manufacturing of internment camps that the psi children were sent to. Each child was divided into different classes based on their eye colors. Those that were identified as "red" or "orange" were considered greatly dangerous, so President Gray had it set in place that any potential child classified under this rank would be executed on the spot. When Ruby Daly was sent to one of the internment camps, she manages to use her telekinetic abilities to prevent herself from being found out as an orange. Managing to escape thanks to the help of one of the representatives of the League, Ruby meets a few fellow psi children, and they all locate the East River refuge.

Sometime during these events, Clancy infiltrates the United States government and uses his mind abilities to imprison his father in his own cell and takes the army to fight against Ruby. Towards the end of the film, President Gray is seen standing beside his son, preparing for the impending battle with the League.

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