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President Gynamo is the leader of the Bowzock and the central antagonist of Gekisou Sentai Carranger, serving as the main antagonist for its first half.

He is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake.


He at first seeks to blow up the Earth due to Beauty Zonnette having a desire to see it blown up like a firework,but it is later revealed that Gynamo's reason for destroying planets because of a fortune-teller named Suzogue telling him he will have good luck by destroying them, when in actuality it was so he would have space for his Universal Highway Project.

He at one point hired Instructor Ritchihiker as his "Evil Director of Human Resources" but later lost his leadership of the Bowzock to him when he was mutated into Ritchihiker. During this time, he worked as a waiter at a yakiniku restaurant along with Zonette.

He later resumes his position when RitchRitchihiker was destroyed by VRV Robo. During this time, Exhaus reveals his true intentions to the Bowzock but keeps them on his side by explaining to them that with more roads, they'd have more area to run amuck upon.

Gynamo later sides with the Carrangers when Exhaus betrays the Bowzock. During the final battle, Gynamo shrinks Exhaus by using out-of-date imo-youkan from Imochou to, allowing the Carranger to finally finish him off.

He ends up returning to his job as a waiter at the yakiniku restaurant he previously worked at.

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