I can't sugarcoat this. We are at threat level....midnight.
~ Jackson telling Scarn the threat level of Goldenface attempting to blow up his stadium.

President Jackson is the secondary antagonist of the 2011 The Office film-within-a-film Threat Level Midnight.

He was portrayed by Craig Robinson, who also played Earl Gundy in Rapture-Palooza.


President Jackson relies on Michael Scarn to defeat Goldenface at the NFL Allstar game, the MLB Allstar game and the NBA Allstar game.

After Scarn's wife was killed by Goldenface at the WNBA Allstar game, Jackson told Scarn to stop Goldenface attempting to blow up the NHL Allstar game because Jackson owns the stadium for his retirement plan.

The game could never be cancelled because it would cost too much money to cancel it. He offered Scarn to do it, but initially declined before realizing that they are at Threat Level Midnight. President Jackson used security cameras at his stadium and saw Scarn kill the skating winner from the recorded footage. He was told by Scarn that Goldenface's bomb is in the puck and Scarn figured out that the President plans to blow up his own stadium.

After Scarn stopped Goldenface from destroying the President's stadium, Jackson invited Scarn for another mission to save the day.


Not so fast. Goldenface has taken all of the concession stand workers hostage. We go in, he kills the hostages.
~ President Jackson
Is that where you hid the bomb, Goldenface?
~ President Jackson
Who do you think the people will believe? The President of the United States or this man?
~ President Jackson


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