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Sending troops is not something I can do at this time. But I promise, I will work with Unalaq and the South for a diplomatic solution. Now, I'm sorry, but my mind is made up. This meeting is over.
~ Raiko refusing to send the United Forces to support the Southern Water Tribe.

Raiko, also known as President Raiko is one of the supporting characters and sometimes a minor antagonist and tritagonist in The Legend of Korra.

He is voiced by Spencer Garrett who also voiced Darth Revan.

Raiko was the first President of the United Republic of Nations. He understands Korra's responsibilities as the Avatar, but didn't like the fact that she dislikes him for refusing to send the United Forces to aid the Southern Water Tribe, take military actions behind his back, allowed the spirits to thrive along side humanity, as harmonic convergence caused vines to damage most of Republic City. Sometimes after Kuvira's defeat, Raiko lost his re-election to Zhu Li Moon.


Raiko becomes President of the United Republic.

With financial backing from Varrick, Raiko managed to set up a decent election campaign and was elected by a nonbending majority as the United Republic's first president after the United Republic Council disbanded itself due to its failure to represent the interests of the majority.

Six months after the revolution and the defeat of Amon, the war between the Water Tribes of the North and South started, Raiko was visited by Avatar Korra and Varrick, who requested the deployment of the United Forces to aid the Southern Water Tribe in the Water Tribe Civil War. Raiko refused to send his forces, believing that the Republic had no business interfering with internal Water Tribe conflicts. When Varrick pointed out that the Republic was already involved in the conflict due to the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, the president merely stated that he was doing everything he could to bring the culprits to justice. He asserted his position, and promised only to facilitate a diplomatic resolution between the tribes. As he declared the meeting over, Korra stated that his passivity would lead to the destruction of the South.

Raiko later came by the police headquarters to talk to Chief Lin Beifong about the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center the previous night, threatening to replace her unless she yielded results. After the meeting, he passed by Mako's desk, complimenting him on his good work. Aware that Mako was dating the Avatar, he inquired whether or not he knew if Korra was plotting something that might compromise the security of Republic City. As Mako hesitated, Raiko reminded the young officer of his oath to uphold the law first and foremost at all times. As he turned to leave, Mako confessed that Korra intended to go directly to General Iroh for help. With that information, Raiko made his way down to the docks where the United Forces were stationed, and caught the general and the Avatar plotting to bring the fleet down to the South for training exercises as an excuse to engage the Northern blockade. The president asserted his authority as commander-in-chief and warned Iroh against deploying his fleet without authorization, threatening to court-martial him if he did. He also warned Korra against going behind his back again, strengthening her dislike of him even further.

Raiko and his wife attended the finale of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South as honored guests, having been invited by Varrick in hopes of convincing them to help support the South in the Water Tribe Civil War. Aware of Varrick's intentions, Raiko reaffirmed his position to remain diplomatic in the conflict. In the middle of the mover, Raiko and his wife were nearly kidnapped by four waterbenders, but were promptly saved by Bolin, who subdued the attackers with his earthbending. The president and his wife were secured by several of Chief Beifong's officers to ensure their safety, while Varrick was apprehended for masterminding the attempted abduction.

After the mover, Raiko was approached by Avatar Korra, who once again asked him to reconsider sending support to the South, having discovered that Unalaq's plan was to free Vaatu and destroy the entire world, rather than just occupy the Southern tribe. With this information, Raiko again decided against mobilizing his troops so that he could instead direct efforts to secure the safety of the United Republic.

As Harmonic Convergence enveloped the world, Raiko, along with Beifong, surveyed Republic City from an airship for an expected attack. Raiko helplessly watched the Dark Avatar, a fusion of Unalaq and Vaatu, destroy his fleet and lay waste to the city. When his airship was shot down by one of the Dark Avatar's energy beams, he was saved by Chief Beifong, who grabbed hold of him and used her metalbending to swing them both to safety on a nearby rooftop.

Following the shift in the planet's energy due to Harmonic Convergence and the spirit portals being left open, Republic City became infested with vines and spirits. With no means of removing the vines effectively, Raiko's approval ratings dropped significantly. As the president held a press conference concerning the matter of the vines, Korra showed up and Raiko used the opportunity to put the blame on her and try to highlight the efforts of his administration. Korra hotly reminded Raiko that his administration had been powerless against the Dark Avatar, though before he could react, Lin Beifong separated the two and ended the press conference. Raiko immediately marched back into City Hall.

After being alerted that Korra was undertaking a new attempt to remove the vines, Raiko brought the press to her location to see if she would succeed or not. He watched in amazement as she succeeded with her spiritbending, though when the vines grew back stronger than before moments later, Raiko was escorted out of harm's way by his bodyguards while Korra, Lin, and Bolin dealt with a collapsing building.

Later in the evening, Raiko came to Kyoshi Bridge as Korra saved a new airbender, Daw. Displeased by the fact that Daw's new abilities, a result of Harmonic Convergence, had caused a lot of damage to the city, the president demanded to know if these crises would become a regular part of life. When told that the spirits and the vines were there to stay and that he should grow accustomed to them, Raiko retaliated by saying that he knew someone who was not staying and subsequently ordered Korra to leave the city.

In the Spirit World, Korra meets Zaheer, he explains his backstory with Unalaq and how Korra had to deal with the moronic President Raiko and a tyrannical Earth Queen. He asked her would the world would be better off if Raiko and Hou-Ting were eliminated. Despite what they've done to Korra, but she tells Zaheer that taking out world leaders isn't the answer.

Two weeks after Korra had taken down Zaheer, President Raiko went to Air Temple Island and officially welcomed her back to Republic City, thanking her for stopping the Red Lotus from plunging the world into anarchy. He apologized to her and tells her that the last time they saw each other, it didn't end on the best terms. When Lin helped Korra ascend the stairs to enter the temple, Raiko remarked that she was not looking well, noting that the world needed the Avatar now more than ever as the Earth Kingdom was in disarray following the assassination of the Earth Queen and there was the potential for more Red Lotus anarchists to be in hiding. The President subsequently attended Jinora's anointment ceremony as an airbending master, during which her tattoos were revealed.

With the Earth Kingdom in need of a leader, Raiko travelled down to Zaofu with Tenzin in order to convince Suyin Beifong to take control. Although they were unsuccessful in rallying Suyin, Raiko and the other world leaders made Kuvira the provisional head of the Earth Kingdom after she proved herself by stabilizing Ba Sing Se.

After three years since Korra defeated Zaheer, Raiko makes his speech to thank Asami and her company for redesigning the city's infrastructure. He provided political refuge to Prince Wu after the death of the Earth Queen and the riot at Earth Kingdom.

At Wu's coronation, Raiko, Tenzin and the world leaders witnessed Kuvira's speech that the Earth Kingdom is no more, she decided to appoint herself as the leader of the new Earth Empire.

Raiko started a meeting with Tenzin, Prince Wu and Fire Lord Izumi to deal with Kuvira and her actions without invite Korra, but Korra came in. Varrick and Bolin entered and tells him about Kuvira attempting to assemble a spirit vine-charged super weapon.

When the Earth Empire arrived to attack Republic City, The President connects to Kuvira and ordered her to stand down her soldiers, but Kuvira refuses and blast a building with a spirit-vine laser, and Raiko surrendered like a coward.

After Kuvira's defeat, Raiko gets hated by the people for abandoning them when he surrendered to Kuvira like a coward. Wenyan, Raiko's campaign manager, had commissioned campaign posters featuring a triumphant Raiko defeating tyranny. Korra, Asami and Zhu Li entered and explained their idea for a much needed housing project. Wenyan explains a sulotion to Raiko's re-election and tells him that he could win every voters support if he did.

Raiko ordered the United Forces to erect a perimeter around the portal, placing it on lockdown. Korra, demanded him to call off the troops, but he refused and turn the refuges against her by placing all the blame for the destruction of their homes on her. Tenzin and Asami defended Korra, telling him that he has a nerve of a coward and the Republic need a true leader instead of him.

Days later, Raiko sat in his office with Wenyan when he read out loud a newspaper article that Zhu Li was running for president. Wenyan tells him not to give up and beat Zhu Li on the re-election. Raiko decided to never give up.

Raiko arrived at the portal and had the protesting airbender blasted with a direct stream from a waterbender. At Iroh's insistence, Raiko called off the waterbenders but had them remain in position. Just then, Zhu Li busted down the barricade surrounding the portal, bringing in a camera crew. They began filming her making a speech in which she declared that the portal should not be hostage to businessmen or politicians, and should be shared by all, as the people around her begun chanting, "Bring peace to the portal! The portal for the people"!

During the protests, Tokuga flew overhead in an airship, demanding that Republic City answer to him. Tokuga ordered Raiko to withdraw the United Forces from Republic City, or face the poison gas he had equipped to the airship. Iroh approached Raiko and asked for orders, and Wenyan responded that Raiko had to respond carefully, as the results of his decision would likely determine the election.

Raiko answered that he had backed down against Kuvira, and would not make the same mistake again, and that he would withdraw the forces for it to appear as though he was surrendering, but at the end would strike the ship down. Iroh questioned his actions, noting that Wonyong and Asami were on board, and striking the ship would result in their lives. Raiko asked if he was questioning his order, and Iroh stood down, saying he would radio the airfield.

The airship fell into the spirit portal and crashed, leaving the poison gas to surround the area around the portal. Raiko and Wenyan evacuated in a car. Raiko's decision to flee like a coward wound up costing him the election.

Three weeks later, on the night of the election, Raiko stood alone as he stared through a glass window of Republic City as he received the news that Zhu Li had won, and he would soon be stepping down.

Raiko, however sometimes was there in court, attended to Kuvira's trial for her crimes during her Earth Empire actions.



  • Raiko is the first known democratically elected head of state in the Avatar world.
  • Raiko likes the Nuktuk chronicles.
  • Raiko is his surname, and his first name has never been revealed. Bryan Konietzko and Joaquim Dos Santos once joked that his first name was Phil.
  • Michael Dante DiMartino joked that Raiko had "a little Trump in him sometimes" by the events of Turf Wars.
  • Raiko is no villain, just minor character and anti-villain. He is incompetent, cowardly and only cares for himself and his own image, one reason he refused to send his troops to defeat Unalaq and Vaatu.
  • Raiko have some similarities of being the worst, stubborn and dimwitted president/mayor with Mayor Vaughn from Jaws, Mayor Bradley from Ghostbusters 1016, Donald Trump, Mayor Phlegmming, Mayor Tong, and Mayor Augustus Maywho.


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