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You have a choice, Makuta- cooperation or conquest. I trust you will choose wisely.
~ Pridak to Makuta Teridax.

Pridak is a major antagonist in the BIONICLE series, serving as the main antagonist of the Mahri Nui arc until his role was eventually taken over by Karzahni near the end of this story arc. He was also the unofficial leader of both the Barraki and the League of Six Kingdoms. In his quest for power, Pridak seek to overthrow the Great Spirit and claim the universe for himself, but he and his army were ended up defeated by the Brotherhood of Makuta and their allies and was imprisoned in the Pit.

Just as he once intended to overthrow the Great Spirit before Makuta Teridax do, he was responsible for the indirect cause of the plot of the entire BIONICLE series as he was the one who inspired Teridax into usurping the Great Spirit himself.


Will he live? Will he die? Do I care? Not at all. But you do. Tell me what I want to know, or the Ga-Matoran joins her friend.
~ Pridak to Dekar after he threw Sarda to the Takea sharks.
Pridak was a hot-tempered, mercurial, arrogant and fiery leader of both the Barraki and the League of the Six Kingdoms. He despises failures and insolence as he would not hestitate of rewarding them with pain. However, he was also very shrewd, practical, calm and collected, as he did not seek to attack the Matoran and persuade his allies not to harm them as he believed that they were meant to be useful for the Barraki's schemes.

Pridak was also known to hate Makuta Teridax, because of their past encounter as he did not hestitate on defying him on his face. He was also almost as a complex thinker as Teridax. His hatred on Teridax was especially intense, as he alone once worked as little more than a slave of the Brotherhood of Makuta in the past.

He was also the most cruel, sadistic and ruthless among the Barraki as he does not hesitate to eliminate anyone who challenged him or stood in his way as he was willingly to use his ruthlessness and abuse towards the others such as; blinding one of Kalmah's eyes and bit off one of Nocturn's arms during the meeting and even disposed Defilak to be eaten by his Takea sharks, though the former survived. Because of that, Pridak refuses to stand for disobedience or insubordination. 

He also viewed himself as the superior being who was born to rule and conquer as he believed himself of entitling to power, making him completely egocentric and megalomanical as anything he does in order to maintain his position of power is simply true to himself and he does not care for the others' lives as power is everything to him.

He even viewed his fellow Barraki as not his comrades but seeing them as the means to his end. He was also willingly to betray them and reclaim their empire for his own, indicating that he was selfish and self-serving of his own interests.

When Pridak was cursed by Kanohi Ignika's power, he became insane, paranoid and incredibly violent. His blind rage became extremely pushed to the limit even at this point as he turned against his fellow Barraki without any sort of hesitation and later went so far of killing Ehlek, Nocturn, Carapar and Takadox and even rejected the Toa Mahri's offer of helping him and giving up the Ignika, thus rejecting his own redemption. At the same time, he does not even realized that he was controlled by Karzahni all along which led to his demise. 



Not much was known of Pridak's past, though he and the rest of his species were created by Mata Nui before the series. His species also solely believed that the strong will survive and rule over the others regardless the situations. So, their members must defeat each other to order to become the strongest leader and Pridak was selected and defeated his fellow member and was promoted to become a warrior. 

Later, his clan sent him to become worthy of ruling over the other beings. After many days, he was travelling in the barren land and was exhausted and collapsed on the spot. Later he was found by the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, who took him in as they seeked for a servant to work for. They nursed him back and he was employed as the servant of the Brotherhood and an aide of Icarax.  When Miserix ordered Mutran to travel to Xia to order the Vortixx to lower the prices for the Matoran, Pridak accompanied both Icarax and Mutran as the three of them traveled to Xia. While Mutran and Icarax negiotated with the Vortixx, Pridak was intrigued by the island and its resources as he entered into the Mountain. He was then caught up by Mutran and Icarax as they knocked him out and dragged him off 

Founding of the League of the Six Kingdoms

Pridak's influence over the armies of the Matoran Universe grew stronger, rising in par with the Brotherhood. Along with his ally Takadox, he began to create the army called League of the Six Kingdoms as they also convinced the other warlords: Kalmah, Ehlek, Carapar and Mantax into joining the organization, deciding to call themselves "Barraki", which means warlord in the matoran tonge. 

After sometimes later, Pridak then devised his plan of overthrowing the Great Spirit and create a new universe where the strong beings will rule. Then, he and his allies began their attack on Metru Nui in order to overthrow the Great Spirit. Pridak and his allies were eventually defeated and were captured as the result.

Banished into the Pit

After their defeat, Teridax intended to have the Barraki killed as punishment for their crimes but Botar rejected his suggestion despite Teridax's objection. Then suddenly, alongside with Hydraxon and a few Maxilos Robots, Botar decided to took the Barraki and transport them into the Pit.

During their stay in the Pit, Pridak and the other Barraki stayed prisioners in the Pit, until the Great Cataclysm, an earthquake eventually destroyed the Pit and as the result, Pridak and the Barraki escaped into the mutagenic ocean. Once done, Pridak then reunited by force the rest of the Barraki and they began to create an army of underwater monsters when they learned that they could not reclaimed their kingdoms outside.

Quest for the Mask of Life

After the Mask of Life sank into the ocean where Mahri Nui and the Pit were located, Pridak and the other Barraki began terroizing the native Matoran in an attempt to divulge information about the mask. Pridak and his Takea sharks assaulted Defilak's submarine, taking its Matoran passengers prisoner. Defilak agreed to show Pridak where the mask was, and took him there. However, when a venom eel attacked them, Pridak abandoned Defilak to fight the eel. Pridak then met up with Mantax, Carapar, Ehlek, and Brutaka to search for the Mask of Life. They found it in the possession of the Po-Matoran Dekar. Pridak took the mask from Dekar, but when he did, it enhanced his rage and madness. Pridak threatened to harm Kalmah, but Takadox used his hypnotic powers to calm him down. The Barraki took the Mask of Life to their ally Nocturn and tasked him with keeping it safe. Later, Pridak and Takadox encountered the Toa Matoro, along with a Maxilos robot that was possessed by Makuta Teridax. They were overpowered in the ensuing battle, and were forced to retreat. The Barraki then gathered at Razor Whale's Teeth, where Mantax revealed that there was a traitor in their midst. After Takadox owned up, the Barraki were attacked by Hydraxon. During the battle, the Toa Mahri snuck in and stole the Mask of Life. The Barraki drove off Hydraxon and destroyed the Maxilos robot that Teridax was possessing. They then pursued the Toa Mahri with their armies. Matoro went ahead with the Mask of Life while his teammates stayed back and fought the Barraki. The Barraki began to get the upper hand on the Toa, but the Toa were transported out of the Pit by the Mask of Life. After the battle, Pridak found evidence that the "Hydraxon" that had attacked the Barraki wasn't the original Hydraxon. Pridak attampted to convince this Hydraxon otherwise, but Hydraxon refused to listen and locked Pridak up in the Pit.


Later, Pridak eventually made his way into the Cord as he attempt to use the Ignika's power when he was then confronted by the Toa Mahri, Kalmah and Mantax. Pridak then revealed his plan to them as he will reclaimed the Barraki's empire all by himself and conquer the entire Matoran Universe before attacking them. Although the Toa Mahri and their allies put up the fight at first, Pridak began to gain an upper hand as he bit off Kalmah's tentacle and wounded Mantax when the latter tried to attack with his curse. Just as Pridak was about to finish off Jaller

Powers & Abilities

Pridak is both the strongest and most agile of all the Barraki. Being the leader of the Barraki, Pridak refuses to stand for disobedience or insubordination. He sees himself as born to rule, hence why he does anything he can to mantain his position of power.



  • The markings on Pridak's face and his weapons do not represent blood, as was once commonly believed. Greg Farshtey has confirmed them to be natural markings.
  • When he was mutated, Pridak was sometimes referred to as "The Shark".
  • Pridak is one of the few beings in the entire Matoran Universe to know the full details of Teridax's plan.
  • Although Makuta Teridax was the main antagonist in the entire BIONICLE series due to his involvements in the entire series, many fans believe that Pridak was considered as a main villain since he wanted to overthrow the Great Spirit in the past just before Teridax did.
    • Some fans also believed that Pridak somehow was also responsible for Makuta Teridax's fall from grace and this is how he manipulated his action of overthrowing Mata Nui.
    • Because of this statement, Pridak was also considered to be one of the most evil BIONICLE villains alongside Teridax, Roodaka, AnnonaVultraz, Karzahni, Tyrant and Umarak.
  • His name was also named after the word pride due to his power-hungry personality. Also, the pride was one of the Seven Deadly Sins as Pridak himself represented Satan and Lucifer, who tried to overthrow the God in the first place. 
  • Pridak was the first BIONICLE character which had been seen directly killed a Matoran.
  • Pridak was mostly based on several shark species:
    • His head resembles the appearance of the bonnethead shark.
    • The red markings on both his mouth, fin and blades were based after the oceanic whitetip reef shark and blacktip reef shark.
  • Pridak's death was truly ironic as it was shown that he was once a slave of the Brotherhood of Makuta before becoming the powerful leader of the Barraki. Following the Barraki's imprisonment in the Pit, 


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