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GRRRRRR...... TIME.... STOPPING...... TIME.........
~ Primal Dialga.

Primal Dialga is the final boss of the main storyline of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of TimeExplorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky. Primal Dialga is a form of Dialga who lost control over his ability to control time due to the collapse of his lair, Temporal Tower. He is unable to show logical reasoning and only seeks self-preservation. He is the main antagonist of the game (the secondary antagonist if counting the post-game). After being defeated, he comes back to normal and restores everything that his insanity destroyed.


Dialga entered his Primal state when Darkrai stole the Time Shifts from Temporal Tower, causing its collapse and the subsequent disruption of time. In the Future, Primal Dialga is solely concerned with self-preservation; as changing history would cause Primal Dialga to cease to exist, he attempts to halt any plan to prevent the collapse of Temporal Tower.

When Grovyle and the player travel back in time in an attempt to collect the Time Gears and prevent the collapse of Temporal Tower, Dialga sends his follower, Dusknoir, to pursue and capture them. Primal Dialga does not appear in the storyline until Dusknoir drags Grovyle, the player, the player's partner back to the Future. Following the protagonists' escape from execution, Primal Dialga assists his followers in trying to stop the protagonists from going back in time, but fails. 

Primal Dialga waiting at the top of Temporal Tower.

Once the player and their partner reach the summit of Temporal Tower, Primal Dialga (the earlier version in its timeline, immediately before the collapse of Temporal Tower) attacks them, believing that they have come to destroy the Tower. The player and their partner stop Primal Dialga and replace the Time Gears, preventing the collapse of Temporal Tower. After returning to its normal state, Dialga thanks the player and their partner. The future Primal Dialga, Grovyle, Dusknoir, and the player are all erased from existence due to originating in a future which no longer exists after the restoration of Temporal Tower. Then, the present-day Dialga returns the player to life in gratitude for repairing the flow of time and the player's sacrifice.

In the fifth Special Episode of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, before they are erased from existence, Primal Dialga punishes Dusknoir for his failure, as well as Grovyle for trying to change the past. However, time in the Future begins to flow again as the player and their partner fight against the present-day version of Primal Dialga. This prompts Primal Dialga to attempt to return to the past to fight against the player and their partner as well. Grovyle, his friend Celebi, and the newly-turned-good Dusknoir fight against and stop Primal Dialga to stop him from traveling in time and allow the player and their partner to prevent the collapse of Temporal Tower. They manage to stop him before their existence started to fade, with Primal Dialga being brought back to normal. Their existence is saved by a mysterious force whom Dialga claims to be a higher being.



  • Like many legendary Pokémon, Dialga is genderless. But in Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, it is referred to as a male in the dialogues. This happens with other "genderless" legendaries in the game, like Celebi (referred to as a female) and Darkrai (referred to as a male): legendaries have genders but it's unknown to others because none could study them well for their rarity.
  • Although he had lost control of his power, Primal Dialga can still warp with his signature move Roar of Time.
  • He shares a Steel dual type characteristic with the first boss of Red/Blue Rescue Team, Skarmory, but is the final boss before the post-game of Explorers of Time/Darkness rather than the first.
  • Six years after the introduction of Primal Dialga in Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, the Primal Reversions of Groudon and Kyogre were introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with the "Primal" in front of their names once used. They have no relation with Primal Dialga.
  • It is impossible to recruit Primal Dialga without hacking. When the player beats him for the first time in the Time Tower, the future of the world is changed and Dialga returns in normal form. For this reason, the player can recruit him only in the "new" normal form, and there are no ways to obtain a Primal Dialga.
  • In Japan, Primal Dialga is known as "Dark Dialga". Despite this name, he keeps his standard Dragon/Steel and does not acquire the Dark-type.
  • Many fans believe that Primal is a more powerful form of Dialga, though it is confirmed as a corrupted state.
  • Said to lose control over time, Dialga can still use his Temporal powers at this state. It has been shown when it canceled Celebi's time travel.


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