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I do wish I'd been a better father. If I was, I would've strangled you the moment you hatched.
~ Prince Arctic's last words to Darkstalker.
This is a bad idea. The very worst. Neither of our tribes would forgive us. Mother will never allow it. All the more reason. I won't let the queen crush my entire life between her claws. It's my life, my magic, and my heart.
~ Prince Arctic

Prince Arctic is a antagonist in Wings of Fire. He is a former IceWing prince and animus who grew up in the aristocratic Ice Kingdom that eloped with a NightWing soldier, Foeslayer. They lived in the Night Kingdom and had two dragonets, one of which eventually killed Arctic.


Arctic is long and lanky, with a thick mane of horns and a spiky tail used for clubbing seals. His claws are long and serrated. He has white scales with hints of pale blue, and deep blue eyes. On social occasions, he is fond of jet-black jewelry and emerald rings.


At first, Arctic was shown to be snobbish, aloof, and resentful. He was annoyed at having all sorts of rules and restrictions forced on him. As a result, he probably became rebellious, as he broke the most important rule of the tribe to enchant an earring for Foeslayer that would keep her warm and safe from any danger. Arctic valued freedom, as he enchanted Foeslayer's earring knowing that he was breaking the most important rule of the tribe, noting, "All the more reason. I won't let the queen crush my entire life between her claws. It's my life, my magic, and my heart".

Arctic was also a kinetic dragon who genuinely cared about those he loved, namely Foeslayer and Whiteout. However, after he unintentionally killed several guards using his magic while eloping with Foeslayer, Arctic became noticeably much more bitter and resentful, and likely haunted by what he'd done, as when Darkstalker read his mind after he was born for the first time, he noted that he could "hardly look at him without seeing a spiral of confusing flashes: pain, fury, screaming dragons, and blood, everywhere, blood".

As a result, Arctic was extremely resentful, noticeably having a shaky relationship with Foeslayer and showing mutual irritation for each other at the time Darkstalker hatched. Arctic also had an irrational contempt for Darkstalker as soon as he was born, noting that there was "no shred of an IceWing in him". However, Arctic openly prefers Whiteout over Darkstalker, most likely because her IceWing genetics were more visible, but Darkstalker believes Arctic does not care about her at all. Arctic was also anxious. It is implied that he told Darkstalker about the dangers of using animus magic, as it was mentioned that Arctic also tested Darkstalker and Whiteout both to see if they had animus powers, but when Clearsight tells him a prophecy that is later revealed to predict Arctic's death, Arctic becomes even more troubled and paranoid.

Arctic's resentfulness and paranoia seem to go to the point where he's mentally unbalanced. After Arctic and Foeslayer have another fight, where Arctic accuses Foeslayer of only being with him for his powers, she is angered to the point in which she takes off her earring that protects from any danger, which causes her to be transported to the Ice Kingdom as a result of a spell put in place by Diamond, likely placed not long after they eloped.

When Darkstalker caught Arctic taking Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom, he enchanted him to admit publicly that he was planning to give the IceWings a way to attack all the NightWings in exchange for Foeslayer's life, which implied that he was really doing all this for Foeslayer. When Darkstalker forced him to say that he wished he had been a better father, he said he did wish he was a better father, as he would've strangled Darkstalker if he were, which were his last words before Darkstalker proceeded to force him to disembowel himself and cut out his tongue.


Arctic was born an IceWing prince. As an animus dragon, he was valued highly, which caused his mother, Queen Diamond, to control every aspect of his life to optimize his magic for the tribe. She picked a wife for him, a minor noble called Snowflake, and held him to the highest standards.

Arctic despised his mother and the rules she set for him. He held no love or interest for Snowflake, which seemed to be mutual. During negotiations meeting with the NightWings, he met a dragon called Foeslayer, who he fell in love with. They eloped, and he fled to the Night Kingdom to live with them. However, he became traumatized and callous during their escape, when he was forced to kill several IceWings with his magic.

Arctic and Foeslayer's marriage became shaky almost immediately. However, they still did have two eggs together, a daughter called Whiteout and a son who Foeslayer named Darkstalker, much to Arctic's contempt.

Their family continued to be dysfunctional. Arctic monitored both his dragonets closely for signs that they had inherited his animus magic, but neither did. Darkstalker, however, had the NightWing powers of mind-reading and future vision, which made Arctic wary of him.

Eventually, Arctic discovered that Darkstalker did, in fact, have animus magic, and had hidden it from him. He informed Queen Vigilance of the NightWings, who promoted him to an advisor for his loyalty. Darkstalker became the royal animus dragon. Foeslayer enjoyed the upgrade, but Arctic still despised all the NightWing he associated with.

One night, a year and a half after he discovered Darkstalker's power, Arctic and Foeslayer had a massive fight. It got to the point where Foeslayer removed the magic earring Arctic had made for her that protected her from his mother's spells. Immediately, she was mind-controlled and flew to the Ice Kingdom, where Queen Diamond presumably killed her.

Arctic spiraled into darkness after Foeslayer's death. He began to plot his return to the Ice Kingdom with the only child he liked, Foeslayer. After Darkstalker's assassin failed to kill him, Arctic gave Whiteout a necklace that was enchanted to turn her into an obedient, normal daughter who wanted to go to the Ice Kingdom. They fled north, but were intercepted by Darkstalker, Clearsight and Fathom. Darkstalker was outraged by the spell Arctic had put on Whiteout.

As vengeance, Darkstalker enchanted Arctic to obey his every command. Quickly he told him to never use his magic again, never try to escape, and follow him without speaking. Darkstalker brought him back to the Night Kingdom and summoned the tribe.

He forced Arctic to admit to his plans. Arctic said that he was going to take Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom and trade information about the NightWing's weaknesses and war secrets in exchange for information about Foeslayer. Darkstalker began to enjoy himself, and told Arctic to say he wished he'd been a better father. Arctic replied sardonically that he truly did wish he had been, as he would've killed Darkstalker in his egg if he had a second chance. Darkstalker then told him to cut out his own tongue. Afterward, he told Arctic to disembowel himself, which he did, messily.



He is shown to love and care about Foeslayer very much, enough to break every rule that his kingdom had set in place for her sake. They are shown to bicker, tease, and flirt quite frequently, though sometimes it escalates into real arguments as shown in Darkstalker's first memory. After Foeslayer convinces Arctic to live in the Night Kingdom with her instead of running away together, he almost regrets leaving the IceWings for her. However, he still loves her; when Darkstalker hatches he sees that inside Arctic there is a "small, warm ember of love for Mother" hidden under layers of ice. King Upon hatching, Darkstalker wanted to turn his father into a fireball and blow his ashes away. When Arctic discovers Darkstalker is an animus he debates on if he should tell anyone or not, but in the end he 'couldn't bear to keep it from Foeslayer' and tells her. In one of Clearsight's visions, he was crying over a painting of Foeslayer by Whiteout. She may have been the only thing that was keeping him grounded and sane.


His exact relationship with his son is unknown, though it definitely was not a positive one. He was disappointed upon Darkstalker's hatching that the dragonet did not resemble him, and thought his name was creepy. It is revealed that Arctic unintentionally trained his son to control his mind reading powers because his thoughts were always so bitter. While Darkstalker was growing up, Arctic constantly warned him and Whiteout about the dangers of animus magic. When Arctic found out that Darkstalker was an animus, he seemed to dislike him more, as if he felt threatened by Darkstalker. After Foeslayer is captured and Arctic tried to bring Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom against her will, it was enough to convince Darkstalker that he was evil, leading to him enchanting Arctic to obey his every command. He then made Arctic disembowel himself on a stage in front of the tribe.


Whiteout was Arctic's daughter and according to Darkstalker he often acted as though she was his only dragonet. He openly preferred her over Darkstalker, most likely because her IceWing genetics were more visible. Although Arctic seems to spend time with Whiteout by taking her on outings and buying her special fish, Darkstalker thinks that Arctic doesn't really care about her feelings and treats her "like she was a necklace he could hang in the corner until he needed her again". It is unknown if Arctic actually disregards her feelings or if his IceWing upbringing caused him to be more distant and aloof as a parent. Later in the book, Arctic is shown disapproving of her feelings for Thoughtful, most likely because he was a NightWing. Arctic also shows little consideration for who his daughter actually is as a dragon, using animus magic to alter Whiteout's personality, making her hate her brother, want to marry an IceWing, and live in the Ice Kingdom despite the fact that she would be miserable there. He also used his magic to change the way Whiteout spoke so she would sound "normal," revealing a desire for his daughter to be exactly how he wants her to be, a "perfect" dragonet in contrast to Darkstalker.


Arctic clearly had quite a bit of resentment against his mother, having pictured making an enchantment to freeze her mouth shut forever. She is shown controlling basically every aspect of his life to keep him in line and do the best for their Kingdom. The strain on their relationship escalated after Arctic ran off with Foeslayer without her knowing. When Darkstalker was young, Queen Diamond sent Arctic a secret message instructing him to kill his dragonets in exchange for coming back to the Ice Kingdom. In the message she degrades him, saying that she was right all along about Foeslayer tricking him and that she loves him despite his 'poor choices and terrible mistakes.' Arctic ignores her message because not only does he hate the way she calls him foolish, but he also doesn't want to leave Foeslayer and Whiteout.


I was taking my daughter to Queen Diamond. I was going to offer her talons in marriage to whomever Diamond chose, so she could hatch some heirs for the throne who might have animus blood. I was going to live in an ice palace again, sleeping at night like a normal dragon. I was going to find out if Foeslayer is still alive. I was going to offer the IceWings a detailed map of the Night Kingdom and a way to get inside to destroy you all, in exchange for her life.
~ Prince Artic when Darkstalker forcefully made him say what he was planning.
Darkstalker? That's a terrible name. [...] Sounds more like he creeps through the dark. Like a stalker.
~ Prince Arctic on Darkstalker's name.
This is a bad idea. The very worst. Neither of our tribes would forgive us. Mother will never allow it. All the more reason. I won't let the queen crush my entire life between her claws. It's my life, my magic, and my heart.
~ Prince Article to himself while in the Ice Kingdom with Foeslayer.
I do wish I'd been a better father. If I were, I would have strangled you the moment you hatched.
~ Prince Arctic's final words when Darkstalker made him say he wished he'd been a better father.


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