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Prince Edward, later King Edward II of England was the main antagonist of the 2018 movie Outlaw King.

He was portrayed by Billy Howle.


The son of the brutal King Edward I of England, the younger Edward was frequently beaten by his father. Growing up the young Edward was desperate to prove himself to his father, and be seen as a worthy successor to his father. He was a friend of the future Scottish King Robert the Bruce, and sparred with the Scottish noble during their days at Westminster.

After the Scottish were forced to surrender, Edward sparred with Robert before being angrily chastised by his father for wasting time while petitioners were waiting. For the next two years there was an uneasy peace which came to an end when William Wallace was captured and executed by the English and Robert's father died. Robert went rogue, deciding to stand up to the crown, and was declared rogue in the process.

Edward was sent north to kill Robert the Bruce, and unleashed a campaign of terror against the Scottish people in order to punish them for supporting Bruce, with the help of his right-hand Aymer de Valence. Edward murdered Robert's brother Neil when Neil refused to tell him where Robert had gone.

Robert and his followers continued their fight against the English. Feeling that Edward had failed to finish off Robert, the elder Edward took his army and proceeded north in to Scotland. On the way Edward became ill and died. Ignoring his father's wishes to have his body boiled and his bones carried in to battle against the Scots, Edward had his father buried immediately after his death.

Edward confronted Robert and his forces near Loudoun Hill. Despite being outnumbered six to one, Robert's forces managed to rout the English forces. Edward engaged Robert in a hand to hand combat, and was defeated by Robert. Robert allowed Edward to get up and walk away, knowing that the humiliation of defeat would hurt him far more than simply killing the new English King.

Later Edward was formally coronated as King Edward II. An unpopular King, Edward was eventually killed by his own nobles.


  • The actual Battle of Loudoun Hill was commanded by Aymer de Valence, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, not Edward. Edward's father was still alive when the battle took place, dying two months after the battle.
  • After his father's death Edward did not order his father's immediate burial, and instead the elder Edward was buried at Westminster Abbey.