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Prince Hans is the main antagonist of Jen Calonita's 2019 novel Conceal, Don't Feel, a "what if …?" of the Disney classic Frozen. He is therefore based on the film's main antagonist of the same name.


In an alternate take on events where all knowledge of Anna had to be erased to protect her from an unintended curse, Hans is shown explicitly collaborating with the Duke of Weselton as part of a plan to inveigle himself in Elsa's life in hopes of becoming her king. However, while Elsa considers him a good friend (which could possibly become more) she doesn't feel like she is ready to consider marriage at this time. As in the film, Hans eventually attempts to stage a coup when Elsa loses control of her powers after finding Anna, but he never manages to establish a relationship with her as Anna is more focused on finding the now-missing princess, even before she learns of her true relationship to Elsa. As in canon, Hans's true agenda is eventually exposed and Elsa sends him back to the southern isles to face judgment by his brothers for his actions.


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