King John

King John aka Prince John.

Save Me! Save Me! Hurt them! Hurt them!
~ Prince John

Prince John, also likes being referred to as "King John", is a greedy yet comical king who is the main villain of Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men in Tights. and he is a parody of the original Prince John of England who was incorporated into the Robin Hood tale within English folklore as its recurring villain.

He was portrayed by Richard Lewis.


This greedy man is responsible for all the wrongdoings within the country of England when he usurped the royal crown and the throne of England from his unknowing eldest brother King Richard who went off fighting in the Crusades within the Middle East as John began abusing his power to enjoy his luxurious lifestyle and literally seizes property (such as houses and castles including Robin Hood's family home of Loxley Hall) from every citizen in the kingdom for failure to pay for bogus taxes he decreed during his new reign.

During one of his lavish parties within the throne room of his family's Castle in the British land of Nottingham one afternoon, the Sheriff "Mervin" of Nottingham urges to speak with the false king of his latest unfortunate news, so Prince John orders everyone in his court including his latest royal concubine (for he is quite a "lady killer" within English royalty). Although he seems ready to hear the recent news, Prince John certainly despises bad news extremely and he does not take it lightly as he also explained, "had a good night sleep, had good BM".


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