Prince John is a one-shot antagonist from the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in the episode Robin Hoody Woody. He was voiced by the late Daws Butler.

Prince John is the greedy ruler of Nothingham, charging ridiculously high taxes from it's denizens, which resulted in the village looking miserable and decayed in contrast to the castle's majestic appearance. John stays practically the whole time counting all the money he gets from the taxes.


Prince John ends distracted by the singing from Robin Hoody Woody's happy men in the Sherwood forest, losing his count. Enraged at why anyone would be happy if he had all the money, he decides to challenge Woody to a duel. The two compete in a arrow contest and in a horseback duel, but John cheats in both, first by picking Woody and throwing him away with his bow and then by using a magnifying glass to burn Woody's lance.

Woody fights back, throwing John into the water when he thinks he has won, so John decides to attack Woody by using a catapul to throw cannonballs at him. Woody also picks a catapult, throwing pies at John. Soon John's ammunition ends, so he starts throwing his castle's furniture, but as those end as well he starts using his money bags, inadvertently returning all the money to the poor denizens of Nothingham.


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