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Forgive me, Herr Blackadder. I have been neglecting my duties as a host. Please accept my apple-ogies.
~ Ludwig introducing himself to Blackadder.
Now this is a disguise I'm really going to enjoy. If I can just get the voice right.
~ Ludwig disguised as the Queen of England.

Prince Ludwig the Indestructible is the secondary antagonist in the 1986 comedy series Blackadder II, appearing in the finale episode "Chains".

He was portrayed by Hugh Laurie, who also portrayed Prince George IV in Blackadder III, Jasper in 101 Dalmatians and David Nix in Tomorrowland.


Prince Ludwig is an evil German prince who was bullied as a schoolboy. His mother made him wear shorts, and he had dirty hair and spots. This earned him the uncreative yet apt nickname of Shorty Greasy Spot Spot.

These factors caused him to be taunted by his schoolmates. Ludwig is a master of disguise and claims to have previous encounters with the other characters. His plot was to take over England by overthrowing Queen Elizabeth I. For the purposes of intelligence gathering he impersonated chambermaid Big Sally, having sex with Lord Blackadder, Flossie the sheep, having sex with Lord Melchett, and a stable boy who held a horse that Queen Elizabeth had sex with.

To achieve this, Ludwig had his guards capture the Queen's courtiers Blackadder and Lord Melchett and held them to ransom. Ludwig attempted to torture Blackadder and Melchett in order to betray the Queen before he opted to change their death sentence to life imprisonment.

Blackadder was only too happy to betray the Queen, however, this meant that he could save her. Firstly, Blackadder and Melchett overpowered Ludwig's incompetent guards and then returned to the palace. At the Queen's fancy dress party, Blackadder recognized Ludwig disguised as a cow and stabbed him. 

The Queen was horrified, as she believed it was Nursie dressed as a cow. However, Nursie was alive and well as her cow disguise had failed. Blackadder explained that Ludwig's disguise was just too good due to the fact that Nursie was a sad, insane woman with an udder fixation.

Ludwig then fled, swearing that he'd get revenge but Blackadder threw a dagger, stating that Ludwig would die and be buried with the dagger apparently killing Ludwig off-screen. After the credits roll, it was revealed however that Blackadder, Baldrick, Percy, Melchett, The Queen, and Nursie were all dead, having been murdered by Ludwig who had been disguised as Queen Elizabeth. As he stood over the corpses, Ludwig remarked that he'd enjoy this disguise if he can just get the voice right.


A psychopathic individual, Ludwig was highly intelligent, manipulative, deceitful and incredibly cunning. He showed great self-control and appeared to be emotionless at times but completely collapsed into fits of rage whenever his childhood was mentioned. He was also an outstanding and impressive master of disguise and was intelligent enough to fool both Lord Melchett and even Lord Blackadder.


  • Ludwig is considered to be the most serious villain in the Blackadder franchise.