Prince Pikante

Prince Pikante is a boss encountered in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in Shiverburn Galaxy.


Prince Pikante first appears in the mission "Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood" where he is seen in a floating arena in Shiverburn Galaxy until Mario comes in and the Prince notices him, starting a battle. He attacks shooting fireballs from his tank which also can create small puddles of lava once they touch the battleground, the Prince can shot fireballs by himself. Mario must hit the coconut that he occasionally shots which will turn back to Prince Pikante, hitting him in the process. Once he gets angry, he will increase his speed and will move faster in the arena. Once Mario hits him for last time, his tank will blow up with him inside, sending him flying while Mario gets the level's Power Star.


  • Prince Pikante's name is based on the Spanish word "picante" which means spicy. Therefore, it can be assumed that he is related to King Kaliente in some way, as both bosses derive their names from Spanish adjectives. However, his name could also be based on the German adjective "pikant", which also means spicy. Also, in Dutch, pikant means spicy.
  • It is implied that Prince Pikante is King Kaliente's son, due to their similar names and that they are both rulers of the Octoombas. King Kaliente's Japanese name is Otaking, while Prince Pikante's Japanese name is Otaprince. In addition, both can shoot fireballs and coconuts and have similar faces.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 13 - Prince Pikante

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 13 - Prince Pikante

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