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Prince Runo Westergaard is a supporting antagonist of the 2015 novel A Frozen Heart based on the 2013 Disney film Frozen. He is a son of King Westergaard, the fraternal brother of Prince Rudi, and an older brother of Prince Hans.


Alongside his brothers (including his twin brother Rudi), Runo enforced his father's will in enforcing high taxes against their people. It also turns out that both Rudi and Runo both enjoyed tormenting Hans for their own amusement, and King Westergaard did nothing to stop it and instead encouraged them to continue abusing Hans in hopes of toughening him up. This was shown when Rudi and Runno played a "ransom note from a King Gotya" prank, where they tricked Hans into running around the entire castle three times in his underwear, resulting an angry King Westergaard to punish him for this.

Due to his trauma of being tormented by his father and brothers (with the exception of the kind Prince Lars), Hans vows to move out from the Southern Isles and find another kingdom so that he can become a better ruler than Caleb himself. He senses an opportunity when Princess Elsa is about to be crown Queen of Arendelle.

Formulating a plan for power due to his trauma, Hans tries to get himself into marrying either Elsa or her sister Anna so that he could kill them and secure his new power as the new King of Arendelle. However, he is foiled and ends up being sent back on a ship to the Southern Isles for punishment. It can be implied that King Westergaard has gotten Rudi, Runo and the other princes to subject Hans to a severe punishment for his failure, much to Hans' dismay.


  • Given that Hans is depicted to have been punished by shoveling manure in Frozen Fever and is shown to keep his royal clothes, it's speculated that perhaps Hans' brothers, including Runo, may have realized their fault in turning Hans into a sociopath and thus they gave him a lenient punishment after he was deported back to the Southern Isles and didn't strip him from his royal status.
  • It is implied that he (along with Caleb and Rudi) were mentioned by Hans in Frozen movie as he said that three of them pretend that he never exists.


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