Prince Wu Ling is a recurring enemy of detective Sexton Blake, the character was created by George Hamilton Teed and made his first appearance in the story The Brotherhood of the Yellow Beetle (1913). Prince Wu Ling is an Asian supervillain, head of a criminal organization bent on world domination. In this regard, he is quite similar to Sax Rohmer's Dr. Fu Manchu.

Personality and Abilities

Personality-wise, Wu Ling is always calm, possessing great self-control. However, he is also extremely ruthless and won't hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way. Wu Ling has little patience with bunglers and failing to carry out a mission from him, usually results in a swift and painful death at the hands of the small, but poisonous yellow beetle which has given the prince's organization its name. Despite the fact that they're worst enemies, there's a mutual admiration between Wu Ling and Sexton Blake. Of course, this has never stopped the prince from trying to kill the detective.

Wu Ling is an extremely skilled manipulator, often controlling things from the shadows, he inspires absolute loyalty in his people and can make them shake with fear without even having to raise his voice. He is also a very deadly fighter, being skilled in various martial arts.