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Princess Cellophania is an evil invisible princess that terrorizes the galaxy.

Physical appearance

As she is completely invisible, her true appearance is unknown. She is only dressed by a sparkling pink cape and a small gold crown.


She seemed to be the most humble and reserved villain at Queen Entozoa's dinner party, however she is never shown speaking or doing anything of note, which makes her personality quite a mystery. The fact that she barely wears any clothes shows that she has little shame or modesty, likely due to being invisible.


She is invisible, as such she cannot be seen under normal circumstances and can likely allude most foes or infiltrate most locations. Being a royal and the ruler of several worlds, she is likely a formidable conqueror with great influence and power.


In the Fancy Party realized by Queen Entozoa, Princess Cellophania was one of the many villains who attended Queen Entozoa's fancy dinner party in hopes of inheriting her army and power. During the party she mainly stayed silent as she watched events unfold, but like several, she was quite fond of Wander's entertainment. She later watched on in shock as Hater kissed Entozoa, and left with the rest of the villains after Entozoa decided to choose Wander.


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