Princess Gourmet is a boss from the rather obscure Japanese RPG SNES videogame Maka-Maka. She is a cannibalistic princess.


Princess Gourmet has light skin, blonde hair with a crown and blue eyes. She also wears a white dress, her belly and legs are fat and wears red shoes.


Gourmet was King Gluttony's younger sister as well as a member of the Maka-Maka organization. When Gourmet arrived on the planet in which the video game takes place, she established a stronghold there, and proceeded to batter the town's inhabitants into Croquettes. Whenever she grew hungry, a villager would often be sent to her for her to eat. The only way to get out of her stomach is for her to fart you out.


Consumption: Princess Gourmet possesses a long and sticky tongue that she could then use to pull her victims into her mouth with. She's also very large on the inside, and is also infested with parasites.

Regeneration: Princess Gourmet also has the ability to regenerate. She's able to heal her wounds by consuming large amounts of food, but this power is insignificant when it comes to major fights.

Gas: She possesses the ability to stun her enemies by using flatulence.

Charm: She would use a magical charm technique in order to lure her victims to her. This charm is created whenever she would wink at her victim and would then proceed to blow a kiss at said victim.



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