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♪It is Tuesday now♪ ♪I'm killing Princess Kenny♪ ♪Why again?♪ ♪Why so late?♪ ♪Kenny is a cute princess♪ ♪Isn't she a cute girl?♪♪
~ Princess Kenny theme

Princess Kenny is the alter ego of Kenny McCormick in South Park who appears as the main antagonist and final boss of the 2014 video game, South Park: The Stick of Truth.

She is voiced by South Park co-creator Matt Stone.


When the kids of South Park began fighting over a simple twig they named The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny was the fair maiden of the humans with the Wizard King, who rivaled the elves. Throughout most of the game, Kenny served as a playable protagonist who assisted the player character, the New Kid, in his quest for victory.

However, nearing the end, Kenny betrayed the group, took the Stick himself, and battled both the elves and humans, because in his real backstory, Princess Kenny was the daughter of a human queen and an orc king who originally possessed the Stick of Truth, making his character half-orc and half-human, as well as the rightful heir of the Stick. "She" was forced to see all of "her" people be killed by humans and elves, driving "her" to plot revenge against the two peoples for years. "Her" initial plan was to align with the Kingdom of Kupa Keep (KKK), Cartman's faction, and help him defeat the Elven Kingdom, Kyle's faction, from which "she" would then use the powers of the Stick to completely destroy the humans, completing "her" revenge.

Kenny later chugged a vial of zombie goo, turning himself into a Nazi zombie and even furthering his power. However, he was still defeated when the New Kid, dubbed "Sir Douchebag," broke the sacred oath of the humans and farted on Kenny's balls, defeating him.

Kenny later returned to normal afterwards during the post-game game-play, and he blamed his antagonistic role on PMS.


  • After Kenny betrays the player, Morgan Freeman explains to the "audience" that he was the true inheritor of the stick due to an overly complicated series of events that happened in his life. This is obviously not true and is played for laughs, however.
  • Kenny's princess outfit is almost identical to Princess Zelda's from The Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • Despite being neither of the two main antagonists in The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny ends up becoming the final antagonist of the game. 
  • Coincidentally, the real Kenny would occasionally become the secondary antagonist, when his friend Cartman becomes the main antagonist in one episode.



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