Princess Kurda is an anthropomorphic ferret and the main villainess of the Redwall series book Triss.

Kurda was the daughter of King Agarnu and the sister of Prince Bladd of the royal line of Pure Ferrets. She, like all Pure Ferrets, had white fur, spoke with a Germanic accent and lived at the castle Riftguard.

Kurda was cruel, sadistic, and spoiled, as well as a self-proclaimed expert swordsbeast. She often abused her slaves and made them help her with sword practice by throwing objects into the air for her to slash. When three of her slaves escaped after being imprisoned, she went after them with a vengeance, as no slaves had ever escaped Riftguard. She sought help from Plugg Firetail, a pirate fox, and sailed after the slaves. They followed them to Mossflower Woods and Redwall Abbey.

One of the escaped slaves, a squirrelmaiden named Triss, had a personal vendetta against Kurda. After a few confrontations and battles between the two forces, it came down to a duel between Kurda and Triss. But Kurda was a coward who was used to being surrounded by her guards, and after her sabre was broken by Triss's sword, the ferret fled, but tripped and fell upon the broken half of her blade, accidentally killing herself.