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Ugh! That doesn't look anything like me! It has to be the best cake ever. With the history of....history!!!!
~ Princess Malucia.

Princess Malucia, also known as Queen Malucia, is a seemingly adorable yet greedy enchanted princess armed with her magic Sceptre and the main antagonist of the 28th Barbie film, Barbie and the Secret Door.

She was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, who also voiced Snow Queen in Barbie in the Pink Shoes, and Nightmare Moon in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Malucia's mother and father, both of whom were the ruling monarchy of the enchanted went away, so Malucia took the opportunity and started to steal magic from everybody around her. Malucia then started to hunt down various magical creatures with trogs and sniffers. Her goal became to take over the Zinnia and to create a party when she success in her evil-goal. In the party, she ordered a cake, which got interrupted by her two sniffers Sniff and Whiff, which told her that they found a little fairy in the woods. Malucia then stole the fairy's magic powers, making her wings disappear. The magic powers made Malucia's scepter bigger.

While the sniffers then interrupted her again, telling her that they dont know where is the Queen Unicorn located, which is the strongest unicorn in Zinnia. Malucia then got angry at the two, so she asked the fairy where is the Unicorn hiding. The fairy gets free, but she gets followed by Malucia. Eventually, the fairy went on a island where she warned the unicorns, fairies and the mermaids that Malucia could become unstoppable, if she gets the unicorns powers. The fairy also said that Malucia stolen her power, and that everyone must protect the unicorns and each other.

In the end, the fairy, Nori later works with the mermaid, Romy, and the princess, Alexa, which they decided went into Malucia's big castle. Inside of the castle, Malucia started to take the Queen Unicorns powers, which ended Malucia capturing the mermaid and the fairy. Alexa tried making deals with Malucia, trying to talk her out of this madness, by telling her to give everyone their powers back. Malucia didn't want to accept it, and she started to steal the princesses magic powers. Upon Malucia's magic powers then exploded, making all of the magic escape and expand.


  • She is similar to Gwyllion from Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess, as both of them were using their evil plans to taking over the worlds and overpowering the magical creatures. Gwyllion trying to freezing the Crystallite in order to destroying the kingdom of Shimmervale, which ended up gets stopped by Mariposa and Catania and that redeeming herself. Malucia captured the Queen Unicorn and stolen all the magical creatures' powers by her intending to rules the Zinnia as the queen. For that way, she was defeated by Alexa, under her punishment into cleans.
  • She is the third antagonist who have been punished by forcing to cleaning on, the first being Odile from Barbie of Swan Lake, and the second being Crystal from Barbie: A Fairy Secret.


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