Princess Porcina is an antagonist from the 1986 My Little Pony series, and is the primary antagonist and anti-hero in the episode "The Glass Princess".

She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Porcina needs material to replace her magic cloak, which is all but worn out. She uses its magic to turn things into glass, as she's obsessed with her own reflection. The Raptorians work for her with the promise that they'll soon receive their own kingdom, and steal some washing. Porcina deems the washing to be useless and tells the Raptorians to find something better.

They capture Gusty, Heart Throb, and Lickety-Split to use their hair to make her cloak. Porcina receives her new cloak, and happily turns the Paradise Estate and every other non-living thing in Ponyland to glass, much to the Little Ponies' horror. The chief Raptorian praises her efforts, but suggests that it might be even better if every creature in Ponyland also bore her reflection. She agrees, and casts a second spell, turning every Little Pony in the Paradise Estate to glass. Shady, Molly, Megan, North Star, Paradise, Magic Star, and the Bushwoolies made a fake cloak in hopes of switching it with the real one, only for the Raptorians to catch onto them.

Porcina starts the spell to turn the Ponies into glass, but confronting them face to face makes her realize she has no right. The chief Raptorian snatches her cloak and tries the spell himself, but finds he's holding the fake. A tug-of-war ensues over the real cloak, and it tears in half, releasing a bolt of energy that hits the Raptorians and turns them all into glass. Regretting her selfish actions, Porcina uses the remains of the cloak to restore the Little Ponies and everything else in Ponyland. The Bushwoolies destroy the cloak, then offer to take Porcina on as their groomer, and she agrees.


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