I am Princess Shroob. You interlopers... WILL BE CONSUMED.
~ Princess Shroob

Princess Shroob is the central antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She is the younger sister of Elder Princess Shroob and a princess of the Shroob race. She is the one who leads the Shroob's attack on the Mushroom Kingdom and became the supreme head of the invasion after her sister was sealed in the Colbalt Star.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

It all started when the Planet Shroob was withering and dying, and in order to find a new place for their people, the two Princess Shroobs attacked the Mushroom Kingdom in the past. When Princess Peach (who was traveling back in time) trapped Elder Princess Shroob inside the Cobalt Star and broke it into shards, Princess Shroob took over as leader of the Shroobs. She launched a missile to take down Baby Bowser's Koopa cruiser in an attempt to kill him, Peach, and the Mario Bros. (both past and present).

Princess Shroob was next seen hosting a celebration about conquering the kingdom and fed Peach to Petey Piranha. When she discovered the Mario Bros, she sent Shrooboid Brat to defeat the Mario Bros, but they defeated him. Princess Shroob and her minions sent them falling into the caves below.

Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi eventually entered the Shroob Castle (Peach's castle in the past, taken over by Shroobs) and fought Princess Shroob. They eventually defeated her, but before she is destroyed in a brilliant explosion just like previous enemies, she claims that they will stand no chance against her sister. After Elder Princess Shroob is released, she swears to avenge her death.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Princess Shroob makes a cameo appearance in the game frozen in ice next to Elder Princess Shroob in the room with the optional boss battle against the three Shroobs. This is unlike the original Bowser's Inside Story, where only Elder Princess Shroob is seen.


Princess Shroob will first start on her throne which is covered by a pink-red sphere that protects her from any attacks, this sphere will change from blue to pink and then explode causing the throne to malfunction and forcing Princess Shroob to fight on foot.

Despite this, Princess Shroob will reuse her throne, which gains three legs becoming a mecha. It walks and stands above Mario or Luigi to shoot more lasers from below the throne that can be avoided by jumping. After this, she tries to crush them with the mecha that can be prevented by using the hammers. If she laughs at that moment, she will stop before touching them to make them miss with their hammers on purpose. If failed, either Mario or Luigi can temporarily suffer a dizzy effect from the massive attack, leaving them also vulnerable in combat. After these attacks, Princess Shroob will be protected again with a blue sphere, she will attack shooting lasers from the throne that can be avoided by jumping. As she walks on foot, Princess Shroob teleports to shoot energy balls at both the Mario Bros. that have to be jumped over. She will occasionally teleport in front to shoot quickly at one of them with an energy ball. Princess Shroob also teleports above them to shoot down an energy ball that can be deflected to with the hammer causing her damage. She'll also use a purple star attack that won't stop until it hits its target. It must be jumped on, but it loops back and accelerates if it is dodged entirely, being destroyed if it makes contact. Princess Shroob will switch between aiming at Mario and Luigi with the purple star as it accelerates.

When she is close to being defeated, she starts to shine, becoming more stressed as the battle goes on.

Other Media

Super Mario-Kun

Princess Shroob appears in the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time adaptions in the Super Mario-Kun manga (volumes 35, 36, and 37), serving the same role as she does in the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Princess Shroob appears as a neutral primary spirit. Her battle is a Stamina battle against Peach who grows to giant size and gains increased attack power once her health has dwindled halfway.


Princess Shroob is a very sadistic, cruel, ruthless, and magisterial tyrant who likes to cause suffering to others. This is shown when she ordered her Shroobs to destroy the Koopa Cruiser, tried to feed Princess Peach to Petey Piranha without mercy, and was even possible for the destruction of the Mario and Luigi from the future. After the Shroob Mothership was destroyed, the princess emerged insane with revenge. Although she has an argumentative and tyrannical attitude towards her enemies, Princess Shroob appears to care more about her kind's future than her sister, the Elder Princess Shroob.

Powers and Abilities

Princess Shroob is able to make energy balls, increase her size, fly, teleport, and control Stars when she is battling against her enemies. It is also revealed that Princess Shroob is a Master of Disguise, as she tricked everyone into believing she was the real Princess Peach.


I am Princess Shroob. You interlopers... WILL BE CONSUMED. HA HA HA HA HA HA!
~ Princess Shroob's first (understandable) words after revealing herself as the fake Princess Peach.
~ Princess Shroob before battling Mario and Luigi and their baby counterparts
~ Princess Shroob's last words




Names in other languages

  • Spanish: La Princesa Champizoidiro—Means Princess of the Shroobs. (El Champizoide means "Shroob".)
    • Genitive: Les Princeses Champizoidiro
    • Dative: Le Princese Champizoidiro
    • Ablative: Lad Princésad Champzoidiro
  • Portuguese: A Princessa Shroobom—Means Princess of the Shroobs. (O Shroobe means "Shroob".)
    • Genitive: Les Princesses Shroobom
    • Dative: Le Princesse Shroobom
    • Accusative: Lão Princessem Shroobom
    • Ablative: Lade Princessad Shroobom
  • Italian: La Principessa Shroobo. (Princess of the Shroobs)
    • Genitive: Les Principesses Shroobo
    • Dative: Lai Principéssai Shroobo
    • Accusative: Lam Principessam Shroobo
    • Ablative: Lade Principéssad Shroobo
  • Russian: Printsessa Khomor—From Mukhomor (fly-argic).
    • Genitive: Printsessi Khomor
    • Dative: Printsesse Khomor
    • Accusative: Printessu Khomor


  • In the American version of the game, after defeating Princess Shroob, the victory screen displays no experience or coins earned when she goes down. In the Japanese and European versions, the battle instantly fades out after her defeat.
  • Because Princess Shroob mainly speaks in the Shroob language, she (alongside her sister) is the only major antagonist in the Mario & Luigi franchise to have very few intelligible lines, having only a few translated in-game.
  • Princess Shroob's name remains the same in all the other translations of the game, except the Russian translation where she is named Принцесса Хомор (Printsessa Khomor), with Принцесса meaning "princess" and Хомор is a part of мухомор (mukhomor, fly-agaric).


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