Princess Snake

Princess Snake

Oh, my dear, perhaps it's true that I wasn't able to deceive your heart, but your eyes, what about your eyes? Have they been deceived all along? You poor, blind fool. You can't even see what's in front of you anymore, can you?
~ Princess Snake

Princess Snake is a minor antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. She is a temptress who lives in a palace on the Snake Way.

She was voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.


She is a beautiful woman who has short orange curly hair that sticks up. She has red eyes and wears green eye shadow, she has pointy turquoise ears with huge purple (believably pearl) earrings. Her skin color is turquoise, she wears a dark blue scaly dress and white gloves that go up to her elbows and she wears a long fur boa/scarf.


She lured Goku into her palace. When She first saw Goku she falls in love with him.

Goku mistook her for King Kai and complemented her beauty. She blushed and danced the tango with Goku. Goku thought this was some sort of test to catch him off guard, so Goku flipped her over. And naively claimed "King Kia sure is weak".

One of her servants tells Goku that she isn't King Kai, but Princess Snake, a "fashion model". Goku quickly apologizes, realizing he may of really hurt her.

Goku attempts to leave after realzing she's not King Kai. But of course, Princess Snake didn't want him to leave so she offered him a feast. Goku accepted. Seretly her servants put an extra ingredient that would make Goku sleep.. Their true intentions are to eat him.

Goku finished all his food but wasn't effected, clearly shocking Snake and her Servents.

The servents switch to plan B, and convince Goku to take a bath, insisting King Kai doesn't like dirty pupils. Goku agreed to take a bath. The servants make it a night sky with a special machine, so Goku would feel sleepy.. But this fails.

Snake asked Goku if he liked her in a special way. There was no answer. She was afraid she boiled him too early but Goku came up from holding his breath. He got out of the hot tube naked, and not seeming aware of this. Princess Snake remarked how it was so embarrassing to see him like that. But she was a little turned on about his... You know.

When Goku was about to go on his way back on Snake Way, the Servents do one last attempt, doing a hypnotic dance, and givng him a drugged drink. At first Goku seems uneffected, but when he begins passing out, they smile in satisfaction, and after seeing into his dream, and seeing his family, Snake realizes he's already taken, and decides to just eat him, revealing her true form.

When Goku wakes up, he decides to leave. But Snake says Chi Chi and Gohan are fine. Goku, now on alert, says he never told her about them. Princess Snake, knowing she can no longer continue this charade, revealed that the castle was a illusion, and in truth he was inside her stomach, and she was LITERARY a snake.

Goku quickly burst out of her mouth, Princess Snake went in pursuit, trying to eat him. Goku considered killing her, but remembered that nice meal she gave him (ironic, as it was actually drugged). So he decided to trick Princess Snake into getting herself tangled. Then Goku left her tangled as he continued onto Snake Way.

He encounters her again, untangled and doing her laundry, when Goku is rushing back down Snake Way on his path back to Earth to face Vegeta and Nappa. The rush of wind from his passage knocks the hanging laundry about, but she seems neutral rather than upset at seeing him again.



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