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The Principal is the main antagonist in the indie video game Kindergarten and a posthumous antagonist in it's sequel Kindergarten 2. As his title suggests, he is a school principal who monitors various students using explosive devices and is responsible for the kidnapping of kindergartener Billy.



During the events of the game, the player can learn about a boy named Billy who had gone missing at their character's school, and it is heavily implied that the Principal is responsible for the child's disappearance. However, the Principal had given out devices to students who might suspect him of foul play and rigged them to explode should any of them accuse him of the crime or even say Billy's name. He had also handed out pills to students who start asking questions about Billy and instructs them swallow one should they remember anything about their classmate.

Should the player pursue Lilly's quest line, they will discover a secret hatch in the Principal's office which leads into an underground laboratory which contains creatures in test tubes. As Lily and the player enter the lab, Lily immediately reconsiders on of the test tube creatures as Billy and has the player restore him back to normal. However, before they can free Billy, the Principal arrives and holds the two children at gun point.

If the player asks about the Principal's activities, He will reveal that monsters actually live beneath the school which produce a unique chemical that can effect people in different ways. The Principal used this chemical to make pills and peddles them around the school, giving them out to kids and teachers. In order to make more pills, the Principal had begun experiments to replicate the chemical ingredient in humans and kidnapped Billy as a test subject. He already suspected that Lilly was suspicious of him, and intents to stop her and the player from interfering with his plans.

However, if the player releases the test tube monster closest to the exit, it will kill the Principal by blowing him apart before fleeing further underground with the Principal's severed head.

Kindergarten 2

Because the second game treats Lilly's missions in the first game as canon, the Principal remains dead and the old school is shut down, thus forcing its students and teachers to be transferred to a new school run by another principal. The old principal's son Jerome is grieving over his father's demise and his quest line involves tracking down the one responsible for the death.


  • In a variation of Cindy's mission, he will give the player one dollar if they ask him what rape is and then repeatedly pressure him about it.
  • The Principal and The Lunch Lady are the only characters from the first game who do not appear in the second game at all.
    • Furthermore, The Principal is the only character in the series who canonically dies.
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