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Principal Abacus Cinch is the main antagonist in the upcoming Equestria Girls: Friendship Games film. She is voiced by Iris Quinn.


Principal Cinch is at first shown to be a polite, if prideful woman who takes pleasure in winning the Friendhsip Games and takes a shine to the human Twilight Sparkle since she's the most successful in her school. However, her more villainous side takes over in the film's climax.


  • Her actress, Iris Quinn, potrays a character named Mrs. Biers in the film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
  • She is the 1st EG villain to be an adult, as the previous were teenagers.
  • Due to wearing glasses and her voice sounding slightly more grown up than Celestia's, it is possible she is middle aged.
  • She is similar to Ursula from The Little Mermaid for the following reasons
  *They're both female's.
  *They both wear lipstick
  *Cinch's song "Unleash the Magic" is similar to Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
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