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Principal Abacus Cinch is the main antagonist in Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. She is a headmistress of Crystal Prep Academy. She is voiced by Iris Quinn.

Depiction in the Film

Principal Cinch is at first shown to be a prideful woman who takes pleasure in winning the Friendhsip Games and takes a shine to the human Twilight Sparkle since she's the most successful in her school. However, her more villainous side takes over in the film's climax. In the second round, where Twilight's pennant opens and releases a carnivorous plant, Cinch accuses Principal Celestia of cheating.  In the final round, Cinch and the other students pressure Twilight into cheating using the magic, since she had already blamed Canterlot High School for cheating, resulting in the creation of Midnight Sparkle. When Twilight is restored, the Crystal Prep students reveal that it is her fault that Twilight turned into a demon. She plans to report the school, but Celestia, Vice Principal Luna and Dean Cadance tell her how they wouldn't believe her story.


Principal Cinch is the haughty principal of Crystal Prep Academy, taking her students and culture in pride but prides itself mostly on the awards her school receives when winning the Friendship Games. She also considers the human Twilight Sparkle her prized student since she receives the most high scores in her school, but when she discovers magic withheld in her, she reveals herself to be an evil, competitive woman who has no reservations of exploiting her students and cheating in the Friendship Games.


  • Her actress, Iris Quinn, potrays a character named Mrs. Biers in the film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
  • She is the 1st main EG villain to be an adult and not being from Equestria, as the previous ones were teenagers and from Equestria.
    • In addition, unlike the other EG villains, she showed no remorse for her actions, which resulted in the creation of Midnight Sparkle.
  • Due to wearing glasses and her voice sounding slightly more grown up than Celestia's, it is possible she is middle aged. 
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