Locker problems again, Mr. Rogers? (Shaggy: Yeah, I... I seem to get the squirrelly one every year.) I like to think I am pretty plugged in to the scene here at the "C.H." And if we're keeping it real... ...I can't help but notice that you've had a hard time... ...finding a crew of homebuds to "kick it" with. (Shaggy: Say what now?) Friends, Mr. Rogers. Do you have any? (Shaggy: Friends? Yeah. Like, I got tons of those, you know. Just lots. They are always inviting me to this -- We're going to the park... ...and throwing and -- Hey, is that a new bow tie?) Right. Now, believe it or not, when I was your age... ...I had a hard time making connections with people. (Shaggy: No.) But you know what helped me? Philately. (Shaggy:- Bless you.) - No, philately. Stamp collecting. Oh, I know what you're thinking. Dweeb city, huh? But I have to tell you, it is more like thrill city. I'm particularly excited about my latest find. One-eyed Jack. Here. Now, if you'll look closely, you'll notice that the jackrabbit has only one eye. It's a misprint. Those are the most valuable. (Shaggy: Would you look at that?) So, Norville... ...I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give up. You'll find people you fit in with. They may not know it themselves... ...but they're out there, waiting to fit in with you too. And until that day.... (Shaggy: Thanks.) Hey, hey. Right here, dog. Yeah. - That is what I am talking about. (Shaggy: - See you.) Deedle: Okay. [SIGHS]
~ Deedle giving Shaggy advice on how to make friends before showing him misprints
Principal Deedle a.k.a The Dark Specter is the hidden main antagonist of the 2009 Scooby-Doo movie, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins.

He was portrayed by Shawn Macdonald.


Physical Appearance

His costume was a black cloak with a white mask. While's he not in disguise he wears a suit with a bow tie.

The Mystery Begins

Deedle used the Dark Specter disguise to scare his students away while he searched for a rare stamp called the "Erie Misprint" that is buried in a time capsule below his school with the help of two real ghosts named Prudence Prufrock and Ezekial Gallows. However Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers were blamed for his plans and were suspended then later expelled from Coolsville High. With the help of Scooby-Doo, they later returned, cleared their names, and defeated Deedle. After his evil plan has been foiled it was presumed he was taken to prison for his actions also lost his job as the principal.



[LAUGHING] SPECTER: Students of Coolsville High... ...leave this place now, or pay for all eternity. Whoever chooses to remain here will be doomed. Hear me? Doomed? [SPECTER LAUGHING]
~ The Dark Specter's first appearance
Bravo. Bravo, little puzzle masters. You put all the pieces together. The time capsule, it's all about the time capsule. But thanks to you, I can retrieve it without even getting my hands dirty. Ironic, isn't it? All you were trying to do is clear your names... ...but all you did was get yourselves in deeper. Now, get down there and find me that time capsule. (Fred:-Like, we'd ever help you.) -Fine. But if you don't...'ll never see your little puppy dog again. (Scooby: [WHIMPERING]) (Shaggy: Scooby? You'll never get away with this, Vice Principal Grimes.) SPECTER: Grimes? [LAUGHS] That was the one piece of the puzzle you never managed to put into place. (Grimes: [MUMBLING]) SPECTER: Ghosts. Get these two out of my sight. (Scooby: Help, Shaggy. -Help.) (Shaggy:-Scooby-Doo.) SPECTER: Just remember... ...dogs don't have nine lives. [LAUGHS]
~ The Specter is happy that the kids figured it out that he was after the time capsule all along and also reveals that Grimes was innocent
It's just like they always say, never work with children or animals.
~ Specter explains about never work with children or animals
(Daphne: Great job, Scoob.) (Shaggy: That's my boy.) (Fred: -Now let's see who this clown really is.) SPECTER: No, no, no. (All: Principal Deedle?) You ruined everything. I was so close. The time capsule was in my hands. (Velma: This doesn't make any sense. What could be in the time capsule that's so valuable... ...a principal would wanna close his own school?) (Fred: Only one way to find out. It's just a bunch of old letters and papers and stuff.) (Shaggy: Not just letters. Letters with stamps. And look at this one. -It's a misprint.) -Yes the Eerie stamp. The most valuable misprint in the entire world. It would have been all mine... ...if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog. (Scooby: That's me.)
~ Deedle's arrest and defeat
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