Principal Elliot T. Jindraike the main antagonist in the 2001 Disney live action film Max Keeble's Big Move.

He was portrayed by Larry Miller.


Jindraike was first in his office watching the new students and returning students Jindraike arrive at John J. Curtis Junior High on the first day of the school, where describes the students as "acne-scarred riff-raff". Then he gets some reports from his real estate agent by his secretary Ms. Rangoon, then he tells about his plans to over the position of the superintendent of the school district, after his boss, Bobby "Crazy Legs" Knebworth, choses his successor as he is retiring. He sends out a school broadcast about all the students are required to attend the assembly after third, before he forgets to off the camera. During the school assembly, Jindraike presents the students with his plans to build a new football stadium for the school's team, the Cottontails, to play on and three fake foreign exchange students to play for the team, which secretly plans to build by embezzling money from the rest of the school budget and demolish the local animal shelter. However, after showing his plans to the students, one student, Max Keeble, arrives late the assembly filthy and smelling like garbage, after being bullied by Troy McGinty, and Jindraike vows to keep an eye on him. After the assembly, Jindraike confronts Max for what happened at the assembly, telling him he does not encourages horseplay, he say "ex-courages", telling Max that it the opposite of encourage, before Ms. Dingman the attractive science teacher comes along to talk with Jindraike.

Jindraike locks Max in the teacher's lounge to prevent him from carrying out his evil plan. However, Max frees himself by unlocking the door with a stick, and when Jundraike comes back, the janitor tricks the wicked principal by locking him in the lounge. Unfortunately, after many attempts to free himself, the door opens up itself. Eventually, Jindraike's crimes were exposed thanks to Max foiling his plot and was fired from his job and was facing criminal charges.


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