I'm going to enjoy devouring you, Bart Simpson. Yes. I'll believe I'll start as you've so often suggested, by eating your shorts.
~ Principal Skinner

Principal Skinner is the main antagonist of the Treehouse of Horror Segment Nightmare Cafeteria in The Simpsons.

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He began the story as being little more than his usual self but soon became a cannibal alongside the entire school-staff after getting a taste for human flesh, after Jimbo Jones spilled soup on Lunchlady Doris, thus causing her to kill Jimbo (on Seymour's orders, as he saw the soup and Jimbo were tasty) and served Jimbo as "Sloppy Jimbo" burgers next day. To Seymour's glee, the staff became enamoured of human flesh, and he gained an army of cannibals.


The cannibalism became so bad that soon teachers were sending children to "detention" regardless of them doing wrong and despite the mass number of children disappearing of Springfield (per usual) seemed oblivious to the dangers it faced.

"Eat my Shorts!"

However Bart and Lisa were smart enough to realize what was going on, however by then it was almost too late and Skinner had effectively gained supreme power over the school (much more than even a Principal should have) and lost his sanity completely, starting with his shorts (no doubt about as revenge for Bart's famous taunt of "eat my shorts"). He chased the kids down the school, surrounded by his monstrous staff, but Willie tried to save the kids - but Willie got axed (literally) by Skinner. Then Skinner pushed Milhouse into a large meat grinder. Bart and Lisa then fell in screaming too. But this was eventually revealed to be nothing more than Bart's Nightmare.



  • This no doubt inspired the Creepypasta story "The Lunch Lady" which has a very similar plot.


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