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Sieg Zeon!
~ The famous salute of Zeon.

The Principality of Zeon, also referred to as the Duchy of Zeon and Zeon Dukedom, are a militaristic political power seeking to dominate the entire Earth Sphere and the main antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam. The name was adopted by the residents of Side 3 from the Republic of Zeon following the death of their former leader Zeon Zum Deikun and the succession of Degwin Zabi on August 15, U.C. 0069.



When the leader of the Republic of Zeon, Zeon Zum Deikun, became gravely ill he mentioned only one name on his death bed, "Degwin Zabi". The people of Republic of Zeon took this to mean that Zeon Zum Deikun was naming Degwin to succeed him as leader of the Republic in UC 0068. After being appointed as the leader of the Republic of Zeon, Degwin Zabi adopted the title of Sodo, meaning "Lord", and was referred to from them on as Degwin Sodo Zabi.

Seizing control of the government, Degwin maintained the only way for the colonies to be independent of the Earth Federation was for the Principality to fight (though in reality Side 3 was already independent of Earth at that time). To this end Degwin appointed his own children into military and political offices, and pushed for rapid development of military technology. Gihren Zabi, the eldest of the Zabi children remained at his fathers side as his aide, achieving the rank of Admiral and eventually became the Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed Forces in place of his father. Dozle Zabi, the second eldest son of the Zabi family, became Vice Admiral and the Commander of the Zeon Space Attack Force, responsible for overseeing fleet movements within the Principality and securing areas. Kycilia Zabi, a Vice Admiral as well, shared command of the Zeon Space Attack Force with her brother Dozle, which led to conflicts between the two as she operated from the lunar city of Granada. Garma Zabi, the youngest of the Zabi family was placed in command of the Zeon Earth Attack Force.

With the backing of the Principality of Zeon's new leadership, technological breakthroughs were made in a number of fields of research. One of the largest developments was that of mobile suit technology, which while originally intended for colony construction found military applications. Research by Doctor Minovsky lead to the discovery of the Minovsky Particle and the Minovsky Particle Effect, which allowed for the development of further technology, such as the Minovsky Craft System. Supported by Kycilia Zabi, research into a growing phenomenon led to the classification and discovery of Newtypes, and with her support the development of Newtype based military units.

Negotiations with the Earth Federation finally broke down in UC 0079, leading to the Principality of Zeon re-declaring its independence from the Earth Federation and at the same time declaring war on the Federation.

One Year War

One of the first groups of colonies to be drawn into the conflict were the colonies located at Side 1, also called Zarn, which served as the capital of the Earth Federation in space. The group of colonies at Side 2 (also known as Hatte) and Side 4 (also known as Mua) were drawn into the conflict as well, with one of the devastated colonies from either Side 2 or Side 4 being used for "Operation British", which was to use a colony as a weapon by sending it on a collision course with the Earth. Operation British met with moderate success, as an explosion caused the colony to alter its trajectory and instead of impacting on the Earth based capital of the Earth Federation, it instead landed on Sydney, Australia, destroying 16% of the continent. While attempting to gain another colony to drop onto the Earth, the Earth Federation Space Forces intercepted the Zeon Space Attack Force at Side 5 (also known as Loum), resulting in the "Battle of Loum". The resulting battle employed the use of both nuclear and biological weapons, causing the complete destruction of Side 5 as both forces attempted to bring a quick end to the war. The massive loss of life at the Battle of Loum resulted in a truce being called between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon in order for representatives of both governments, as well as those of other colonies, to meet and discuss the terms of the war. This meeting lead to the signing of the Antarctic Treaty, which prohibited the use of nuclear and biological weapons by both the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. The treaty also outlined that colonies could not be used as weapons in the conflict, the treatment of prisoners of war, and the neutrality of other colonies that wished to remain out of the war, becoming a safe haven for refugees.

With the signing of the Antarctic Treaty, the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon entered a new phase. Knowing that they could not continue the war without resources, the Principality of Zeon organized an assault force for the purpose of invading Earth and securing resources for the war effort. Garma Zabi, the youngest child of Degwin Zabi, was named as the Commander of the Zeon Earth Attack Force and descended to Earth with mobile suits. The invasion of the Earth proceeded quickly due to the Earth Federation Forces being ill equipped to deal with the new threat of the Zeon mobile suits, and so the Principality capturing a large number of territories and setting up mining operations as well as bases to transport materials back to the homeland. The base of operations for the Zeon Earth Attack Force was the captured California Base of the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation were however able to develop new tactics in dealing with the mobile suits, which with the aide of the Antarctic Treaty and the return of General Revil, led to a stalemate in the war as both sides worked to replenish their resources for the war and the Earth Federation gained a moral boost due to Revil's speach "Zeon is Exhausted!". However, even with the war at a stalemate, a Zeon victory seemed to be inevitable due to the high quality mobile suits being produced for both their land and space forces.

The discovery of "Project V" marked the turning point for the Zeon's war against the Federation. Till the discovery of the Federation project, the corporations within the Principality of Zeon led the way in technology and production of mobile suits. Curious and alarmed by the development of a series of Federation mobile suits, as well as a new ship in order to carry them, operations were carried out to investigate the ship codenamed the "Trojan Horse". The pursuit of the mobile suits and the ship eventually contributed to the death of Garma Zabi, as well as experienced and valuable pilots such as Ramba Ral and the Black Tri-Stars.

The death of Garma Zabi on October 4, UC 0079 marked yet another turning point in the war as it led to a shake up in the political power of the Principality of Zeon. Grief stricken by the death of his youngest son, Degwin Zabi started to strongly consider moving towards a peaceful end to the war with the Federation. Degwin, however fell out of power and was now little more then a figure head as his eldest son Gihren took command of not only the military but the Principality itself. Inspired by the speech given by Gihren Zabi at his brothers funeral, the Zeon military forces fought harder in order to obtain victory and independence. Their moral boost however did not last long, as the Earth Federation started to deploy its own mobile suits on Earth and in Space, as well as carry out successful operations against the Zeon forces on Earth due to its lacking an adequate command structure with the absence of Garma Zabi. The victory of the Earth Federations "Operation Odessa" on November 9, UC 0079 started a collapse in the support infrastructure for the Zeon Earth Attack Forces.

In an effort to regain their momentum, an attack is carried out on the Earth Federation headquarters of Jaburo on November 30, UC 0079. The attack led by Captain Char Aznable succeeds in breaching the Federation Headquarters, however, due to the lack of supplies and resources at his disposal, the operation ends in failure and eventually results in a mass evacuation by Zeon forces from Earth.


With the success of operations on Earth, the Earth Federation again turned its attention and the war effort to space, which both the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon knew would be the final battleground for the war. Confident that the Zeon Space Attack Force can withstand anything that the Earth Federation could throw at it, Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi amassed as many ships under his command to the asteroid base of Solomon, his base of operations and a Zeon strong hold located close to Lagrange Point 5. Dozle Zabi was reluctant to ask for support from his sister Kycilia, but was able to get some reinforcements for Solomon before the Earth Federation Space Forces attacked, his reinforcements coming in the form of the MA-08 Big Zam. The added firepower of the Big Zam however was not enough to curve the tide of the Federation forces as Solomon fell with the aide of a secret Federation weapon on December 24, UC 0079, the battle ending with the abandonment of the base by the Principality of Zeon and the death of Dozle Zabi.

With the loss of Solomon and a second son, Degwin Zabi started to make a move to peace, however he took notice of the shifting ideals of his eldest son Gihren. The war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon transformed under the leadership of Gihren Zabi, where instead of simple independence from the Federation, Gihren wished to destroy all human life on Earth so that the chosen race of Side 3, the Principality of Zeon can rule. Degwin departs from Side 3 in an effort to meet with General Revil, in the hopes of negotiating a peace between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon before the Federation launches an attack on the last line of defense for the Principality. Knowing of the plot, Gihren orders the firing of his own secret weapon, a colony laser called the "Solar Ray". The firing of the weapon led to the destruction of a third of the Earth Federation fleet as well as the deaths of General Revil and Degwin Zabi on December 30, UC 0079.

Taking command of the remaining Zeon forces, Gihren Zabi commands from the space fortress A Baoa Qu as the remaining Federation forces launch an attack against the Zeon forces. Gihren is able to command the forces for a while, however he is executed for the assassination of Degwin by his sister Kycilia. Kycilia takes command of A Baoa Qu and oversees the battle, deploying as many mobile suits as she can in order to combat the Federation forces. Curious as to why they are taking such heavy losses Kycilia learns that a majority of the forces deployed are pilot cadets who have not yet been fully trained to pilot mobile suits. Determining that the battle is lost, Kycilia gives the order to have her ship ready to depart and for the remaining forces to surrender once she has left with an escort group. The command however is never issued as the command center was over run by Federation forces that gained entry to the fortress, and Kycilia was assassinated by Char Aznable, her ship destroyed not long after.

With a lack of command and control, the remaining Zeon fleet went into a panic. Split as to what to do a number of ships gathered as many as they could before fleeing the battlefield, while others remained to fight to the last man, each believing that it was what their commanders wanted. With the fall of A Baou Qu, the remaining government of the Principality of Zeon surrendered to the Earth Federation, bringing an end to the war on January 1, UC 0080.


The Principality of Zeon is effectively a monarchistic military dictatorship, with its government under the control of the Zabi family and its patriarch Degwin Zabi following the passing of Zeon Zum Deikun. The armed forces of Zeon are divided between the Zeon Space Attack Force, commanded by Dozle Zabi, which deals with Zeon military operations in the general Earth Sphere and defending the territories claimed by Zeon, the Zeon Earth Attack Force, commanded by Garma Zabi, whose focus is the Zeon ground invasion of Earth and establishing a military foothold on the planet, and the Zeon Mobile Assault Force, which is led by Kycilia Zabi and encapsulates Zeon's intelligence agencies and numerous R&D projects. General management of the military is handled by Gihren Zabi, who serves as Supreme Commander of the entire Zeon Armed Forces. While Degwin Zabi is officially the Sovereign and absolute ruler of Zeon, in practice it is his eldest son Gihren who is the real power behind the throne and the primary mastermind of Zeon's war effort in the One Year War. Gihren is seen as the face of the Principality by the Earth Federation and thanks to his numerous loyalists within the military controls the majority of Zeon's political affairs, with his only significant rival being his sister Kycilia.

Foreign Relations

Earth Federation

Despite having peacefully gained independence from the Earth Federation, the Principality of Zeon sees the Earth Federation as its primary foe in the Earth Sphere. Zeon propaganda paints the Earth Federation as an oppressive government controlled by corrupt bureaucrats that seeks to keep all of the Sides under its hold and to halt humanity's evolution and migration into the stars. Zeon's primary objective in the One Year War was the overthrow of the Earth Federation as the governing power of the Earth Sphere and for Zeon to move in and take control of the planet Earth and all of its space colonies. Had Zeon won, according to Gihren Zabi, the population of Earth would have been reduced to under one billion and kept that way in order to prevent any revolution against the Zabi family's rule.

Sides 2, 4, 5 and 7

While Zeon's stated aim in the One Year War was to "liberate" the Sides from the Earth Federation's control, in truth the leadership of Zeon held no concern for the citizens of these colonies and was willing to commit genocide against them in order clear them out so the Sides could be re-purposed as weapons. For instance, Side 2 had its entire population wiped out so that it could be used in an attempted colony drop on the Federation headquarters in Jaburo, South America.

Side 6 (Riah Republic)

Because Side 6 chose to remain neutral in the One Year War, Zeon did not attempt to invade it and left it alone. Secretly, Side 6 had sided with the Earth Federation and was supporting them in the One Year War by allowing them to establish a military R&D base on the colony. When this was discovered by Zeon, the Zeon military attempted to nuke the colony but the operation was stopped when the Zeon forces involved were intercepted by the Earth Federation Forces.

Remnants and Reemergences

Rommel Corps

The Rommel Corps were a subdivision of the Zeon Earth Attack Force led by Desert Rommel which, after the One Year War ended, continued to engage in guerrilla warfare against the Earth Federation Forces in Africa. In the First Neo Zeon War, they allied with Axis when they invaded the Earth, but were all wiped out by the AEUG Gundam Team.

Delaz Fleet

Main article: Delaz Fleet

The Delaz Fleet were a group of Zeon forces led by Aiguille Delaz that fled the battle of A Baou Qu before it started after hearing of Gihren Zabi's death. After the One Year War ended, the Delaz Fleet reemerged and launched Operation Stardust, a plan to do a colony drop on North America to cripple the Earth Federation's food supply. The operation was a success, but the remaining members of the fleet were killed by the Earth Federation Forces soon afterward. The Delaz Fleet's actions would later be used as one of the justifications for the formation of the extremist Titans task force to police the colonies.

Axis Zeon

Main article: Axis Zeon

Axis Zeon, later referred to as Neo Zeon, is the name given to the Zeon remnants that converged at the Axis asteroid base. Following the Gryps Conflict, under the leadership of Haman Karn, Axis Zeon declared war on the Earth Federation and launched a successful ground strike against Earth. Despite coming close to conquering the planet, Axis Zeon was broken apart from within by a coup launched by a splinter faction led by Glemy Toto to restore the Zabi family to power. This coup had the affect of splitting apart the Zeon forces and thwarting the Earth invasion and ultimately triggering the collapse of the movement.

Neo Zeon

Main article: Neo Zeon

Neo Zeon was a movement founded by Char Aznable to realize his late father's original ambition of humanity to emigrate from the Earth to the stars, which he hoped to achieve by using a colony drop of the Axis Base to force a migration into space. Interestingly, the bulk of Neo Zeon's forces were not comprised of Zeon remnants but by former AEUG and defecting Earth Federation personnel. Char's Neo Zeon was destroyed following the failure of the operation to drop Axis onto the Earth, but later received its own remnant faction in the Sleeves led by Full Frontal.

The Sleeves

Main article: The Sleeves

The Sleeves were a group of surviving remnants from Char's Neo Zeon led by the mysterious Full Frontal, who claimed to be the second coming of Char. They emerged in response to the Earth Federation's plans to dissolve the Republic of Zeon and remove Spacenoid independence.

Free Zeon

A group of Zeon Remnants left over from the One Year War led by Gabriel Zola. They operated in Side 1 and engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Titans patrol stationed there. Many of their members later went on to join the Anti-Earth Union Group.

Mars Zeon

Main article: Mars Zeon

Mars Zeon are a group of Zeon Remnants from the original Principality of Zeon that fled Mars after the end of One Year War. After 41 years, the Remnant faction finally made their move to destroy the Earth Federation in U.C. 120. They were nicknamed the "Oldsmobile Army" by the Earth Federation for the older appearance of their Mobile Suits.


ReZeon were a group of remnants from Axis Zeon that fled to Mars after the end of the First Neo Zeon War. They were able to bolster their power by taking in surviving remnants of the Titans after the organization was disbanded following the end of the Gryps Conflict.

Notable Members

Zabi Family

Space Attack Force

Earth Attack Force

Mobile Assault Force

Engineering Division

Mobile Suits

MS-05B Zaku I

MS05B Zaku I - Front.jpg

The Zaku I was the first combat-use mass-production mobile suit developed by the Principality of Zeon as a means of defending Side 3, as Zeon Zum Deikun feared an attack from the Earth Federation. By the time of the One Year War it was deemed outdated and was being phased out in favor of the MS-06C Zaku II Early Production Type. The Zaku I was used at the beginning of the war by Zeon during "Operation British" to pump poison gas into their captured colony so it could be dropped on Earth.

Despite not being used for combat, the Zaku I was still used for things such as training, construction and supply duties. As the One Year War reached its end and Zeon's incoming defeat became more eminent, the Zaku I was deployed into combat again to reinforce the depleted Zeon forces. The Zaku I would see action for the very last time during the battle at the Space Fortress A Baoa Qu, where it fought alongside many more advanced Zeon Mobile Suits. After that, the One Year War ended.

MS-06F Zaku II


The MS-06F Zaku II was the primary mobile suit used by Zeon for much of the war and was the suit most produced by Zeon, serving as its main grunt force. Because of how versatile and easy to produce it was, Zeon created multiple variants of it suited for different roles.

The Zaku II would eventually be replaced as Zeon produced more powerful mobile suits as the war went on. Other suits such as the MS-07B Gouf, the MS-09R Rick Dom and the MS-14A Gelgoog would prove much more efficient at combat roles while the Zaku II gradually became obsolete. Eventually, the Gouf would replace the Zaku II as the main ground combatants of Zeon, while the Dom replaced it as Zeon's frontline mobile suit. Despite this, the Zaku II's simplicity and its easiness to pilot meant it was still used throughout the war, up until and including the Battle of A Baoa Qu.

MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type


The MS-06S Zaku II is the suit often used by commissioned officers or leaders of large squads. It is distinguished from regular Zaku IIs by the antenna on its head, used for enhanced communication capabilities. It was also, as Char Aznable famously boasted "three times faster" than a standard Zaku II thanks to a higher output powerplant that gave the S-Type Zaku II greater thrust and acceleration. However, because the fuel tanks of the S-Type were the same as a regular Zaku II, the S-Type's operating time is shortened as a result. However, clever pilots such as Char Aznable were able to get around this by using terrain and debris as "boost off" points, allowing him to save fuel while still moving fast. Commanders also often customized their mobile suits in their personal colors, with Char Aznable painting his red for instance.

MS-07B Gouf

Ms-07b 1.jpg

The MS-07B Gouf was designed as a mobile suit for ground-based, close-quarter MS combat. It was intended to replace the Zaku II as Zeon's main mass-produced mobile suit, though the development of the MS-09B Dom would see the Gouf's production cut short as it proved much more cost efficient and effective as a grunt mobile suit.

The Gouf was equipped with all the standard armaments of a regular Zaku II, plus a 75mm machine gun in its left arm and a whip-like "heat rod" capable of grappling enemies and frying them with electric shocks. The Gouf was most famous as the personal mobile suit of choice of Ramba Ral.

MS-09B Dom


The MS-09B Dom was a mobile suit developed by the Principality of Zeon for the purpose of ground combat. It was manufactured by Zimmad Company and was developed after the Zaku II, which was designed for combat in space, proved too constrained by Earth's gravity, which made it a heavy-moving, easy target. To rectify this, the Dom was equipped with thermonuclear jet engines and chemical rockets in its legs that allowed it to hover above the surface of the Earth and move at high speeds.

The first three Doms were shipped out to Colonel M'Quve's Odessa mines. Ramba Ral requested them to reinforce his forces but M'Quve refused. They were later given to the Black Tri-Stars to pilot against the White Base, but all three were destroyed by Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 Gundam. Following this, more Doms would be produced and would effectively replace the Zaku II as Zeon's ground unit. The MS-09B Dom was later developed into the MS-09R Rick Dom, which was suited for space combat.

MS-09R Rick Dom


The MS-09R Rick Dom was a mobile suit developed from the MS-09B Dom and modified for space combat, appearing virtually identical to its predecessor. Unlike the Dom, the Rick Dom had thermonuclear rockets instead of jets and its engines were modified to make the suit maneuverable in space. Like the Dom, the Rick Dom was manufactured by Zimmad Company.

The MS-09R Rick Dom was introduced right around the time Zeon was being pushed off Earth, and would see a longer production run than its predecessor, fighting in many of the major battles in the final months of the One Year War.

MS-14A Gelgoog


The MS-14A Gelgoog was a mobile suit developed by Zeon in response to the more powerful mobile suits the Federation was now mass-producing, including the RGM-79 GMs. It was manufactured by the company Zeonic, and developed from the plans for the MS-11 Gelgoog, albeit modified to utilize beam weapons.

The Gelgoog would prove to be one of the most powerful mobile suits produced by Zeon during the One Year War, and was by far the most powerful mass production type mobile suit produced by Zeon. Despite this, as it only began manufacturing at the very end of the war, it was not produced in large enough numbers to counter the Federation's mobile suits and ultimately, only 67 Gelgoogs would actually see combat at A Baoa Qu before the line was cut off.

MSM-03 Gogg


The MSM-03 Gogg is an amphibious mobile suit developed for heavy use. It was created to account for the shortcomings of the MS-09 Dom, whose nuclear reactor's output was insufficient for powering mega particle cannons/guns. It was created to be an amphibious MS so it could use seawater for cooling, as increasing the reactor output to enable the use of mega particle weapons would require better cooling capacity and the most efficient method for doing so was water cooling. The Gogg was designed to be a rounded streamline shape, with retractable limbs and all of its equipment was internalized, to enable it to travel through the sea with ease. In addition, the Gogg has long operating time in water, and relies on thermonuclear hydrojet engines that draw in water, then heat them with the high heat of the reactor to create thrust. When operating on land, the mobile suit's operating time is limited to 1-2 hours and cooling water is stored inside its internal ballast tank.

Despite the efficiency of the Gogg's design, it would only produced in limited numbers. It would later serve as a base design for other, more successful underwater combat mobile suits such as the MSM-07 Z'Gok, which was much better designed and more versatile.

MSM-03C Hygogg

MSM-03C Hygogg.jpg

The MSM-03C Hygogg was developed as an amphibious mobile suit to account for the shortcomings of the Gogg, which was under-powered and had a limited armament. In comparison to its predecessor, the Hygogg was smaller, lighter, compact, and more powerful machine equipped with an improved generator, superior weaponry and increased agility and mobility both in water and on land. It entered production near the end of the One Year War, this machine was designed from scratch and retained only its predecessor's basic concepts. It was also developed at comparatively lower costs thanks to the United Maintenance Plan implemented by Zeon, which introduced standardized parts for all Zeon mobile suits to be developed from, greatly enhancing repairs and servicing.

MSM-04 Acguy


The MSM-04 Acguy was an amphibious mobile suit produced by the Zeonic Company as a response the Zimmad Company's MSM-03 Gogg. It was made from many of the same parts and components as the MS-06F Zaku II, including twin Zaku II F-Type Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactors. Despite these twin reactors, the Acguy was designed so it left only a trace heat signature, making it effective for operations involving stealth.

MSM-07S Z'Gok

MSM-07 Z'Gok.JPG.jpg

The Z'Gok is a heavy, second-stage amphibious MS developed by the MIP Company and designed with a focus on ground combat. It was designed to be an improvement from the Gogg, with combat data from the Gogg being used to tweak the Z'Gok's final design. It used both air and water-cooled radiators, and was equipped with chemical fuel rockets for jumping in addition to thermonuclear water jets. The Z'Gok also improved on the Gogg in that it was made to perform duties such as anti-air combat and search operations. Despite these innovations, the Z'Gok proved difficult to pilot and was much more costly that other mobile suits because it lacks parts compatibility with the Gogg.

MSN-02 Zeong


The MSN-02 Zeong was final product of the MS-16X "Bishop Plan". Its primary weapons are a pair 5-mega particle guns built into the fingers in its weapons. It was the first mobile suit to have a Psycommu system built in, allowing its Newtype pilot to utilize its wire-guided remote-controlled forearms for all-range attack effectively. It also possessed two additional beam guns built into the waist and a single beam cannon inside the head. Uniquely, the Zeong has two cockpits, one in the chest and another in the head, but despite this, a single Newtype pilot can fully operate the Zeong from its head. The head could detach from the body and act as an escape pod.

At the time of its deployment, the Zeong was only 80% complete when it was deployed, lacking legs and exposed upper arms. Despite this, the Zeong was still able to perform at 100% combat capacity thanks to a pair of rocket thrusters being installed in place of the legs.

MSM-10 Zock

MSM-10 Zock.jpg

The Zock was an experimental amphibious mobile suit manufactured at the California Base. It has a huge body that houses a battery of mega particle cannons, capable of firing both forward and backward, making it similar to a mobile gun platform. It is also completely symmetrical and uses a 360 degree mono-eye camera to see, giving it a wide area of attack. Its massive size required an expanded thermonuclear reactor to power it. Because of the Zock's massive size, it is incapable of walking on its vestigial legs and instead moves by hovering or through jet-assisted jumps.

Only 3 Zock units were produced throughout the war. One of them was used by Commander Char Aznable's forces in the siege of the Federation's Jaburo General Headquarters on November 30, U.C. 0079.

YMS-15 Gyan

YMS15 Gyan - Front.jpg

The YMS-15 Gyan was developed by the Zimmad company for close quarters combat. It was produced in the late stages of the One Year War as part of the Principality of Zeon's second phase main mobile suit development project. It possessed exceptional close quarters combat ability and wields a powerful Beam Saber as its primary weapon, though its lack of versatility and shorter range often necessitated it being supported by Doms or Rick Doms.

While few Gyans were produced, a customized Gyan was notably used by Colonel M'Quve of the Mobile Assault Force.

Mobile Armors

MA-04X Zakrello

MA-04X Zakrello.jpg

The MA-04X Zakrello is an experimental mobile armor that was one of the earliest mobile armors developed by the Principality of Zeon. It moved using two huge thruster nacelles, granting it extremely high speed and acceleration., it was equipped. Its primary weapons are a scattering mega particle cannon mounted in its 'mouth' for the purpose of ranged attacks and heavy firepower, and a pair of giant heated blades for close-combat. In addition, it also had a pair of 4-tube missile launchers mounted on its sides. Despite its tremendous speed, the Zakrello lacked maneuverability when not moving fast, making it difficult to dodge attacks.

MA-05 Bigro

MA-05 Birgo.jpg

The MA-05 Bigro is a mobile armor developed from MIP Company's prototype MIP-X1. It was the first space combat-use mobile armor and was mainly used for high-speed hit-and-run operations. The Bigro was powered by a high output fusion reactor and was equipped with a pair of thermonuclear rocket engines along with an AMBAC, granting it a high level of mobility thanks to its short body, enabling it to 180 degree in 1.3 seconds. However, its high mobility makes it hard for a normal pilot to withstand the high Gs. Its main weapons are a pair of large claw arms, a mega-particle cannon in the nose, and two 4-tube missile launchers. In addition, the Bigro possesses a Minovsky particle scattering system for jamming enemy units' sensors. Later models were also equipped with additional gatling cannons. It was only developed late into the One Year War, and thus only a limited number of the Bigro were manufactured. Some Bigro models would end up serving as testbeds for next generation mobile armors.

MA-08 Big Zam


The MA-08 Big Zam was a mobile armor created by Zeon whose design disregarded mobility in favor of offensive and defensive capabilities. It is roughly the size of a battleship, with its enormous oblong body supported by two legs. It stood at 60 meters in height and weighed close to 2000 tons when fully loaded. Its possessed a forward-mounted mega particle gun with the power to penetrate several battleships with a single shot. Its body also housed twenty eight smaller particle guns that capable lay down 360 degrees of fire. Its feet also held air-to-air missiles that could crush any of the Earth Federation's mobile weapons should they get inside its range. Aside from its dense armor, the MA-08 Big Zam's massive size was due to it housing an engine, multiple fusion reactors and I-Field generator in addition its cockpit, all of which are focused on improving the Big Zam's combat abilities making it a much more efficient and destructive weapon. However, because of its tremendous power, the Big Zam could not be used for more than 20 minutes before overheating.

The Big Zam was famously piloted by Dozle Zabi at the Battle of Solomon. Despite Dozle's boasts would never be mass produced, with its development ceasing after Solomon was taken by the Earth Federation.

MAM-07 Grublo


The MAM-07 Grublo is an underwater mobile armor developed for the purpose of underwater combat. It was functionally similar to a submarine, albeit with a much more enhanced level of mobility thanks to the Zeon mobile suit technology it was developed with, making it an effective anti-ship weapon. The The Grublo maneuvers through water using thermonuclear hydrojet thrusters similar to those utilized by the amphibious Mobile Suits produced by Zeon. The main armaments of the Grublo were its torpedo launchers capable of carrying out ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore assaults. Unlike Zeon's other aquatic mobile weapons, the Grublo is not equipped with a mega particle cannon. Though a nose-mounted mega particle cannon was planned for the mass-production units,, the Grublo never got past the prototype stage.

MAN-03 Braw Bro


The MAN-03 Braw Bro was among the first of the mobile armors designed and manufactured by the Principality of Zeon's Flanagan Institute to be piloted by Newtypes. It was the size of a small battleship and was the first mobile weapon to be equipped with the psychic communicator "Psycommu" system. The only weapons the Braw Bro was armed with were four wire-guided units mounting two barrel mega particle guns in the top and bottom spars and a single mega particle guns in both the starboard and port spars, all of which could be controlled through the Psycommu system. Despite this, the Braw Bro was also designed so it could be operated by Oldtype pilots, with its cockpit possessing three seats - one for the pilot of the mobile suit and two for the gunners, who each manually controlled one of its wire-guided mega particle guns. The Braw Bro could also separate into different blocks so that any test data could be preserved in the event of it being damaged.

The Braw Bro was piloted by the Zeon Newtypes Challia Bull and Simus Al Bakharov against the RX-78-2 Gundam and White Base.

MAN-08 Elmeth


The MAN-08 Elmeth is an experimental mobile armor produced by the Principality of Zeon's Flanagan Institute for use by Newtype pilots. Similar to the other mobile armors produced by the Institute, the Elmeth possessed an Psycommu control system which enabled a Newtype-pilot to control via brainwaves the 12 large "bit" remote weapons. Each bits was equipped with its own on-board reactor and also held thrusters and a beam gun, enabling the pilot of the Elmeth to assault targets over large ranges. In addition to this, the body of the Elmeth was equipped with two mega particle guns. Despite its high speed, the Elmeth lacks limbs to utilize AMBAC and was inefficient at direct combat.

MAX-03 Adzam

MAX03 Adzam - Front.png

The MAX-03 Adzam was an experimental Mobile Armor produced by Zeon early into the war. It was one of the most successful mobile armors produced by Zeon, possessing an untested Minovsky craft system which enabled it to hover in the air for virtually unlimited lengths of time with the assistance of eight VTOL rotors. It's arsenal included eight twin-barreled mega particle gun turrets, giving it an attack range of 360 degrees.

A limited number of Adzams were produced by Zeon, with two being used by Colonel M'Quve for his mining operation at Odessa. One unit would be piloted by M'Quve and Kycilia Zabi against Amuro Ray and his RX-78-2 Gundam when he was attacking the facility.



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