We need you, Sebastian. You're our best and only friend.
~ Pris to J.F. Sebastian.

Priscilla "Pris" Stratton is the secondary antagonist in Ridley Scott's 1982 science fiction cult classic movie Blade Runner, based on the 1968 speculative fiction novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick.

She was portrayed by Daryl Hannah who also portrayed Elle Driver in Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2.

She is one of four surviving Nexus 6 replicants to escape her colony and make it to Earth, along with Roy Batty, Leon, and Zhora. Pris is described as a "basic pleasure unit" by the commisioner who assigns Rick Deckard to hunt her and her fellow replicants. There are strict laws against replicants ever coming to Earth, and a branch of the police force has been established in order to execute rogue replicants who violate this law. Like the other replicants, she wants to extend her life, which is almost over when she gets to Earth. She is Roy Batty's lover. 

Villainous Acts

Pris acts as a liason to Roy Batty throughout the movie, using cunning and her looks to manipulate people who might be helpful in their quest to live longer. The most prominent instance of this behavior involves J.F. Sebastian, a bioengineering genius with a rare age advancing condition. Sebastian finds Pris in the garage pile next to his apartment complex, and immediately takes sympathy on her, believing that she is a homeless waif. Pris convinces Sebastian to let her live with him, and Roy eventually intimidares his way into J.F.'s home because of this. Pris continues to manipulate Sebastian, along with Roy Batty, until he finally agrees under duress to take them to see Eldon Tyrell in person. After Roy murders Tyrell in a rage, he kills Sebastian as well, though with some regret, and Pris does not attempt to stop him.

Pris makes her last stand at Sebastian's abandoned home, knowing that Blade runner Rick Deckard is coming to kill her and Roy. She pretends to be a mannequin, before Dekard recognizes her, and then does a series of hand springs and flips, vaulting on top of Deckard's head and attempting to strangle and/or break his neck with her legs. Deckard manages push Pris off of him, and shoot her twice (or three times depending on the vetsion) through the torso, killing her.

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