I don't get it! What are they? They're kinda zombie-shaped, they sort of sound like zombies, but those are DEFINITELY not zombies!
~ Petra panicking after seeing the Prismarine Foes come alive for the first time.

The Prismarine Foes are major antagonists in the Minecraft: Story Mode series, appearing only in the game Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two.

They are hostile species of statues used by Romeo to challenge Jesse and his/her skills. However, they are also capable of making decisions. Most Prismarine Foes are around 3 blocks tall, but several of those dormant giants were gigantic, being over 20 or even 30 blocks tall. One of Romeo's secondary bodies disguised itself as one of these gigantic statues to challenge Jesse.


There appear to be two main types of Prismarine Foes:

  • Soldiers, as Jesse calls them, are very small Prismarine Foes, around 3 blocks tall. They appear to have a beard, and have glowing, green-blue eyes.
  • Colossus are huge Prismarine Foes that tower up over any human being. They are over 20 or even 30 blocks tall, and their menacing appearance can frighten even Jesse if he/she looks at them. Like the Soldiers, they too have glowing turquoise eyes, but have no beards.



It is unknown how the Prismarine Foes came to place. It is possible that Romeo has made them as a test against Jesse, and are very recent. However, it is also possible that the Prismarine Foes are very ancient, and Romeo made them a long time ago, waiting for a hero to show up.


The Prismarine Foes take no remorse on whoever they killed, and clearly do not care if anyone else dies. They are also very hostile, dangerous and intimidating, so they are willing to kill anyone in their way, especially Romeo for some reason.



  • Their names "Prismarine Foes" were confirmed in the choice statistics for Hero in Residence.
  • It is unknown why Romeo's Prismarine Colossus form is on the cover-art of Season 2, and not his true form. It could be because Telltale did not want the players to be confused when Hero in Residence came out; plus, it may have been a surprise when "the Admin" (Romeo) revealed himself. This may have also been done to prevent spoilers.
  • Romeo, in his snowman form, stated that his Prismarine Colossus form was "just a construct". This makes it possible that all of the other Prismarine Foes are made by Romeo as well, presumably to challenge Jesse.


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