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Money is such a beautiful word.
~ Pristine Figg singing her opinion about money.
Daddy is dead!
~ Pristine Figg sinisterly lying to Robyn that her father is "dead" upon catching up to her in the cabin, unaware that he is already on his way on a helicopter to rescue her.

Pristine Jacqueline Figg, also known as Aunt Figg or Aunt Pristine Figg (Pristina Gordis in the Latin American version), is the main antagonist of the 1992 animated film Tom and Jerry: The Movie, which is the first feature film in the Tom and Jerry franchise.

She is Tom and Jerry's arch-nemesis and the villainous guardian of Robyn Starling, who took control of the house and held her hostage after the apparent death of Mr. Starling. She is also Lickboot's employer and Ferdinand's owner.

She was voiced by the late Charlotte Rae.


When Tom and Jerry first met Robyn Starling under a bridge, Robyn mentions Aunt Figg as Robyn explained Figg's cruelty, demonstrating that she is a selfish, greedy, cruel, decadent and abusive woman who kidnapped Robyn since the death of her mother and the disappearance of her father and wants to keep Robyn for her father's money. She also grabbed Robyn's locket and threw it out of the window but Robyn found it and Tom said that Figg would be worried about Robyn, with Jerry adding that Figg may not be that bad she seems and that at least Robyn had a home with her.

Figg was first seen when she was crying and was begging a police officer to find Robyn and the officer comforts her and explains to her that he will find her. However, she reveals her true evil, mean and money-obsessed personality once the officer leaves to find Robyn and bring her back. Lickboot told her that she wouldn't live without Robyn. Because of this, Figg tells Lickboot to shut up, but Lickboot objects that without Robyn, her money would go bye-bye. However, Figg does not want to hear anymore, so she tells him to stop talking.

Then, she blamed her obese pet dog named Ferdinand for letting Robyn run away and Ferdinand tells her he was distracted eating and Figg gives him a cupcake. Figg and Lickboot sing about a song called "Money is Such a Beautiful Word" which explains how they are obsessed with money. At the end of their song, the two are about to kiss but are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. It was the officer having found Robyn under the bridge with Tom and Jerry. The Officer explains to her that she was under of the bridge. Tom made a friendly purr as he hugs Aunt Figg's legs.

When the officer was explaining something, Figg angrily growls, but later calms herself down. She lets Robyn keep Tom and Jerry. Figg orders Ferdinand to bring Tom and Jerry to the kitchen for something to eat and sends Robyn to bed without dinner as punishment for running away. After Tom and Jerry (and Ferdinand) accidentally destroyed the kitchen and she decides to bring Tom and Jerry to Dr. Applecheek if they break something again. She later received a letter from Lickboot that Robyn's father is still alive and plans not to tell Robyn about it and make sure to lock her in her own room and throws the letter.

Jerry was listening in a bookshelf, so he picks up the letter and informs to Tom who just left Robyn's room that her father is still alive. But they are caught by Figg and snatches the letter from them and decides to bring them to Dr. Applecheek and grabs Tom by his tail attempting to flee, while Jerry is caught by Ferdinand having recovered from the beating earlier by Tom and Jerry.

Figg then arrives at Dr. Applecheek's house and they introduce to each other and Figg brings Tom and Jerry to him and Dr. Applecheek "promising" that will be good pets, as an attempt to imprison them. As she returned home Robyn asked her where is Tom and Jerry and she replies they left, Robyn then asked her if she took them away without letting her saying goodbye and Figg calls her a selfish girl and lying about Applecheek's place. Then she sends a letter to Dr. Applecheek ordering him to put down Tom and Jerry, but they escaped with help from Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea.

As Figg was asleep, Tom and Jerry arrived and informed Robyn that her father is still alive. As they escape, Tom and Jerry accidentally woke up Figg. Figg realized that Robyn escaped again. Later on, she calls Lickboot to inform him that Robyn ran away again. They returned to the bridge and find a raft nearby. Figg and Lickboot arrive and she explains to Lickboot that this the bridge where the officer found Robyn, Tom and Jerry.

As Lickboot comments, Figg told him to shut up again, calling him a twit. She begins to call Robyn as she, Tom and Jerry board on the raft and rowed away and Ferdinand spots them and informs Figg that Robyn is on the raft, but she doesn't seem to notice. Ferdinand, once again, tries to inform his owner, Figg that Robyn is on the raft. Because of this, Figg told Ferdinand to shut up as she pushed him and his skateboard aside, sending him right into a river causing him to almost drown. They continue looking for Robyn beneath the bridge, but then they give up and return home.

The next day, Figg is then called by Lickboot on the phone who is in the city at work shocked and asked him if there is no money. Lickboot says to her without her proof, they can't catch her father's money. She asked to do something and Lickboot tells her a fake reward should be easy to bring Robyn back. Figg, eating an eclair gets chocolate on her fingers, salaciously licks them and tells Lickboot she "loves it when he talks like that". They both arrive at a milk factory and print Robyn on every milk carton and plant a bogus $1,000,000 bounty reward on her. They toast their milk cartons thinking that this will get Robyn back.

Dr. Applecheek arrives at her home blaming Figg for the incident, causing Figg to asked him what he mean it's her fault, if he done away with Tom and Jerry, Robyn wouldn't have run away again. Dr. Applecheek says not to mention the damage they caused. Before Figg can tell him off more, her phone rings telling him to wait and she needs to answer the phone. She then realizes that Robyn is in Captain Kiddie & Squawk's carnival after she, Tom and Jerry are separated when their raft crashed into a ship. She then returns to continue her argument with Dr. Applecheek, but he already left having overheard of the one million dollar bounty reward on Robyn and decides to take the blame of the incident that Dr. Applecheek informed her and Lickboot arrives telling him that Robyn is in Captain Kiddie's carnival and Ferdinand joins them.

They arrived at the carnival asking Kiddie (who was about to confront Tom and Jerry) where Robyn is, and they want to see the money and she replies only if she sees Robyn and Kiddie tells her that Robyn is in his ferris wheel. The Straycatchers, who are Dr. Applecheek's men, also arrived having overheard the million dollar reward on Robyn and spot her in the ferris wheel. But they ended trapped on it by Tom and Jerry. Figg tries to get Robyn and she, Tom and Jerry escaped her on a boat and she, Lickboot and Ferdinand give chase but they lose them and find themselves into an intersection road.

Lickboot realizes where Robyn, Tom and Jerry are going and she asked him how did he know where they are going and he replies that lawyers know everything and they turn right which totally lead them to Robyn's Nest. They discovered that Robyn's Nest is a cabin where Robyn and her father went every summer and enter the cabin and wait for Robyn to arrive. Robyn, Tom and Jerry arrive. When Robyn enters her cabin, Figg lied to her that her father is "dead" and Lickboot locks the door preventing Robyn to escaped back to the boat, Tom and Jerry from interfering and accidentally locked Ferdinand out too in the process.

Lickboot sternly tells Robyn that she will never run away again and grabs her wrist as they tried to take her back, only for Robyn to kick Lickboot in self-defense. Figg and Lickboot accidentally caused the cabin on fire, causing Figg to blame Lickboot for setting the cabin on fire. She orders him to grab Robyn and evacuate. As Robyn's cabin burns down, Lickboot warned Robyn that she has to get out before it is too late. However, Robyn angrily refuses to listen to Lickboot and even going with them because she didn't want to be with Lickboot or Aunt Figg for ruining her life again, and then a piece of a burning ceiling fell between them. Figg panicked as she told Lickboot that they must leave before they get killed, she also told him to forget Robyn, by leaving her behind and that they've got to save themselves.

She, along with Lickboot and Ferdinand, are defeated by accidentally knocking the door down, causing Ferdinand to make himself, along with Figg and Lickboot, fall into Robyn's boat and it sails them away towards an unknown fate after Ferdinand turns on the motors and Figg and Lickboot get stuck on the mast. Alternatively, they may have all survived and were later arrested for their crimes and for planting a $1,000,000 bounty reward on Robyn, which is cancelled afterwards by Robyn's father.

Tom and Jerry saved Robyn by pulling her out of the burning cabin into the roof and Robyn's father finally arrives after he received news from his base that his daughter ran away and they can't find her and overheard of the one million dollar bounty reward on Robyn planted by Figg and Lickboot. He rescues his daughter, but he was unable to rescue Tom and Jerry. The cabin collapsed, leaving only half of the stairway and the dock left but Tom and Jerry survived. Robyn's father apologizes to his daughter and promised not to leave her again.


Aunt Figg is a morbidly obese woman with orange hair and white streaks, green eyes and fair skin. She also wears a purple cardigan, a pink shirt, pink round earrings, a purple skirt, a pink bracelet around her wrist, a lavender pantyhose and high-heel shoes. While Figg was delivering Tom and Jerry to Dr. Applecheek to have them imprisoned then killed, she only wears a purple sun hat. At bedtime, Figg wears a lavender nightgown, a pink robe, and purple slippers. While making a $1,000,000 reward for Robyn's return, Figg wears a purple blouse with black trims on her sleeves, a pink turtleneck shirt, indigo pants, and black high-heel boots.


  • Aunt Figg is so far the most evil villain of the Tom and Jerry franchise. This is because unlike other antagonists, Aunt Figg is more cunning, manipulative and has bigger plans than them, coupled with all of the crimes that she commits across the film.
  • It is unknown if Aunt Figg is related to Robyn or if she is simply an enemy of the Starling family. Evidence suggesting the former is that the highlights in Figg's hair are blonde, which happens to be the color of Robyn's hair.
  • Despite voicing the main antagonist of the film, Charlotte Rae had bottom billing below every other actor in the end credits, even below the additional voice actors such as B.J. Ward and Don Messick.
  • Aunt Figg's full name is Pristine Jacqueline Figg.
  • Aunt Figg was the only animated villain to be voiced by Charlotte Rae, before her death on August 5, 2018.
  • Because of her malevolent, hyper-aggressive, xenophobic, and sadomasochistic personality, Aunt Figg is also abusive even to her own minions by telling Lickboot to shut up and called him three insults and even blaming him for accidentally setting Mr. Starling's summer cabin on fire, telling Ferdinand to shut up and pushing him away to the river to have him drown and arguing with Dr. Applecheek about Tom and Jerry's escape and telling him that he's too late to kidnap Robyn, telling the Straycatchers that they're too late to catch Robyn and pushing Captain Kiddie and Squawk away from her so she can kidnap Robyn Starling for her own financial gain. In addition, the $1,000,000 bounty she implanted on Robyn was bogus, as it was entirely an excuse to get her back.


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