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Priya Singh is the secondary antagonist of the 2020 Christopher Nolan film Tenet. She is an Indian arms dealer and a supposed ally of Andrei Sator.

She was portrayed by Dimple Kapadia.


Early life



Priya first appears when the Protagonist and his ally Neil break into her home in order to get information on who purchased her inverted bullets. She eventually agrees to give into the Protagonist out of fear for her husband (who was acting as a decoy at the time).


Priya was a secretive, calm, soft-spoken and intellectual woman with a great deal of knowledge about the criminal underworld and how to work in it. She was also fairly cynical, idealistic, manipulative and sleazy, as seen from how she swindles the Protagonist into helping her, only revealing later on the true details behind what she wanted him to do and what it could bring about.

She also appears to be safety-cautious, since she does things such as have her husband posing on her behalf as the real crime boss, although she was willing to expose herself in order to stop the Protagonist from killing him for information. However she claimed that the reason for this was actually because she figured she wouldn't get taken seriously in the crime syndicate as a woman, hinting even further to her cynical nature.


Priya was an aging, dark-skinned woman with striking facial features and long, wavy silvery black hair. She was always seen wearing regal and extravagant clothing.


  • Tenet was Dimple Kapadia's first Hollywood film of her career.