The Professor is a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack. He is a scientist and a former member of the Rebel Army who defected and joined the Mars People after taking an interest in their technology.


Extra Ops

Signal Red

The Professor improved the Invader Brain Robot, turning it into a Mars Brain Robot. Hearing of this General Morden sent Vita to stop him and destroy the robot. After Vita defeated the Brain Robot, the Professor attempted to kill her but ended up being knocked unconscious by the Rebel Army cyborg. However, a Ring Laser Mecha appeared and confronted Vita, prompting her to spare the Professor.

Mad Scientists

Taking an interest in Vita, the Professor built a Mars Mecha and attempted to learn more about her with the assistance of two Martians. The Professor confronted Navy, but the Rebel Army scientist easily defeated him. However, the Professor's two Martian cohorts distracted her and escaped with the Professor by teleporting away.

Another Story

The Professor unleashed a "boreal matter" on the inhabitants of an island, causing them to become more aggressive. He was eventually confronted by Odette and Nova, who were investigating the source of the "boreal matter", and fights them with Rugname X. He eventually tells them that the "boreal matter" is only temporary and will soon wear off before departing. Nova attempts to go after him but is held back by Odette.


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