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Professor Avalon is a paladin in Winx Club who teaches at Alfea.


His class of Magiphilosophy, a mix of magic and philosophy, is difficult, but promising, too. Before coming to Alfea, he used to teach at the prestigious Malacoy Paladion Academy.

The Avalon initially teaching at Alfea was actually an impostor created by Lord Darkar, who imprisoned the real Avalon. He put a homesickness spell on the pixies so they would lead Darkar to Pixie Village, but this was foiled by Bloom.

Later, while pretending to try to make Bloom stronger, he transformed her into Dark Bloom, who stole Alfea's Codex and gave it to Kerborg (who took it to Darkar). Only then did Avalon remove the spell on Bloom, saying she picked up a shadow virus on a travel. In order to lead Darkar to Pixie Village, Avalon faked illness by being attacked by a venomous flower so Livy would go to Pixie Village to get the antidote.

When Darkar needed Bloom's power to enter Realix, Avalon brought her to him. He requested that Darkar kill the real Avalon, but Darkar refused, wanting him to suffer. He was not seen long after taking Bloom to Darkar, and when the Winx killed Darkar, everything created by his power was destroyed, presumably including the shadow Avalon.


  • He was named after the legendary island Avalon.

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