Professor Bedlam (real name: Barry Edward Lambert) is G-Girl's ex-boyfriend and nemesis, and the main antagonist turned supporting character of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

He was portrayed by Eddie Izzard, who also played Abel Gideon in Hannibal and voiced Dr. Schadenfreude in Igor and Sir Miles Axlerod in Cars 2.


Before he became evil, he was a nice teenager before his sweetheart, Jenny, became G-Girl. They used to be good friends before they finished high school, but then decided to have sex just as a meteor crashed nearby and they went to check it out. Which was when Jenny got her powers and become popular at school, leaving Barry behind.

Although he tried to hang out with Jenny, the differences in her due to her new popularity left him sad and upset and didn't talk to Jenny even since.

Years had passed, he changed his name and become G-Girl's nemesis. Even though he seemed to hate Jenny, deep inside he still loved her and was acting out trying to regain her attention by means of his ultimate plan in which he used the same meteor to remove her powers.

Eventually, the truth of his motivations came out and G-Girl, aka Jenny, and he helped to restore her powers. In the end, he reconciled with Jenny thanks to her current ex-boyfriend, Matt Saunders, helping them realize the deeply buried truth that they themselves had long overlooked. Bedlam retired from villainy and eventually married Jenny.

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