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Professor Brainstorm

His countless years of research revealed that E equals to MCrazzy!
~ Professor Brainstorm's description.
I haveta admit, Professor Brainstorm is smarter than your average Zombie. He uses Science Zombies to his advantage...and Tricks to your disadvantage.
~ Crazy Dave's view on Professor Brainstorm.

Professor Brainstorm is one of the secondary antagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He is a zombie professor who leads Brainy and Crazy classes.



Not much is known about Professor Brainstorm's origin, and who is his zombie fighter counterpart.

In Professor Brainstorm's introduction comic strips, Professor Brainstorm and an Imp can be seen showing their science projects to Dr. Zomboss in a science fair. However, Professor Brainstorm lost against the Imp due to Zomboss's green with envy.

Plant Missions

Professor Brainstorm appeared in A Schooling at Zombie U teaching the zombies how to eat more brains. When Green Shadow, Grass Knuckles, and Spudow attempted to stop him from doing so, the professor unleashed his Teleporter to summon the zombies to stop them. However, Spudow defeated Professor Brainstorm by using his explosive head to destroy the machine. He can be seen writing on his board not to teach zombies to eat brains.

Zombie Missions

In When Fungi Attack, Professor Brainstorm, Super Brainz, and Electric Boogaloo invaded Nightcap's secret dojo hut. They had a battle against Nightcap, who was teaching the plants martial arts. Nightcap managed to defeat Super Brainz and Electric Boogaloo easily, however, when it comes to Professor Brainstorm, he used his zapper to defeat him.

Powers and Abilities

Professor Brainstorm's ideas are brilliant... totally random, but brilliant.
~ Eureka's description.
Professor Brainstorm's signature superpower is Eureka, which allows him to conjure three random cards. His support superpowers are Summoning (he can summon a zombie with 2 costs or less), Telepathy (he can draw 2 extra cards), and Dance Off (he also can summon two Backup Dancers in random lanes).

Professor Brainstorm also appears to have brief intelligence, due to the fact he can build a teleporter that can summon zombies.



  • Professor Brainstorm, Neptuna, and Immorticia are the only zombie heroes who do not have a specific zombie fighter counterpart.
  • According to Brian Lindley, his design is between the Scientist and Dr. Zomboss
  • During his victory animation, he briefly wears Unlife of the Party's conehead.
  • His introduction comic strips mirror one of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's backstory, as both of their inventions lost against a baking soda volcano.
  • His name could be based on the book Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter.
  • He is also one of the very few zombies who have some minor intelligence. However, he is not as smart as Dr. Zomboss, due to his incomprehensible handwriting



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