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You have done well Ned. This ends your usefulness.

Professor Bucky-Wise is the main antagonist of the Ninja Gaiden OVA.


In his normal form, Professor Bucky-Wise had shoulder-length hair, a black shirt, a red necktie, jeans, and glasses. Once mutated, he becomes a hideous bald green humanoid with red lines over its body, bones protruding from its back, red lips, and yellow eyes with black sclera.

Powers and Abilities

Professor Bucky-Wise is skilled in the use of swords and knives, and when mutated, his strength and defense increase.


When Robert, Sara, and Jeff meet him in his apartment, he puts on a friendly disguise when he had invited him as guests in his apartment and gave them coffee. However, this was an act and is really a smug and cold-hearted scoundrel.


Professor Bucky-Wise kidnapped Ned's daughter Catherine so he would cooperate with him in his atrocities. Two of the professor's assassins were first encountered pursuing Ryu Hayabusa where they confronted him in the middle of a road where he killed them in the middle of the road, but one tried and failed to take Ryu with him to the grave.

While searching through one of these labs, Ryu Hayabusa and several of his companions find a corpse that has rotted away and presumably babies inside test tubes. Ryu tells the people who accompanied him, including Robert T. Sturgeon, that they shouldn't make an article on any of this presumably unethical experimentation. Later, Robert, Sara, and Jeff meet Professor Bucky-Wise at his apartment to get information on Ned Friedman. Bucky-Wise claims they've not seen each other for nearly twenty years since they were students and they were not even that close. Ned presumably decided he was a genius and said "I will become the world's Messiah with my biotechnology" and needed some kind of power. Bucky-Wise also claims Ned was closer to being insane. When the three leave, Bucky-Wise asks Sarah to come without Robert or Jeff. Robert however realizes that the professor is not what he seemed.

When Bucky-Wise's cat shows up at the antique shop Ryu and Irene were running, they were attacked by more of these assassins who break into the store to kill them both, but Ryu manages to kill most of them, with one ninja's mask coming off to reveal a gruesome face with no visible mouth. This ninja was shortly after killed with a shot in the face by Irene. More of these ninjas later ambush Irene and drag her into a black car. Robert, Sarah, and Jeff go on a wild chase to pursue this car, but fail when it runs into a fire hydrant.

When Ryu heads for Ned Friedman's company, he finds himself taking on a group of mutants (including the same assassins as before) in the way to save Irene. Robert and Jeff arrive via motorbike to help him by gunning down groups of these same mutants. As Ryu infiltrates the building, he finds a number of mutants being created and finds they are being created as a superhuman race. When Ryu finally reaches Ned with a captive Irene, Ned shows him a sample of the demon god's power that was recorded. When all of a sudden, Bucky-Wise mortally injured him, revealing himself as the true mastermind of the events, including the fact that he recorded this sample of the demon god's power. He then stabbed Ned in the heart to show how he outlived being useful.

He then uses a piece of the evil god to channel the demon god's power into his body, turning him into a demonic abomination and engages Ryu in a brutal fight throughout several parts of the building. In the end, Ryu and the professor fall one story from the building. But they were not done yet. It takes Ryu stabbing him and the two falling through another window where the professor gets wounded by a statue that finally kills him. However, Katherine was seen picking up the same piece of the demon he had earlier, possibly continuing the demon's reign of terror on the mortal realm.


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