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Calamitous: Hello, Jimmy! Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm... umm... err...
Jimmy Neutron: Finbarr Calamitous, the guy who could never finish anything!
~ Calamitous

Professor Finbarr Calamitous or better known as Professor Calamitous or simply known as Calamitous is the main antagonist of the TV show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

He is Jimmy's arch-nemesis, Beautiful Gorgeous' father, and Ms. Fowl's former student and appeared as the main antagonist in the crossover special The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide. He was also the main antagonist in the crossover video games Nicktoons Unite! and Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.

He was voiced by Tim Curry, who also played Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Lord of Darkness in Legend, Wadsworth in Clue, Pennywise in the It television miniseries, Thaddeus E. Klang in TaleSpin, Taurus Bulba in Darkwing Duck, Hexxus in FernGully: The Last Rainforest, the Evil Manta in The Little Mermaid television series, Cardinal Richeliu in The Three Musketeers, Farley Claymore in The Shadow, Kilokahn in Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad, Drake in The Pebble and the Penguin, Dr. Anton Sevarius in Gargoyles, Long John Silver in Muppets Treasure Island, Simon Doonan in the Titanic TV movie, Maestro Forte in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Slagar the Cruel in Redwall, Dr. Slicer in Recess, Ben Ravencroft in Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost, Big Brother in Johnny Bravo, the Mouse King in Barbie in the Nutcracker, Scarlet Fever and Nick O' Teen in Ozzy & Drix, Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck in Monk, Belial in The Legend of Atlantis, El Maléfico in ¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico, Von Talon in Valiant, Anatoly Cherdenko in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, Philippe in Barbie and The Three Musketeers, Billy Flynn in Criminal Minds and Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.



Professor Calamitous starts out as a student of Jimmy Neutron's teacher Miss Fowl, who has failed him for being a bad boy in school (Unlike Nick because according to Ms. Fowl, Nick is bad in the new sense of the word meaning good while Calamitous is bad in the old sense of the word) and for not finishing anything like homework, inventions, and sentences. He is also described as the man who can never finish anything according to Miss Fowl and Jimmy. One day, he disappeared after not finishing his lunch.

In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Professor Calamitous makes his appearance as Jimmy's most recurring enemy than any other villain Jimmy has ever faced.

He makes his debut in the episode "Professor Calamitous, I Presume" when he first appears in a giant robotic suit known as the CalamiBot, tricking Jimmy's dad Hugh into letting him in their house by pretending to be a chimney sweep. After cleaning their chimney with a flamethrower, Calamitous knocks out Hugh with sleeping gas, and kidnapping Goddard to hold for ransom. Jimmy later finds Goddard in an underground lair, but is soon trapped himself before Calamitous reveals himself to him. He then goes on to tell Jimmy that he plans to make Jimmy his slave and force him to finish all of his inventions, and use them to take over the City of Retroville as revenge for all the people who mocked him. Jimmy questions how Calamitous finished the robot suit he was piloting, to which the professor replies "Who says it's finished? I never put in a bathroom!"

His first deed for Jimmy was to force him to finish his "Ultimate Disintegrator" (claiming that all it did at the moment was "make things moist and soggy"). Jimmy feigns defeat, and completes the device, only to turn on the Professor and use it to blow a hole in his lair and escape. Calamitous gives chase in his mech suit, but is tricked into needing to use the bathroom, and gives up the chase.

Calamitous next appears as the main antagonist of the hour long episode "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion". He first appears observing both Jet Fusion and Jimmy in his trap thus completing his sentences (also having taken a self preservation class only missing one day). He explains his plan to flood the world by melting the ice and snow on Mt. Everest. He then orders his daughter Beautiful Gorgeous to do away with both Jimmy and Jet, who reluctantly escape Calamitous' clutches just as his lair was about to blow. He and his daughter are defeated when they rumble down the mountain to the peaceful land of Shangri Lama and are arrested for their crimes.

He makes a brief appearance in the episode "The Great Egg Heist". For the majority of the episode, he is disguised as a Chinese princess, who needs a jade egg to stop her evil brother from using a demolition device to rule the world, while in reality Calamitous built it. He then reveals himself after Jimmy gives him the egg and traps Jimmy and friends in a force field cell while he prepares his device. He faces defeat not knowing that the fake egg (Carl switched the eggs) caused a meltdown and sent him into the sky.

Calamitous next appears in the episode "Lights, Camera, Danger" as the main antagonist. He appears first disguised as fame Hollywood director Quentin Smithee. Calamitous comes up with the plan to make a fake movie in order to get rid of Jimmy and his friends for foiling his previous plans. He reveals himself to Jimmy who realizes that Smithee is a fake and in reality it was Calamitous. He then unleashes a robotic snake on Jimmy. Jimmy's dad saves the day this time by throwing donuts into the the snake's mouth thus defeating Calamitous and destroying the snake's circuits. Calamitous is defeated by Jimmy who throws him into a police cab, thus taking him to jail.

Calamitous makes his next appearance (in a cameo) in the episode "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" (through a television monitor) walking Beautiful Gorgeous down the aisle and accepts that his daughter is to be married to his old enemy Jet Fusion.

Calamitous makes his first to last appearance as a supporting antagonist in the episode "The League of Villains" where he along with King Goobot, Beautiful Gorgeous, the Junkman, Grandma Taters, Baby Eddie, the Space Bandits and Eustace Strych plan their revenge on Jimmy for foiling their every evil plan by forming the group that the episode is named after. He is partnered with Eustace on the task to distract Jimmy's friends by having Eustace give Libby a CD to dance to. He next appears laughing with the other villains at Jimmy. Calamitous next is shown as a member of the Villains jury while Goobot presides during Jimmy's court session. He then gives Goobot a plan combining all the villains ideas on how to destroy Jimmy. Afterwards, he gets disgusted by Beautiful Gorgeous and Junkman's relationship by trying to break them up. He is then shown trying to escape a T-Rex with the other villains while facing defeat.

Calamitous makes his final appearance in the crossover episode "Jimmy Timmy 2: When Nerds Collide" as the main antagonist alongside Anti-Cosmo. He makes his appearance first in his robot suit while robbing the bank bragging about his idea to finding a partner in crime to defeat Jimmy once and for all. He faces Jimmy but is suddenly defeated by him via anti gravity disc. Calamitous then spots Timmy fighting Jimmy in the sky via rocket. He observes Cosmo and Wanda and plans to enlist creatures like them in his quest to defeating Jimmy. Calamitous then follows Jimmy and his friends through a portal to Dimmsdale (with Jimmy's Hyper-Cube). He then runs into Anti-Cosmo after experiencing some bad luck. Calamitous forms an alliance with Anti-Cosmo only to find himself thrown in a cell of the Fairy-World prison after freeing the Anti-Fairies.

He then forms an alliance with Jorgen Von Strangle only to find themselves at the hands of Anti-Fairies who have taken over Dimmsdale. Calamitous finds the Hyper-cube containing the Anti-Fairies and tries to get it. But Jorgen attempts to apprehend the Anti-Fairies only to find himself and Calamitous fused together. Calamitous then takes his new form to Retroville and plans to blow up his universe with the "Big Bang Bomb". He (in Jorgen's body) engages the combined forces of Jimmy, Timmy and their friends (Cosmo and Wanda included) in a showdown for the safety of the universe.

Calamitous tries to make Jorgen obey him but faces his final defeat when Jimmy defuses them back into their own bodies. Jorgen then stops him by shrinking him and putting him into a bottle. He swears revenge on Jimmy, but Jimmy assures him that he won't threaten anyone ever again.

Videogame Appearance

Nicktoons Unite!

Calamitous serves as the main antagonist of the game and as the leader of the Evil Syndicate.

He first appears when Goddard enters Bikini Bottom through a portal. Goddard then opens the flap revealing his TV. Jimmy appears in his lab. He tells SpongeBob that they have not met, but he should trust Jimmy. He then explains that Plankton has joined forces with villains from other worlds. With their help, Plankton is taking over Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob does not believe that this is real and is convinced that he is dreaming. He thinks that he ate too much ice cream the previous night. Jimmy says that he has been gathering information from SpongeBob's world and that Jimmy knows SpongeBob has dealt with Plankton before. Jimmy says that they need his help. SpongeBob accepts and Jimmy says to follow Goddard and that he will lead SpongeBob to Jimmy. He then says that he will be able to tell SpongeBob more when he enters Jimmy's lab. The transmission ends. SpongeBob enters the portal.

The game introduction then begins. A scene where the heroes are in the first Bikini Bottom level appears. They stop and a green border goes around SpongeBob. It zooms into SpongeBob and shows him and his name. On the right of the screen, it shows SpongeBob's head and the silhouettes of the head's of the other heroes. A scene where the heroes are in the second Fairly OddParents level appears. They stop and the same thing that happened to SpongeBob happens to Timmy. His head on the right fills in. A scene where the heroes are in the second Danny Phantom level appears. They stop and the same thing that happens to that last two heroes happens to Danny Fenton/Phantom. His head on the right fills in. A scene where Jimmy and Danny are in Jimmy's lab appears. The same thing that happens to the others happens to Jimmy. His head on the right fills in. However, his face is a 2D version of his actual face. The title of the game appears.

The story resumes. SpongeBob falls into Jimmy's lab. SpongeBob gets up. Jimmy introduces himself to SpongeBob. Timmy thinks that SpongeBob is a giant block of cheese. Jimmy corrects Timmy, saying that SpongeBob is a sponge from Bikini Bottom. Jimmy then remembers that he needs to give SpongeBob his Neutronic Moisture Sealant. He explains that as long as SpongeBob has it, he will be able to be moist outside of water. SpongeBob says, "This is the strangest morning since... Well, last Tuesday." Danny is surprised that SpongeBob can talk. Jimmy explains that all sea creatures in Bikini Bottom can talk. Jimmy says that he needs to bring SpongeBob up to speed. They walk over to Jimmy's computer. Jimmy explains that it all started with his Universe Portal Machine, which is a device that allows them to travel to different worlds.

Jimmy says that Professor Calamitous has somehow gained a copy of Jimmy's plans and made a portal himself. Jimmy says that he has been tracking Calamitous' portals and he has been visiting the other heroes worlds. He has found an ally in each world and that they have teamed up to create a syndicate. Jimmy says that Calamitous must have a master plan that they all can benefit from. The Syndicate has made an army of Syndicate Troops and are stealing energy from the worlds. Jimmy says that he does not know why they are stealing this energy, but what ever it is for, it won't be good. Timmy says that this situation is really cool and it is like one of his games. Cosmo and Wanda poof in. Wanda explains that it is more serious than one of Timmy's games and that they have lost their magic. Cosmo adds that it is a just a glorified backscratcher. Jimmy says that Cosmo and Wanda are right. Jimmy says that they must work together to stop the syndicate. He says that he knows that they have each defeated the members of the Syndicate separately. That is why Jimmy brought them there. If they combine their knowledge, they can beat the Syndicate. Soon, Jimmy says that since they do not know where "Calamitous' secret lab" is, the only leads lie in each of the other heroes' worlds. Jimmy says that they should start with stopping the Syndicate from draining the energy. SpongeBob asks which of the worlds they should start with. Danny suggests his hometown, Amity Park.

Jimmy now becomes a playable character. The heroes enter the portal.

The portal sends them to a castle. Jimmy is confused about where they are. He says that he set the portal to land in Danny's school, Casper High. Jimmy says that he must have made a miscalculation. The heroes turn around and see Vlad Plasmius, Danny's archenemy. Vlad says that Jimmy has made no mistake and that he has taken up residence at Casper High. He says that he has been waiting for the heroes. Danny facetiously apologies and says that they should get the party started. Vlad says that he has the upper hand and the heroes see Danny's parents. Vlad explains that all Danny needs to do is join Vlad and he will let Danny's parents go. Danny says that he uses his powers for good. Vlad tells them that Danny cannot resist and that the Syndicate cannot be defeated and with every passing moment, the Ghost Portal behind him provides the syndicate with power for the ultimate plan and for Vlad. Danny says that he will never join Vlad. Vlad says that Danny will have plenty of time to reconsider as the heroes rot in the Ghost Zone Prison. He then knocks out the heroes.

They wake up in the Ghost Zone Prison. Walker is there. He explains that they are in the Ghost Zone Prison and that they should follow the rules.

The heroes find the Box Ghost. He says that he will open the door if the heroes deal with seven ghost rats. After they do this, the Box Ghost opens the door. The heroes walk around the prison for a while. Soon, they encounter their first Syndicate Troops. They defeat them and continue. Soon, they encounter their first Ghost Zone Prison guard. They defeat it. They continue, fighting guards and Syndicate Troops along the way. As they go the pass prisoners. Eventually, they get stopped by a gate that can be opened by Timmy with his Cosmo gun. Timmy does so and they continue. Along the way, they fight Syndicate Troops and open doors with levers. A few times, they have to use bouncy laundry baskets to get around. Soon they reach the cafeteria and continue to fight.

Goddard appears throughout the game allowing the player(s) to upgrade the heroes' powers. The first one is in the cafeteria.

The heroes continue, fighting guards and Syndicate Troops. Soon, they find the first ability pod. It is for Danny. The Ability Pods give characters new abilities. This one gives Danny the power to overshadow enemies. The heroes continue. Eventually, they make it to Walker. Walker tells them that they are never getting out. The heroes then fight and defeat Walker. After, he falls. Danny says that Vlad is not the only one with a ghost portal. If asks Danny, "You have access to a ghost portal?" Danny says that it is nearby.

Later, after going through a ghost portal, the heroes end up in the lab of Fenton Works, Danny's house. Jimmy is fascinated with the inventions. He says that the stuff in the lab looks the ghost hunting technology. He asks if Danny if he invented the stuff himself. Danny says that the Fentons are the ghost technology wizards, not him. Danny says that they need to figure out a way to shut Vlad's ghost portal down. Jimmy says that if he spends some time studying the devices, that maybe they will be able to build a gadget to close the portal. Cosmo says that this is no time to be studying. Timmy adds that they are heroes and heroes don't sit around studying. SpongeBob says that Timmy is right and that they need to say the world.

There is an ability pod for Jimmy. He enters and gains the ability to use his shrink ray. He uses it on a machine that is blocking the exit. He then moves it. Timmy uses his Cosmo gun to press a button to open the door.

When they leave the house, they see Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, Danny's friends. Sam tells the heroes that the six citizens have been overshadowed by ghosts and that the team has to take care of them. Tucker says that they will meet the heroes at the Amity Park Cemetery.

The heroes do this, while fighting Syndicate Troops. Twice, Jimmy has to use his shrink ray on a car to make it a movable platform. One of those times is to enter an area with an ability pod for Timmy. He enters and gains the Freeze Glove ability, which allows him to shoot ice and freeze water, enemies, and a few glowing blue areas. Timmy uses it on spout of water from a manhole to get past a laser wall. Once they complete the task, they head to the cemetery, where Sam and Tucker are waiting. Goddard is also there. Sam tells the heroes that the cemetery has a shortcut to Vlad's Castle. The heroes enter and have to fight some Syndicate Troops. Eventually, the heroes reach the gate to Vlad's Castle. SpongeBob says that Amity Park is a Ghost-Free Zone. Jimmy tells SpongeBob that he is wrong and that there is one big ghost left, referring to Vlad.

The heroes enter Vlad's castle. Danny says that they need to figure out a way to close the Ghost Portal. Jimmy says that Vlad would need a lot of energy to keep the portal open. Jimmy says that Vlad must have generators in the castle. The heroes see an ability pod for SpongeBob on a a high ledge. They see two cages at two different heights and SpongeBob uses them as stairs to get to the ledge. He enters the pod and gets the ability to soak up water. SpongeBob uses this power on a puddle below the ledge. He then shoots the water on a bucket and that creates a bridge. The heroes go through the castle, fighting Syndicate Troops along the way. They reach a gate and SpongeBob soaks up water at a fountain to open it by shooting water at a fire. The heroes continue on. They reach an area where a Purpleback Gorilla is in a cage. Danny walks on a small ledge and enters the cage from the top. He overshadows the gorilla and uses it to open a door blocking their way. The heroes continue to an outside area. Eventually, they enter the castle again. They head into a library that has a secret door that is activated by a lever. It leads the heroes to a large underground area. Eventually, the heroes reach the first generator, which consists of three Tesla coils, two small and one large Tesla coil. Timmy uses his freeze power on the large Tesla coil and the heroes destroy the other two. This destroys the large one. The heroes continue. Eventually they reach the second generator, which consists of four Tesla coils, three small and one large Tesla coil. The heroes destroy them too and continue. Eventually, they reach a giant drawbridge. Goddard is there. Timmy uses his freeze powers to destroy two giant winches that are near the drawbridge. They enter the next room, which has the third generator, which consists of five Tesla coils, four small and one large Tesla coil. They destroy that generator and continue. Soon, the heroes enter an attic-like room. It contains an ability pod for Danny. He enters it and gains the ability to phase through stuff. Soon, the heroes find the last generator, which contains the same amount of Tesla coils as the last one, but the platforms are separated. The heroes destroy them and a gate in front of the stairs to Vlad's throne room opens.

The heroes go up the stairs and enter the throne room. Vlad reveals that the Syndicate is building a device. The heroes have to fight Vlad, who is using Jack Fenton, Danny's father, as a puppet to help him. Danny has to overshadow Jack to break Vlad's force field. The heroes can then attack Vlad for a bit. This happens a few times until they defeat Vlad. Vlad then escapes through a portal. Danny says that they should escape before Danny's parents notice the heroes. Jimmy says that he wanted to know more about their ghost hunting technology. Danny says that ghost boys and ghost hunters don't mix. The heroes enter a portal back to Jimmy's lab.

The heroes enter a portal to Bikini Bottom. They land on Conch Street. Jimmy tells Danny and Timmy to continue to chew their Neutronic Air Gum, which allows them to breathe. Danny asks where everyone is. SpongeBob wonders where everyone is. Jimmy thinks that the Syndicate is responsible for their disappearance. However, SpongeBob believes that everyone is holding a surprise birthday party for him. He looks for his friends a few times. SpongeBob gives up and Jimmy starts to say something, but some robot Syndicate troops appear. They say, "Surprise!". SpongeBob thinks that it is a costume party. Sandy, one of SpongeBob's friends, appears and destroys one with a Karate chop. SpongeBob says that he knew that Sandy would not miss his surprise party. Sandy then corrects SpongeBob by saying that his birthday is not for another month. Sandy then tells them to follow her.

The heroes follow Sandy, breaking some walls and fighting enemies along the way. Eventually, they reach a bridge.

Sandy crosses it, but before any of the others can go on it, it breaks. Another bridge is available, but it takes them through a longer path to get to Sandy. They take it and meet up with Sandy. They follow her again.

They reach another bridge. The heroes go on it, but before Sandy can go on it, it collapses. She tells them to keep going through the Clam Beds to reach the Krusty Krab, where she will meet them.

They do this, avoiding being eaten by clams. They reach the Krusty Krab. Sandy greets them. She tells them before they can deal with Plankton, SpongeBob's archenemy, they need to find five Bikini Bottomites.

Danny phases through a gate near the Krusty Krab and opens the gate by pulling a leaver. in the fenced off area is an ability pod for SpongeBob. He enters and gains the ability to use DoodleBob as a lure. He uses it on a Syndicate Troop to get it to roll over a button that causes a vertical bridge to fall flat and the heroes cross it. They find the Bikini Bottomites and head back to Sandy.

She tells the heroes that Plankton has taken control of Bikini Bottom. He has locked up anyone who has resisted and one of those was Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob's boss. Sandy then tells the heroes that Plankton is capturing Jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields, the home of the Jellyfish, and is sending them to his Jellyfish Fortress Factory, where he is extracting their sting for energy. Sandy has a plan. She tells them that they need to go to Jellyfish Fields and destroy Plankton's Jellyfish Harvesting Machines. Next, they need to sneak into Plankton's fortress and shut down the machines. They will then be able to go to Plankton's control center and shut everything down. Timmy says that it is like an action movie and asks if they have any secret agents. Sandy says that they do. He is in Jellyfish Fields and his code name is "Agent Star". Sandy says that their mission is to make contact with him.

The heroes go to Jellyfish Fields, but before they can get there, they have to go through a gully and defeat a lot of Syndicate troops. Once they do, SpongeBob tells them that they have to be quiet so that no one, but Agent Star knows that they are there. Patrick Star, one of SpongeBob's friends, appears and tells SpongeBob that he is a secret agent. SpongeBob warns Patrick of an approaching Jellyfish Harvester, but it is too late. Patrick gets sucked up and put into a basket. SpongeBob starts crying, but Danny assures SpongeBob that they will get him back. The heroes go through Jellyfish Fields, destroying Jellyfish Harvesters along the way. Eventually, they reach an area that has a statue of Kevin the Sea Cucumber, a famous Jellyfisher. Goddard is there. They continue. The heroes eventually reach an ability pod for Jimmy. He enters and gains the ability to use a flare gun. He uses it on a device that is keeping a bridge up. It then falls and they continue. Soon they reach the ship of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost that haunts Bikini Bottom.

The heroes meet him and he tells them that they can never leave. SpongeBob greets the Flying Dutchman. After realizing that SpongeBob is there, he allows SpongeBob to leave, but Danny, Jimmy, and Timmy have to stay. SpongeBob says that he cannot leave them and the Flying Dutchman will have to keep SpongeBob too. He says that he has been practicing being a pirate. The Flying Dutchman does not like the idea of keeping SpongeBob. He says that if he had his old crew back, he would not need the heroes. Danny suggests that they help get the Flying Dutchman's crew back. The Flying Dutchman says that his old crew will not listen to them. Danny says that he thinks that the crew will listen to them. The Flying Dutchman agrees and says that if the heroes can get his six crew members back, he will let them go. However, if they fail, the heroes will have to be his crew forever.

They go through several ships and get the crew back. They head back to the Flying Dutchman.

He sails off. SpongeBob says, "So long, Mr. Dutchman." When the Flying Dutchman leaves, his Anchor hits a giant door and opens it. The door leads to the Jellyfish Fortress Factory.

The heroes enter the factory. Jimmy looks at some plans and says that there are four Emergency Vents that they should be able to release the Jellyfish through. The heroes hear a noise. SpongeBob sees that it is Patrick in a jar. Jimmy uses his shrink ray to shrink a boat to make it more accessible to the humans. Timmy goes on a vat that contains Jellyfish and shoots the jar that Patrick is in. Patrick starts walking but gets stuck. The heroes notice an ability pod for Timmy. He enters it and gains the ability to become Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, his superhero sidekick alias. This ability allows him to twist valves with a robot hand that comes out of his mask's chin. He twists a valve and a platform lifts allowing Patrick to continue to the next room. It also opens a door, allowing the heroes to continue. As they go through the factory, the heroes go through puzzles and help Patrick along the way. One of which includes having Jimmy use his flare gun to make a large container spill out some water to allow SpongeBob to use that water to stop two fires that are blocking Patrick's way. Eventually, they find Patrick, who is behind a giant engine. the heroes use Jellyfish on some conveyor belts to jump to the engine.

They destroy the engine and Patrick reminds them that they need to open the four emergency vents.

After fighting some Syndicate Troops, the heroes find the first valve. They get to it and Cleft turns it. The heroes continue. The next room they enter contains two paths to two of the valves and one of the valves in it. Sponge Bob soaks up some water and shoots it on a giant Jellyfish that then allows the heroes to jump on it. Cleft does so and goes on a path that leads him to the valve in the room. He turns it. He leaves and the heroes take one of the paths. One of them leads to an area with acid and three hanging platforms with barrels on it. Jimmy uses his flare gun to make the platforms fall, allowing the heroes to cross to another platform that has a vertical moving platform that leads to a platform that has the valve. Cleft pulls it and the heroes return to the main area. One of the paths leads to an area with laser walls, which can only be turned off with buttons. Behind the walls, there is one of the valves. Danny uses his phase ability to float over to the buttons and push them. Cleft then turns the last valve. The heroes head back to the main room. Once all the valves are turned,

Patrick, who is waiting for them in front of a door, tells the heroes that Mr. Krabs and Plankton are through the door. The heroes go through into the next room, which has a path that leads to the Chum Bucket's laboratory. After defeating Syndicate Troops, they enter the next room, which contains Plankton's Lab, a cracked wall, Goddard, and an ability pod for SpongeBob. He enters and is given the ability to make bubble bombs. He uses one to open the crack. The heroes continue into a corridor that leads them to another cracked wall. After SpongeBob makes a bubble bomb and it explodes, they enter the kitchen. Here, cleft has to move a refrigerator, so that he can pull a valve that opens a door. The heroes go through the door and enter the dining area. Here, the heroes have to defeat all the Syndicate Troops before the door to a stairway to the roof, where Plankton is, opens. Once they do this, they head to the stairs.

They go up the stairs and reach the roof. After a short conversation with Plankton, he gets in a giant crab machine and the heroes have to defeat him. SpongeBob sends a bubble bomb to the underside of the Crab machine. This makes the machine flip and the heroes can attack. Eventually, the machine flips upright and the process repeats. After the heroes defeat Plankton, he reveals that the Syndicate is still getting power from Dimmsdale. He also reveals that the machine that they are building is a Doomsday machine. He takes a pod and escapes. The heroes enter a portal back to Jimmy's lab.

The heroes take a portal to Dimmsdale. They land at the front of the fortress of Mr. Crocker, Timmy's archenemy. Wanda says that there is a rainbow of Fairy magic flowing into Crocker's Fortress. Jimmy is confused because he thinks it is a real rainbow. Wanda tells him that it is a different type of rainbow. Still thinking that Fairy World, is a game, (See "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" section above for more details) Jimmy believes that Crocker is extracting energy from the Fairy World computer simulation. The area contains a giant head of Mr. Crocker, which is the entrance, two pillars, two platforms, one that is short and one that is taller, an ability pod for Jimmy on the taller platform, and a button on the wall of the short platform. Jimmy uses his shrink ray on the pillars. He goes on the short platform, onto the closest pillar, onto the head, onto the other pillar, and onto the taller platform. He enters the ability pod and gains the ability to headbutt things with a special helmet. He then goes back to the button, which is called a "Slam Pad" and presses it. It opens the mouth. The heroes then fight Syndicate Troops through the fortress and use Danny's phase powers and SpongeBob's bubble bombs to get further into the fortress. Eventually, they find themselves in a corridor with Syndicate Troops, another head door, and a button. One of the heroes pushes it and the head opens, revealing a room with a giant crystal and several pathways.

The heroes enter the room. Wanda says that they need to redirect fairy magic back to the central prism before they can use it to get to Fairy World.

One of the paths leads to a yellow room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room has net platforms and bridges that lead to the redirection switch. Jimmy sees a candle and uses his flare gun. It causes a platform to appear. The heroes follow the first bridge and stand on the first net platform. Jimmy notices another candle and fires his flare gun at it. It causes two more bridges to appear. The heroes follow the path until they reach a solid platform that has a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the rooms is blue and the crystal is in the front of the room. Two cages are blocking two platforms of two different heights. Danny uses his phasing power to enter one of the cages. He picks up the platform and the cage moves down. Danny then moves it near an area further into the room that has a high platform and a button that Timmy with his Cosmo gun can hit. Danny then goes back and does the same for the other cage and platform. Timmy uses the platforms as steps to the high platform he presses the button and a caged area that was blocking the heroes opens. Behind it, there is a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a dark pink room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room contains skinny platforms and giant machines that go down and up. One of the heroes follows the path, missing the machines. At the end of the path is a slope leading to the redirection switch. The hero slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a purple room where the crystal is in the front of the room. At the front of the room, there is two platforms on the side that are connected by a cage door that is blocking the heroes. One the sides of the cage door, there are two caskets. The heroes hit the caskets. Both caskets contain ghosts. Danny defeats them. The casket on the left contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it and four more caskets are revealed; two on one side and two on the other. Like before, there is a cage door blocking the heroes. The heroes break the four caskets and again all four contain ghosts. Danny takes care of them. The one closest to the cage door on the right contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it. The cage door opens revealing two paths to the platforms that were next to the cage doors. There are three caskets on one side and three on the other. The one on the left contains two caskets with ghosts and one with a switch. The one on the right contains three caskets with ghosts. One of the heroes pulls the switch, which makes stairs appear in the backside of the room. They lead to a button. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a light blue room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room contains a pool of water on the left and some separated platforms with rings at the bottom between the platforms that are above some ice. SpongeBob absorbs some water and hits the rings, causing two ice cylinders that are about the same height as the platforms they are between to appear. The heroes walk across them. SpongeBob sees another pool of water on this larger platform. He absorbs the water and spits it on three rings that are between the final platforms. The cylinders appear and the heroes cross them. The path leads to the button and one of the heroes slams on it. The magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. After each redirection, the heroes have to face Syndicate troops.

After they face the last Syndicate troops, it is time to go to Fairy World. Wanda tells them that on the count of three Cosmo and Wanda will touch their wands to the diamond and they will all transport to Fairy World. Jimmy does not understand what is about to happen, but he trusts them. Timmy tells them that it will take them straight to Fairy World. He realizes what he is saying and adds, “simulation” at the end. Timmy then adds that they have to figure out what Mr. Crocker has done. Wanda says, “Okay, here we go, three…two…” Cosmo interrupts her by asking, “Was that three, two, one, go? Or just three, two…” Wanda finishes her statement and Cosmo’s by saying, “One.”

They are transported to a platform near the Fairy World sign. Wanda says that Mr. Crocker taking the power from the Big Wand to feed to the Syndicate’s doomsday machine is not good. Jorgen shows up and Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob scream. Jorgen is relieved that there is finally help. However, he does not like that Cosmo and Wanda brought “puny” children instead of mighty heroes. Cosmo Wanda then point out that they may be small, but they are mighty heroes. Jorgen accepts this and says that with the heroes’ help, the fairies can fight back. He first asks the heroes to free the captured fairies. He adds that they will need all of the fairies to take back Fairy World. Timmy says that they should get to it and that they need to stop Mr. Crocker as soon as possible.

They starting heading to Fairy World. When they get there, they enter an area with an ability pod for Danny. He enters and gains the ability to use his Ghostly Wail, a super powerful blast of vocal energy. Using this power and others from the team, the heroes save the fairies and head back to Jorgen. On their way to saving the fairies, the heroes come across the final ability pod. It is for Timmy. He enters it and gains the ability to heal characters. However, it uses up his power energy in the process.

When the heroes reach Jorgen, he tells them that Mr. Crocker is on the Big Wand and that they should take the path next to him through the mountains to get to the big wand. He opens the door to the path and the heroes start traveling on it.

The heroes travel the path until they reach the mountains. They continue through the mountains until they reach the Big Wand.

The heroes get to the top of the Big Wand and meet Mr. Crocker. Mr. Crocker is in a mech suit. He reveals that the Syndicate has enough power for the Doomsday Device and soon the Syndicate will demonstrate its power over all worlds by destroying one.

Much like the generators in Vlad's Castle, there are Tesla coils. Unlike Vlad's Castle, all the Tesla coils have to be frozen to destroy them. Unlike the previous two bosses, where the heroes had to drain the power of villains before defeating them, Crocker can be hit before destroying the Tesla coils are even shut down. In fact, the player has to hit Crocker until near defeat to make the Tesla coils vulnerable to freezing. The challenge comes with the fact that Mr. Crocker can use the Tesla coils to regenerate his life. The heroes have to go through three levels of the Big Wand before defeating Mr. Crocker.

When the heroes defeat Mr. Crocker, he reveals that the Doomsday Device is fully charged and he floats away. Jimmy says that they need to head to Retroville right away and they need to find Professor Calamitous before he uses the Doomsday Machine. They use a portal and head back to Jimmy's lab.

When they get there, Cindy is there. Jimmy asks why Cindy is there. She says that Jimmy has once again ruined the lives of everyone in Retroville. Jimmy asks here, "What makes you think I'm involved?" She says that it doesn't takes a genius to figure out that if something this bad is happening Jimmy is involved. Timmy walks over to Cindy. Cindy continues, asking what Jimmy is going to do about it. Timmy greets Cindy. She does the same for Timmy. Jimmy says, "We haven't got time for this? We need to find Professor Calamitous before he starts his Doomsday machine." Jimmy then gets a transmission from Professor Calamitous. He explains, with the help of the other villains, that all the worlds will bow down the Syndicate's power or they will be destroyed. He explains that since the Doomsday machine is ready, their worlds have no choice, but to accept the Syndicate's demands. He also says that the heroes cannot stop them. The transmission ends. Jimmy says that they can stop the Syndicate if the heroes disable the Syndicate's Doomsday machine. He says that he has to find Professor Calamitous' lab. SpongeBob says that he thinks that Goddard might need a bath and that he looks like he has fleas. Jimmy says that Goddard does not get fleas. Jimmy realizes something. He realizes that Flea-bots are the reason that Calamitous was able to copy his Portal plans. Cindy criticizes Jimmy for caring about fleas inside of Goddard. Jimmy explains that they need to find Calamitous' lab. If Calamitous is watching them, then the flea-bots are sending him a signal which he can track the signal to Calamitous' lab. He says that they needs a plan. He thinks really hard and has a "Brain Blast". He says that they can shrink themselves down with a large Shrink Ray and fly into Goddard's mouth using his Hovercar. Once they capture the flea-bot, they can trace the signal back to calamitous' lab.

Timmy uses his Freeze powers to open a locked door. The heroes then go through a path that ends with a platform where Cleft can twist a valve to open a door. He does so and they enter a room with some of Jimmy's inventions. Jimmy then headbutts Slam Button to enter the room with his Hovercar.

The heroes do Jimmy's plan perfectly. They end up inside Goddard. They leave the hovercar and Jimmy explains that the signal is the strongest in Goddard's head. He explains that there are also minor drains to take care of.

The heroes go through Goddard's body, fighting flea-bots. Cleft helps take care of the drains. Eventually, the heroes face the Artificial Immune Robots, which remove unwanted things. However, it thinks that the heroes are unwanted, so it attacks them. The robots are needed to access the next areas, so Danny overshadows them. The heroes continue until they reach Goddard's main processor.

Jimmy says that the only way that it can let them inside is to get security clearance for Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob. Jimmy adds that he already has clearance. If the heroes enter Goddard's memory through the ports one the platform, they should be able to convince Goddard to give each of them access. Timmy asks what they will have to do. Jimmy explain that if the heroes have to help Goddard, he will trust them and give them clearance.

There are three areas. Each contain a virtual version of Jimmy's backyard. In Danny's, he has to use his phase ability to locate Goddard's memory tokens, which look like wrench, which are like bones to Goddard, to gain the trust of Goddard. They are hidden all around the yard. In Timmy's, he has to use his Cleft ability to locate wrenches, but can also use his freeze ability for one. In SpongeBob's, he has to use his water soaking ability to shoot water at large flowers.

Once all three tasks are completed, the heroes go up stairs to a door, which leads to Goddard's head. The heroes enter Goddard's head.

Jimmy says that the Flea-bot should be in the room somewhere and reminds everyone that they need to retrieve the transmitter so that they can trace the signal to Calamitous' lab. The heroes do not see the Flea-bot. A giant (compared to their current size) Flea-Bot appears and all of the heroes' scream.

They have to defeat this Flea-bot. To defeat the Flea-bot, the heroes hit it, but like Crocker, it can regenerate its life when it goes between Goddard's eyes. To stop it from doing this, a character has to hit one of Goddard's eardrums, which looks like a large version of real drums. This repeats several times.

When they defeat the Flea-bot, Jimmy gets the coordinates to Professor Calamitous’ lab. The heroes then leave Goddard’s head and grow back to normal size. They then head to an abandoned warehouse using the hovercar. They go underground and meet the Syndicate who are in the giant machine.

They all have force fields around them. Vlad’s is made of ghost energy, Plankton’s is made of Jellyfish energy, Mr. Crocker’s is make of Fairy Magic, and Professor Calamitous’ is made of Goddard’s energy. Mr. Crocker laughs and says that the Syndicate cannot be stop. Jimmy says that they are there to stop the Syndicate. SpongeBob then adds that once the heroes stop the villains, then the villains will spend a long time in Jail. Professor Calamitous says that the heroes will not quit until the Syndicate shows them… He struggles to continue. He then figures out the word and continues to say, demonstration of their power. The computer voice starts up saying, “Universal Doomsday Machine countdown initiated. Retroville destruction will commence in 5 minutes and counting. Have a nice day.” Professor Calamitous says that once it starts, it cannot be stopped. He says that he never got around to finishing the override switch. Danny asks them if they are crazy because they will be destroyed too. Vlad says that they will be safe inside the protective capsule. Mr. Crocker says that even Fairies cannot save Timmy now. Timmy says that they have to disable to doomsday device. Plankton asks what kind of amateurs do the heroes think the Syndicate is. Professor Calamitous says that it won’t be as easy as the heroes think to stop them. Professor Calamitous tells his Computer to activate the Doomsday Device’s defense systems.

There are four paths in the room. Each leads to another switch that deactivates the villains’ protective capsules. The order of the villains is: Vlad, Mr. Crocker, Plankton, Professor Calamitous. It should be noted that it was not that Vlad was defeated, Mr. Crocker was defeated, etc., but instead the Heroes hit Vlad a few times, the machine started over, the heroes hit Mr. Crocker a few times, etc. Eventually, the Heroes defeat the Syndicate and power down their protective capsules.

Professor Calamitous is surprised that the heroes stopped the defense system. Jimmy says that Professor Calamitous has taught Jimmy a valuable lesson in teamwork. Professor Calamitous says that it is not over yet since the heroes still have to stop the Doomsday Device. Timmy says that there are only 30 seconds until it goes off. Jimmy tries to think of an idea. Meanwhile, SpongeBob looks around. Danny suggests going ghost with it. He says that that won’t work. SpongeBob spots something and runs to it. SpongeBob tries to get the attention of the heroes, but they are not listening. Timmy suggests using Cosmo and Wanda to send it into a black hole. Jimmy then says that he can reconfigure the plasma flux and reverse the polarity. He then realizes he does not have enough time to do that. Danny asks what they are going to do. The machine then shuts down. Timmy asks what happened. The heroes look at SpongeBob to see that he is holding a bunch of plugs. SpongeBob is surprised that it worked. Professor Calamitous says that he never finished the backup power supply. Danny says, “Way to go, SpongeBob.” He then adds that SpongeBob saved the day.

Later, in Jimmy’s lab, Jimmy says that with Professor Calamitous in prison and the other villains in the custodies of their respective heroes, Jimmy says that it is time to go their separate ways. Jimmy tells them to take the Neutron Recallers with them. He says that if anything like that happens again, the heroes can work together to resolve it. SpongeBob thanks Jimmy and says that he can visit SpongeBob in Bikini Bottom any time. He says that he must be going because he does not want to lose his job at the Krusty Krab. Danny asks, “Mr. Krabs would fire you after saved his life?” SpongeBob says that Mr. Krabs would not do that, but if SpongeBob is not on time, Mr. Krabs will start charging him for wasting his time. SpongeBob adds that sometimes he has to work all day just to break even, but he loves working there. SpongeBob says, “So long, guys,” and leaves. Danny says that it is his turn to say goodbye. Danny then gives Jimmy a Fenton thermos. Jimmy says with this technology, he can figure out what those “phantasmal projections” really were. Jimmy asks if Vlad is still in the thermos. Danny says that he is in another one that Danny has. Danny says that he borrowed Jimmy’s matter duplicator to make a second one. Danny leaves. Jimmy says that it is good to see Timmy again, but they should probably say goodbye. Timmy thanks Jimmy for lending Timmy his hypercube. He says that he will let Crocker out when he gets back to Dimmsdale. Cindy says goodbye to Timmy and that she is missing him already. Timmy leaves. Jimmy says that life is almost back to normal. He adds that there is just one more thing left. Jimmy tells Cindy to get out of his lab.


While incredibly manipulative, traitorous, heartless, cunning, smart, and evil, Calamitous (much like stereotypical evil geniuses) can also be somewhat comedic, oblivious, inattentive, entertaining, and absent-minded. His problem of forgetting things is always used to the heroes' advantage, and while he did go through shock therapy to cure himself, his problem somehow came back during the events of Nicktoons Unite!, as his defeat was because he forgot to make the Doomsday Machine with solar panels instead of plugs, which were turned off by SpongeBob. While he does love his daughter, Beautiful Gorgeous, he is always trying to get her to be evil like him, instead of just letting her do it her way, which creates some conflict between the two.


Calamitous much like many stereotypical mad scientists are aging males who have gray hair, In Calamitous' case however he is bald but has a gray mustache and eyebrows. Calamitous like many mad scientists wear a white lab coat and black gloves and lab goggles unlike many mad scientists however is very small in size and one of the shortest characters of the show and is a bit smaller than Jimmy Neutron (his archrival) himself.



You're an extraordinary fellow Mr. Boy Genius, well prepare to meet (laughs evilly)
~ Calamitous opening line.
Daughter, stop kissing that smelly creature this instant!
~ Calamitous while watching Beautiful Gorgeous and the Junkman kissing each other
I'll get you Jimmy Neutron
~ Calamitous, whenever he is defeated by Jimmy.



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