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The world isn't fair. I do everything people ask me to. I stand in the lunch line for them, I buy tampons at the store for them, I go on Maury Povich with balls on my chin for them. And yet, nobody accepts me. I am an outcast. A shadow of a man who can find no companion... ship. No love from others. Fine! If I am to be an outcast, so be it! I'm through doin' what others tell me to do, and I am sick of this world and the stinky people in it! From now on I will dedicate my life to bringing chaos to the world that has dejected me! I will become the greatest supervillain the world has ever seen! Where I go, destruction will follow!
~ The birth of Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos also known as Leopold "Butters" Stotch, is a major antagonist in the animated sitcom South Park. He is the son of Stephen Stotch and Linda Stotch and is the grandson of Grandma Stotch. He is also a student at the South Park school and serves as Eric Cartman's right-hand man.

Though he genuinely believes he is a substantial threat: in reality Professor Chaos is a very inept villain who rarely causes much havoc in the town (except maybe in his own fantasy world). And surprisingly his normal self causes more damage than his alter-ego.

Despite not causing nearly as much damage as he thinks, the Professor Chaos persona has managed to get Butters into trouble, such as when he (in)famously got a shuriken to his eye playing a "game" with the other boys where he had delusions of being a real supervillain (drawn in a classic "anime" style).

He is voiced by the series' co-creator, Matt Stone, who voices many other characters in the show.


In a later episode, he joins the Legion of Doom. Professor Chaos has two minions, but in reality are just guinea pigs in tin foil. After a first grader named Dougie is similarly rejected by the boys, he becomes Professor Chaos' right-hand man General Disarray. The two have hatched several half-baked ideas about how to take over the world, with one particular episode detailing how frustrated Professor Chaos gets when General Disarray tells him the The Simpsons have already done what he was about to do.

Professor Chaos would later become the archenemy of The Coon and Friends. The Coon would form a shaky truce with Professor Chaos in order to get rid of Mysterion and gain publicity, but Professor Chaos was disturbed at The Coon's plan to destroy a hospital and kill Mysterion. He would eventually be defeated by Mysterion and later on the entire team of The Coon and Friends. His last appearance was as their prisoner in Cartman's basement where he was left to either starve or eat his own feces and urine. The Coon also used Professor Chaos in his plan to frame Captain Hindsight.

The Fractured But Whole

Although Professor Chaos appears in South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play! as the false main antagonist-turned-playable character and as an ability in South Park: The Stick of Truth; in South Park: The Fractured But Whole he is a major antagonist turned supporting protagonist of the game.


You don't have a choice, Butters. You have to defend yourself! Oh, but violence is never the answer! But she's gonna kill you, Butters, you know she is!! You're right Butters, I don't have a choice! Sorry, Grandma, you brought this on yourself. It's time you met Chaos.
~ Professor Chaos plotting revenge against Grandma Stotch


  • Professor Chaos may be based upon Magneto from Marvel Comics, as he can create electromagnetic pulses similar to him as seen in The Fractured But Whole and "Good Times with Weapons". He also has a similar helmet.
    • His costume is a satire of Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four franchise.
  • He was plagiarized in page 7 of issue 3565 of the British comic The Dandy. A young reader had sent a picture of Professor Chaos in as a competition entry, part of the prize for which is the character appearing in a comic strip. He is depicted as an adult superhero, the artist apparently having failed to notice that Professor Chaos is an existing character.
  • Professor Chaos appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth as the 15PP ability of Butters. When used the player will choose from a spinning wheel what the opponent or player's team's "fate" will be, for example, when timed right, Professor Chaos will give the player's team a shield that will protect them for several attacks.

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