Hello, my name is Professor Cypress. I am the new professor in Mitis Town. I'll bet you're (playername). Your parents were just telling me about you. You must be very excited to be getting your first Pokémon today. There are a few things you must know about Pokémon first. Pokémon are our friends, and we grow alongside them. They grow, and in some cases, evolve and change form, as we battle with them. Your Pokémon will grow to love you as you adventure with them.
~ Professor Cypress

Professor Cypress is the main antagonist of the popular Roblox game Pokémon Brick Bronze. He is the Pokémon Professor and the leader of Team Eclipse.


Professor Cypress is the Pokémon professor in core series games. Unlike other Pokémon Professors, he is the only Pokémon Professor that is evil and fakes to be good. In the game, he apologizes to the player but talks like he doesn't know Linda, causing the player to get very suspicious and ultimately leading to the revelation that Cypress is actually the Eclipse Boss. Cypress appears first in the Pokémon Lab, Mitis Townafter the player talks to his or her parents at the Archeology Site,

Witnessing them giving the player the Bronze Brick necklace after battling Jake, he then orders his thugs to kidnap player's parents shortly after the player goes off on and becomes busy catching Pokémon Route 1. He pretends to be innocent by delivering this bad news to the player when he actually lied and that he did it. Personally and instructing the player to find his "friend" Linda at Cheshma Town, apparently sending the player right into a trap. Linda steals the Bronze Brick from the player and gives it back after that player beats her. He immediately leaves the town, not giving the player a chance to interrogate him on Linda's ambush.

Eventually, he decides to confront the player in Anthian Park. He proceeds on revealing his backstory how he finds human beings often abuse Pokémon to do whatever they want, and how he finds Hoopa to have the power for creating new worlds ideal to him. Unable to suppress the rage anymore, Tess yells at Cypress by calling him a terrorist and forces him to battle the player. Then the Absol from Route 10 comes and decides to join the player's team. After the player beats Professor Cypress, he will give the player the Core Key probably to blow up the explosives that Eclipse Admin Tyler was going to set off. And leaves by entering the Team Eclipse plane with his grunts and admins and kidnapping Jake just for hin to betray the player.


Cypress is a man originally with good intentions, but has similar intentions to Galactic Boss Cyrus in the comic Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. He is actually truly disgusted by Pokémon battles. Nevertheless, he does come fully prepared for one, bringing a full and balanced team of strong, starter Pokémon. He uses Venusaur, Feraligatr, Blaziken, Toterra, Samurott and Delphox.

He does not hesitate to show how corrupted his brain by planning to blast the power core of Anthian City. On a side note, unlike the other professors in core series games, Cypress does not stay in the Pokémon Lab at Mitis Town.

Professor Cypress is the first and only Pokémon Professor that is evil despite the rest of them being good.


  • The party of Professor Cypress is made up of fully evolved Starter Pokémon from the first 6 Generations. His team has two of each Starter type.
  • The VS Eclipse Boss Cypress theme comes from FL Remix's orchestral remix of the Kalos Gym Leader battle theme in Pokémon X and Y.
    • This marks Cypress to be the first Trainer in-game to use Gym Leader battle music despite not being a Gym Leader.