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Professor Death Ray Eyes is a one-shot villain found in Evil Con Carne. He was Major Doctor Ghastly's mentor before she departed him.


Professor Death Ray Eyes used to have Major Dr. Ghastly as his second assistant. Ghastly decided to join Hector Con Carne instead. Death Ray Eyes, Hector, Troop Terror, Estroy and Cataclisma arrived to create the League of Destruction at Bunny Island. However, most of his ideas along with the other villains' ideas led to a controversy for all five villains, causing a big fight and defeating themselves. So, Cod Commando and SPORK was surprised that the villains defeated themselves.


Death Ray Eyes has an orange outfit with blonde hair and black glasses.


Death Ray Eyes uses black glasses that make him shoot lasers from his eyes that might burn people to ash.


  • "I, Professor Death Ray Eyes, should rule because I have... Death Ray Eyes!"
  • "My precious face! Burn, munchkin!"


  • Voiced by Maxwell Atoms who created both Evil Con Carne and The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy.
  • Even though he appeared in League of Destruction, he was first mentioned in Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
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