Professor Flan

Professor Flan

Jonathan James Jasper Jackson Jamarcus Jaminiquide J.J. Flan Jr., or Professor Flan for short, is a minor antagonist from the animated series Fanboy and Chum Chum.  He is Kyle's old teacher from Milkweed Acadamy, until Kyle was unfairly expelled for turning him into a raspberry flan.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.

Physical Appearance

Professor Flan have gold skin with orange and red jam spread on his head. He wears a grayish black tuxedo with a white tie and gray cuffs, high black boots, white gloves, and has a black top hat with a monocle. He also has a mustache.


Professor Flan got his name because he "may be a man, but has the head of a flan". He was accidently turned into an actual flan by Kyle thus, resulting him to be expelled. He was later on freed by Fanboy and Chum Chum when mistaken as a leftover. He is now also the assistor into helping Kyle get readmitted. However, he's always denying the readmission due to something going wrong, but also harbours a secret releationship with Kyle.


  • Professor Flan usually addresses Kyle by his full name.
  • He always has a unique way for denying a readmission. Ex: Stamping "DENIED" on Kyle (Crib Notes) and getting swallowed by a three-headed dog (Kids in the Hall).
  • His full name was said for the first time in "Brain Freeze", and appears to be a long tongue twister.
  • When he is in the sun for too long, his head sizzles. (Kids in the Hall).


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