Professor Grossenfibber is a recurring antagonist in the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in three episodes. He was voiced by the late Dallas McKennon.

Grossenfibber is a midget scientist, who works on many weird experiments and often tries to capture Woody to serve as a guinea pig.

Despite being a scientist, he isn't very smart, often underestimating Woody who easily sees through his tricks, and his inventions often don't work the way he expects and backfire on him.

On his first appearance in What's Peckin, he makes many traps to capture Woody to stop him from pecking the power poles, but after being defeated joins woody in pecking the poles.

In Monster of Ceremonies he creates a machine to turn animals into monsters, ending pursued by lots of overgrown insects.

In Prehistoric Super Salesman he creates a time machine and tricks Woody into stepping on it, but Woody later returns the favor and sends the professor back to prehistoric times, bringing him back alongside a brachiosaurus which pursues him.


  • What's Peckin (1965)
  • Monster of Ceremonies (1966)
  • Prehistoric Super Salesman (1969)


  • On his first appearance, Grossenfibber looked very similar to Professor Dingledong, even wearing Dingledong's trademark pair of glasses. Because of this fans tend to confuse the two characters.


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