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All these years, I've waited and planned my revenge and now you've still won. I should've stuck to basket weaving.
~ Professor Menace to Soul Power

Professor Menace (actual name: Dennis) is an evil scientist, archenemy of Soul Power, and an enemy of Static in the cartoon series Static Shock.

He is voiced by Terence Stamp, who also played General Zod in the first two Christopher Reeve Superman films, Jor-El in Smallville, Jack Taylor in My Boss's Daughter, Ramsley in The Haunted Mansion, and Siegfried in the 2008 film version of Get Smart.


In 1961, Professor Menace came up with a plan to create a weather machine to hold Seaside for ransom. It was nearly a successful, but Soul Power arrived and stopped the machine.

The two then went to confront each other several times until 1963, when Menace purposefully triggered a lab accident that seemingly killed him. In actuality, he survived and went to his cryogenics chamber to preserve himself. After escaping, Menace kept a low profile, slowly plotting his revenge. After a few decades, the mad scientist returned and attempted to re-build his weather machine that was destroyed by Soul Power. 

Menace also made his goggles project an illusion that made him look younger and sent his robots to cause trouble in Dakota, but they were stopped by Soul Power and his new ally Static. The two heroes also managed to find the weather machine, but found out it was a trap. Menace used Static and Soul Power to power his weather machine, but the process was halted by Soul Power's old sidekick Sparky.

Together, the three heroes defeated Menace and recognized him as Dennis from the retirement home when his illusion faded. He was then imprisoned for his crimes of destruction.


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