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The Iron Cross Army is indestructible!
~ Professor Monster's declaration after growing giant.

Professor Monster (in Japanese: 教授モンスター) is the leader of the Iron Cross Army and the main antagonist in the Japanese Toei Spider-Man TV Series (1978-1979). He is the one who destroyed Planet Spider (惑星のクモ) and the arch-nemesis of Takuya Yamashiro (山城 拓也), who transforms into Spider-Man (クモ男) to fight his Machine Bem monsters.

He is portrayed by Mitsuo Ando, who is well known for playing Tokusatsu villains such as Professor Gill, Führer Geisel, Black Cross Führer and Strategist Reider.


400 years ago, Professor Monster led the Iron Cross Army in destroying Planet Spider. When Proessor Monster came to Earth hundreds of years later, he was followed by Garia, a man from Planet Spider, in his Marveller. After the Marveller crashes in Japan, Professor Monster worries that that whoever finds it will gain power that will threaten the Iron Cross Army. Thus, the Professor sent his general, Amazoness, to kill anyone who stumbled across it with one of their Machine BEM. When they succeeded in killing Professor Yamashiro, his son Takuya finds a fatally wounded Garia, who gives Takuya his powers through Spider Exract and enables him to transform into Spider-Man to fight the Iron Cross Army.

Professor and Amazoness would come up with different plans to kill Spider-Man and humanity, but Takuya thwarted each of the Iron Cross Army's schemes as Spider-Man, leading Professor Monster to become more concerned with destroying him. Professor Monster would later send Amazoness to steal two mummified corpses of amazons found in the Brazilian rainforest and performed an operation to revive them so they could serve in the Iron Cross Army, providing further muscle to their campaign. After performing the operation, Professor Monster had Amazoness take the amazons, Bella and Rita, to a secluded area for them to awaken and acclimate.

Eventually, Professor Monster devised a plan to fly into space on a giant rocket and bombard planet Earth, before returning to the planet's surface to rule over the ruins of what was left. Professor Monster deliberately built the rocket to have only three seats for himself, Bella and Rita, having grown dissatisfied with Amazoness for her continued failures to defeat Spider-Man. Despite this, he gave Amazoness one more chance to defeat Spider-Man and offered her a spot on the rocket if she succeeded. Amazoness would later return claiming to have killed Spider-Man, but not long after Spider-Man turned out to have survived Amazoness' attempt when he assaulted the Iron Cross Army's secret headquarters. Professor Monster then ordered Bella and Rita to shoot Amazoness to execute her for her failure but Amazoness, fatally wounded, boarded the rocket and took off in it, leaving Professor Monster, Bella and Rita behind.

The three then exited the base, where they witnessed Spider-Man shoot down the rocket. Faced by Spider-Man, Professor Monster sent Bella, Rita and his army of Ninders to defeat him. After a long battle, Spider-Man confronted Professor Monster after having fought his way through all of his armies. Professor Monster then grows into a giant to battles against Spider-Man himself, leading Spider-Man to call upon Leopardon to pilot against him. Within Leopardon, Spider-Man used Sword Vigor and killed Professor Monster, avenging his Father and Planet Spider.



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