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Professor Norton Nimnul is a recurring villain from Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers and an antagonist in the pilot, To the Rescue. He is Chip N Dale second arch nemesis besides Fat Cat. He is notable as being one of the few (if not only) human antagonists the team of animal crime-fighters regularly face and also one of the only humans in the show that seem to be aware of the existence of the Rescue Rangers society.

Professor Norton Nimnul is an exceptionally insane scientist and supervillain who often comes up with brilliant (if completely illogical) schemes and often uses animals in his many crazed plots - which in turn puts him in conflict with the Rescue Rangers.

Remarkably, despite his much larger size and (supposed) brainpower Professor Norton Nimnul rarely stands much of a chance against the Rescue Rangers yet continually returns to try again: making him anything if determined.


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