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I am the smartest criminal parrot in the world, you didn't think I had a backup plan? Aha, ha, ha, ha! Until we meet again, Auf wiedersehen Mystery Incorporated.
~ Pericles mocking the Mystery Inc.

Professor Pericles is the main antagonist of the animated series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, the eleventh TV series of the Scooby-Doo franchise and the arch-nemesis of Scooby-Doo.

He is a scarred parrot who is the leader and former mascot of the original Mystery Incorporated, having betrayed the gang years ago to get the Planispheric Disk for himself to gain infinite power. He and Mayor Fred Jones, Sr. are the reasons behind the original Mystery Incorporated's disappearance.

He was voiced by Udo Kier, who also played Yuri in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and its sequel, Lorenzini in The Adventures of Pinocchio, Gitano Dragonetti in Blade, Zanrelot in Vier gegen Z (4xZ), Peter Straub in Call of Duty: WWII- Nazi Zombies and Dr. Krieger in the 2008 Far Cry movie.


Professor Pericles is an elderly parrot who has a cataract and a big scar over his left eye as a permanent mark ever since Fred Jones, Sr. knocked him out years ago, caused a rock to cut his face as he was thrown to the ground. His eyes also have black eye rings around them from spending so many years locked inside the asylum, giving him a sinister appearance.

He has a skin that is dark purple in the light, but is bluish-black when in the dark, and also wears a purple scarf on his neck. Pericles has pink feathers in his tail, a sharp beak, a big head with white hair on the top, inside there is a brain which according to Officer Johnson is no bigger than a cashew nut, yet pound for pound is the smartest brain in the world, and two-toed feet.

When he was still young, Pericles has white or light purple parts around his eyes, and he looks less creepy. In the new timeline, he simply looks like an older version of his younger self, without any creepy features.


Professor Pericles is a genius; since his brain is no bigger than a cashew nut, this makes him, by comparison, uncannily intelligent and he prides himself as "The Smartest Criminal Parrot in the World". He speaks with a distinct German accent. The purple parrot is shown to be deranged and slightly insane, given his appearance and demeanor. He also possibly suffered an inferiority complex, evidenced when Danny Darrow attacked the new Mystery Inc. and referred to one of them as a "big, fat, insensitive, insecure know-it-all", which most likely means Pericles. This trait may have been originated from being the animal mascot despite being the smartest one of the group and also what allowed Mayor Jones to turn Pericles against his friends. Like most parrots, Pericles appears to have a liking for sunflower seeds.

It should be noted that Pericles is not always evil through and through from the beginning, as he used to be just as friendly and happy like Scooby during his younger days, and being a good and helpful friend of the old Mystery Inc. until when his ambitions and desire for the Planispheric Disk and absolute power corrupted him.

It is later revealed that all of his evil nature is a result of The Evil Entity's influence, and Pericles is shown to be actually friendly once The Evil Entity is removed from time and no longer influence him.



Professor Pericles is once a friend of a scientist named Abigail Gluck in 1930s, who he first met in Bavaria, though otherwise his early life prior to that meeting remained unknown. He later took over her robot factory after her death and took control of her Kriegstaffebots, which he used them to take what he needed.

When Ricky Owens was still a young child, Pericles met him when Ricky found him after he accidentally crashed into a tree in Ricky's front yard, and is injured from the fall. Despite initial mistrust, Ricky nursed Pericles back to health until the parrot was healthy enough to fly again. Initially sad, Ricky was then pleasantly surprised to see Pericles flied back, and decided to be Ricky's permanent friend and the two became best friends ever since. Together, they founded the original Mystery Inc., alongside Cassidy Williams, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, and solved several mysteries, which inspired the new Mystery Incorporated years later. Pericles proved himself helpful in many situations such as when he was visiting the buried Darrow Mansion along with his gang, and helped in the investigation of the old Spanish church where a monster had been seen, speculating that the monster might have led them there on purpose.

Pericles was very interested when the drawing of the Planispheric Disk was discovered, so he led the original Mystery Incorporated to a site where the first Planispheric Disk piece was found, but he was corrupted by it, resulting in him teaming up with Fred Jones, Sr. to betray the original Mystery Incorporated and find the Cursed Treasure of Crystal Cove. However, Jones eventually betrayed Pericles as well and threw the latter on a rock, causing the parrot's left eye to be injured and blinded due to being cut by the rock, so Pericles was accused of the crime and sent to Crystal Cove's Animal Asylum, while his gang disappeared from the town for many years after this event as Fred Jones Sr. forced them to never return.

Season 1

In the present, the new Mystery Incorporated, following the orders of Ricky, who poses as a mysterious man called Mr. E, managed to release Pericles from his imprisonment during a chaos in the Animal Asylum. Mr. E then told the Gang to "follow the parrot".

Now freed, Pericles started to put his plans into motion. To do this, Pericles first secretly gave the criminal Aphrodite her love potion formula to influence everyone in Crystal Cove to fall in love, so that he could get the help of Scooby-Doo to obtain things he needed to find the lost treasure. After the case was resolved, he ordered Ed Machine, a henchman of Mr. E, to send a message to the Mystery Gang through a recording tape, and told them the truth that Pericles is behind Aphrodite's rampage and the one who gave her the formula in the first place. Worse, Ed Machine also warned the Gang that if Pericles succeeds in his goal, it would mean the end of the world, foreshadowed Pericles's true intentions.

Later on, Pericles managed to haunt Mayor Jones in his home by hacking and taking over the latter's adoptive son Fred Jones Jr.'s traps under the disguise of the Shadowy Figure, and managed to steal the Mayor's piece of the Planispheric Disk, revealed to the Mystery Gang that the Mayor stole it from Pericles years ago. He then flied away while telling the Gang that they would meet him again.

After watching the Mystery Gang using video monitors when the gang was attacked by the Obliteratrix, who is actually Alice May, a minion ordered by Mr. E to attack the gang, Pericles thought about helping the gang because he still needed them alive.

Towards the end of season 1, the real mystery of what happened to Pericles along with the rest of the original Mystery Inc. in the past are finally revealed, as it was caused by none other than Pericles himself and Fred Jones, Sr. Pericles first went to Ed Machine's house and told Ed that he wanted to "deliver a message" to Mr. E, before brutally attacking Ed and presumably hurting him. He then showed up again when the new Mystery Inc. was down in the Crystal Cove Caves, having used a tracker to see where the Mystery Machine was and said there was nothing to fear, but Mayor Jones Sr., disguised as The Freak of Crystal Cove, suddenly appeared and knocked the parrot to the ground. Despite this, he still managed to steal a piece of the Planispheric Disk from the Mystery Machine after Mayor Jones is unmasked and arrested, as well as mocked Scooby for failing to catch him before flying away once again, and the Season 1 finale ended with Scooby-Doo, in anger, vowing to stop Pericles at all costs.

Season 2

With the mystery of him and his old gang now uncovered, Pericles summoned all of the former members of the original Mystery Inc. when the kids gathered the next two pieces adding with his own amount. Mr. E then invited them into a partnership, though this may be more than a mere partnership as the old gang may miss each other's friendship. After setting up a plan to kill the new Mystery Inc., Pericles told the new gang that he lived for more than 80 years, as he recalled being a friend of Abigail Gluck in the 1930s, and took over her underwater robot factory after her death, which he used it to achieve what he needs the most. He then departed as the factory exploded, ending Cassidy Williams in the process.

Pericles eventually created a mutant cattle herd to destroy Crystal Cove and give the gang no play to hide the Planispheric Disk, though the Mystery Gang managed to defeat the herd by capturing its queen, much to his anger. To force Mr. E to obey him, Pericles also implanted mutated cobra larvae in Mr. E's spinal column in his sleep to use as leverage against him, and assumed effective control of Mr. E's Destroido Corp.

After having recovered the Planispheric Disk after exchanging it from Fred to save Daphne, he returned to Destroido Corp. to find and to free his master, an ancient evil Annunaki known simply as the Evil Entity. It is revealed that he knew about the cosmological event called Nibiru the entire time. Using slaves from Crystal Cove, Pericles finally found the underground gate leading to the cursed treasure.

Following behind Mystery Inc., Pericles led his group through the elemental dimensions to the sarcophagus of the Evil Entity, where Pericles freed the Entity when Nibiru was at hand. Pericles offered himself up as the Evil Entity's vessel instead of Scooby-Doo, but instead of gaining the Entity's immense power as Pericles hoped for, the possession overwhelmed and killed him and transformed his body into the Evil Entity's monstrous vessel.


After the Evil Entity was killed, in the new timeline that was created when the Entity's destruction removed its influence from history, Professor Pericles is no longer evil. He is now happy and without a scar, and had become the mascot for a now-married Ricky Owens and Cassidy Williams at the Creationex Corp.


Well, Mystery Incorporated, it appears you made an enemy. Fortunately for you, I still require you alive.
~ Pericles to the Mystery Incorporated.
Is it, Velma? Or is it so brilliant you cannot begin to fathom its true genius?
~ Professor Pericles shows up in The Man in the Mirror.
Professor Pericles: Hello, Ed Machine.
Ed Machine: What are you doing here?
Professor Pericles: I'd like you to deliver a message to Ricky. Or should I call him Mr. E?
Ed Machine: Say what you want to say Pericles, then get out of my house.
Professor Pericles: Dear Ed, you misunderstand. I don't want to say anything.
~ Pericles attacks and presumably kills Ed Machine.
Don't be afraid, Scooby. I've no reason to hurt you. I have what I came for.
~ Pericles in the Season 1 finale.
And make no mistake, Ricky, I will break any egg that gets in my way: Ed Machine, Cassidy Williams, or perhaps even you. My herd of skull cattle is perfect in every way. I have crossbred cows, piranhas, and bees to create ultimate monsters. And I'm their master. My precious creations exist for one purpose: to devour Crystal Cove. My herd of male drones shall level this city to the ground, leaving nowhere for the Mystery kinder to hide the Planispheric Disk.
~ Pericles to Ricky.
Soon Crystal Cove will cease to exist and the Planispheric Disk shall be mine. THEN no one will ever stand in my way AGAIN.
~ Professor Pericles talks about his plans.
Ah! Lovely. I see you have met what's left of Frau Glück. I met Frau Glück in Bavaria in the 1930s. She discovered the missionaries possessed the fifth and the sixth pieces of the Planispheric Disk. She built this lab and a host of robots to aid her search for the pieces. I finally found this lab and continued the Frau's work, building a legion of her Kriegstaffebots to retrieve the pieces for me. My holographic masquerade as Frau Glück bought my bots all the time they needed. And I would have gotten away with eliminating Cassidy if it weren't for you meddling kids. Now that I have everything I need, I can dispose of this place and all of you at the same time. Farewell, darling kinder. Farewell.
~ Pericles about his past.
Oh, Ricky, Ricky, my loyal Brad and Judy told me of your little mutiny. So, last night while you were asleep, I put mutated cobra larvae in your spine. Every time I press this button, a little venom is released. So, as you can see, or feel, I'm still very much in control. You do as I say. First, we steal the Planispheric Disk from the kinder, then we destroy them. WE DESTROY THEM!
~ Professor Pericles to Mr. E.
It was I who gave Aphrodite the secret formula. Once that was accomplished, I could go after the real ingredients I needed to find. First, an ancient conquistador's ship manifest. Next, a stone piercing industrial-grade diamond drill bit. And finally, the geological reports from the Darrow Mining Company. Your move, Mr. E.
~ Pericles reveals to the Mystery Gang through a recording tape that he is the one that gave Aphrodite her love formula.
Oh, what can I say? A bird's got to eat. (Fred: It still doesn't explain where my dad is, and why you were haunting him.) Why do you think? I wanted his piece of the Planispheric Disk, of course. I knew he would have it close. I just didn't know where. So I decided to scare it out of him. (Fred: Planispheric Disk? But how did you know he had it in the first place?) Because, dear friend, he stole it from me a long time ago. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself.
~ Pericles, unmasked as the "Shadowy Figure", also reveals that Mayor Jones stole the piece of Planispheric Disk from him years ago.
The antidote to stop Aphrodite has several distinct components: Pewter, found in grout used only in stained glass windows of the eighteenth century. Ectoplasm, or as it's more commonly known, ghost mucus. And finally, rose quartz, mined in the caves beneath Crystal Cove.
~ Professor Pericles.
I am no one's sidekick.
~ Professor Pericles.
Oof. Eahhh! Wood gets older than kindle!
~ Pericles as the Shadowy Figure.
Two down, four to go. Until we meet again, auf wiedersehen, Scooby-Doo.
~ Pericles mocking Scooby-Doo.
Professor Pericles: They do not suspect us of having set the bomb. Excellent.
Mr. E: Not so excellent, however, is the fact that it didn't work. That idiot trap fiend found a way to blow up my bomb, and the gang walked free. I would have destroyed my own company to get those Planispheric Disk pieces. These children are proving hard to handle.
Professor Pericles: We must find another way. Perhaps somebody close who can betray the kinder without them ever seeing it coming.
Mr. E: Of course. Brad and Judy.
Professor Pericles: Question is, will they be willing to betray their only son?
~ Pericles and Mr. E during a discussion.
What an amusing turn of events.
~ Professor Pericles
Und I shall finally be rid of the Mystery Incorporated kinder. Aah! Something's wrong! What--WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? AAAAAAHHHH!!
~ Pericles's last words.


  • Pericles is the original Mystery Inc. equivalent of Scooby-Doo.
  • Pericles may be named for the renowned ancient Greek orator (c. 495 – 429 BC), as it fits his intricate schemes and erudite nature.
  • It is implied that, like Scooby, he is a descendant of the Annunaki, which would explain his superhuman strength and surprising intelligence.
  • Despite the title, Pericles never acts like a Professor.
  • Pericles is most likely an African Grey parrot, due to his gray plumage and red tails, along with his sensitive nature.
  • Pericles is one of the darker villains in the Scooby-Doo franchise, although the Evil Entity is responsible for his descent into villainy.

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