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Professor Schlange is a more traditional reimagining of Herzog Schlange who appears in the 2014 Strider. He is the overseeing director of Kazakh’s research institute, the technological base for the weaponry of Grandmaster Meio's army. He is also involved with the facility’s main purpose, the creation of Meio's "new species". He is not a combatant, instead he relies on the Research Troopers as well as the traps and the mechanical creations he created to stop intruders.


His obsessive desire for knowledge can never be satisfied and he has no moral code or ethics. He is willing to conduct horrific experimentation on even human specimens. He considers justice, kindness, and well-being all secondary to advancement of research and science. He is a deranged and egotistical man to the point that he’s insane. He’s prideful in his creations calling them beautiful and magnificent. However he cannot take kindly to his work desecration and the continuing destruction takes a toll on his sanity to the point that he is a deluded lunatic who throws insults and questions aloud how someone can be defiant of his power.

He believes flesh to be a mere vehicle to be augmented with reckless abandon, carrying on several such enhancements in his own body. They include several tubes in his back and a metallic prosthetic in place of his lower body, making him less man and more machine. This enabled him to cybernetically integrate his body into the facility and traverse it with ease.

Following the destruction of a second Brainwalker, the facility’s Gravitron and Mecha Pong at Hiryu's hands, Schlange starts to violently rant, asking who he is to defy his power and ruin his facility and everything in it. He was too angry to realize Meio arrived to kill him for failing him for the last time.


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